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  1. Hmm, weird, my reply yesterday didn't seem to post. Thanks so much @tjones02 for chiming in. Really wish I could join you in May but things will be too busy on this side of the pond. I did look at my calendar when I got the invite though. I'll keep sending you notes when I swing over to the Bay – I'm sure we'll catch up one of these days. And if you ever want to come out here for the Goodwood Revival, the door's always open!
  2. Hey ya @tjones02, thanks so much for chiming in. I knew you had a couple of early ones in the stable but I didn't realize it was four, haha. I'll keep swinging through the Bay at least once a year and will keep sending you invites – we'll catch one another one of these times around I'm sure. Afraid May is a bit too packed over here for me to be able to make it out, but I had to check the calendar when I got the Swap and Show invite just to be sure. It had me really wishing I could be there, and had me thinking back to the days in Palo Alto when we'd all go out for a big drive after the show. Memories! Keep on keepin' on my friend, and give Sean a hearty hello. Door's always open over here of course, like for the Goodwood Revival for instance . . .
  3. According to @bmw_jeff in the following thread, the grille for the early 1600-2 is the same as NK sedans 64-66: Happy to be corrected by those in the know, but I think this is a pretty authoritative source with all respect.
  4. Afraid I have to differ with you @Seb. The very early '02s had these more rounded 10-slat grilles, likely simply a carry-over from the Neue Klasse cars. There have been several threads on this here in the FAQ if you search. Just going by what people more knowledgeable than me have said, but I'll bet @tjones02 can elaborate. Below is a period pic, and a pic of one from the BMW Museum in Munich. Cheers.
  5. Hi @seb, can you elaborate as to why, specifically? I don't want to misrepresent anything. When I visited Michael Cahsel's shop in Germany I told him of an early '67 1600-2 project I had, and asked for a correct kidney for it. This is the one he sold me. Cheers.
  6. Hi folks, Are you looking for an elusive 10-slat kidney for your early '02 or Neue Klasse car? I was when I bought this in Germany for a '67 1600-2 project I had. Never got the chance to use it so now it's time to part ways. I paid 200 euros to Michael Cahsel for it, and would like to get close to that back. Details are below, questions welcome. Cheers! This grille is in very nice vintage condition, but as you can see from the pics is _not_ a NOS or restored piece. These grilles are made of very thin aluminum and this one like most is not perfectly straight. It is simply nice and presentable and great for a 'driver' in my opinion. The 10-slat grilles to my knowledge are correct for the 1966-1967 1600-2 and 1602 cars, as well as for the Neue Klasse cars that preceded them: 1500, 1600, 1800, and 2000. There may also be other 1960s BMW cars that originally had the 10-slat grille that I'm unaware of. Shipping is from London, UK.
  7. Thank you for the interest, email sent. To anyone else who is wondering the car is available for 11,500€. I will post here when it's sold. Thanks!
  8. Hi there, thank you for the question and comment. I actually tried to be quite detailed (perhaps overly so) on the shipping quotes. Do you see the comments 4 and 5 below yours? Basically with insurance it's about $2300–3400 depending on the port. The site is not the best for cars located overseas, especially drivers that are not particularly rare. My idea was that some '02 fans would want to come over for the adventure – tour Germany, drive the Ring, in a sorted car. Then bring it back with them. Right now it does not really look like I have the audience I need, but we'll see what happens in the end.
  9. Hella true, golf73. I actually never saw them in the 13 years I was doing '02 stuff in the US. They're really light too!
  10. Thanks for the kind words, mbausa2001. It's really just a nice driver, and the end price should hopefully reflect that (maybe between $10k and $20k depending how the wind blows). Not peanuts, but also not out of reach for a lot of enthusiasts (unlike the beautiful $93k Tii from last week). It's sure off to a slow start though, so we'll see . . . Cheers, -Davin
  11. Well, it was either move to Munich, or sell the BMW before they kick me outta Stuttgart. Kidding, kidding, it gets lots of love from the locals. This is a wonderful car and I'll miss it like hell. If you're of a mind for a BMW adventure in Europe, have a look: http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-bmw-1602-2/ Please wish me luck. This marks the second break in my 15 year '02 ownership run . . . gonna see what this whole Italian mistress thing is all about. But I'll be back, no doubt about that. Cheers from Deutschland, -der Davin
  12. DavinSF


  13. Brilliant! Thanks again. Which book or manual is this, by the way?
  14. arminyack, that would be very helpful. I have a few diagrams which may be the same as what you have, but it's still a bit puzzling to me so I'd love to add your diagram to my resources. Feel free to post it here, or email me at showymcshow at gmail. Thanks again, much appreciated.
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