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  1. I may be incorrect but I think that you have the tii bracket with the E21 alt? Whereas the low mount E21 mount has a slightly different bracket that goes over it. This is a picture of the low mount E21 bracket and I have a 318i m10 alternator I'm going to wire up. It may take some shims but I'll see.
  2. Looks like that'll work. I also considered drilling a small hole through them both and installing a hardened pin of some sort. I ended up getting a bottom section and just welding it! Much more satisfying! I can just swap in the old lever but why would I ever want to? I thought of welding up another with a low threaded rod and make a few adjustable height attachments. Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  3. What he said... and since I see "rear bearings" and "new cv boots" (which imply disassemble/regrease of all cv) then I'd assume you want the larger of the options. Shop rates for "while you're in there" can add up. If I had only that job to do and gave all my time to it it was probably a weekend of work with hand tools. Degreasing/cleaning/painting/drying took the most time. Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  4. Transmission mount, clutch, lightweight flywheel, rear main oil seal, engine and teans mounts. If you pull the trans have you rebuilt all your shifter bushings? Then since the driveshaft is off how about a new guibo? If that's off the center bearing and since the exhaust and driveshaft is out might as well drop that rear subframe and refresh all the bushings, mounts, rebuild the half-shafts. Hey, since you have to crack the brake lines already the stainless braided brake and clutch lines and then bend up some brand new hard lines while you're at it. Add pads shoes rotors and drums, maybe a wheel bearing or two and you're lookin good. At least, that's what I did.... Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  5. I've got an E30 high mount bracket, I'm going to pop on an E21 low mount alt in the next week or two.
  6. Most everything seems legit from where I sit. As was said, some people have money and would like a "finished car" that wins trophies, not a complete original they still. need to put $10k into... which we all know won't go very far to step up a pretty runner to this level. Do you truly think you'll get a 100% matching, straight, etc car for 15k or 20k and bring it to the perfection level people here demand for only 10k more? Nobody seems to want anyone else to make money... until they do. Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  7. Def think his stuff is nice but can't work it into my budget. Will need to diy it. I may try a wrinkle black finish on this face. Perhaps install speakers and add grills over the small cutouts. I'm getting rid of the poorly cut door speakers so at least the doors will be back to stock. I like the idea of a rebuild but man, you guys have a good bit of wood skill.
  8. 318i e30 version is 80 amp I think Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  9. Nearly done with the interior and am now looking at this old center console. It's been cut up but it does have a metal face that I've not seen before with two guage holes. I'm not into original factory at this point but the newish stereo is a sore thumb. The Ansa exhaust is loud enough to keep me from trying to build a good sound system. The PO butchered the sides with 5 1/4 component speaker holes. Anyone ever had this configuration of speaker? I'm actually thinking of not "fighting it" and just putting speakers back in so it looks finished. Mediocre / non audiophile sound should suffice if I get bored. Foam baffles or a small enclosure may help sound. Any ideas other than a total redesign/remake? Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  10. Got the carpet and all the pedals and dead pedal situated.
  11. Will be doing this during the week most likely. I'm using 3mm Sintra which is foamed or expanded PVC ($20 per 24x48) If it fails I'll try the 3/16 plywood option ($20 per 48x48)
  12. Is it possible to lightly sand the backside of the door card down about half thickness so that you can peen them over?
  13. Handbrake upgrade works like a charm. $15 well spent! Not an exciting video buuut, that lack of slop is pretty impressive! https://youtu.be/WAbx0t9JgY4
  14. I tried the rental tools but none really fit the parts well enough. Odd angles and overhangs made it hard to get the right angle. I resorted to beating on the fork. I bought new balljoints and installed them easily. Recommendation: Put it all together as a mockup before hapily torquing down the balljoints. I stupidly installed them incorrectly and had to pop them off and then back on again. Luckily not damaging them

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