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  1. You can buy flat carbon fiber sheets. Attach them to a backer or make them more rigid. Cut holes and you're good to go.
  2. After hours of supervising two kids'work for 'science project week' I finally got back to working on new door cards. Put texture lines on the insert and got all the vinyl wrapped. Bad pics as light was fading. I'll be adding aluminum trim at the horizontal transitions. I could have glued them up as is but wanted to try my hand at trim.
  3. Yes, I saw a beautiful set of black and white plaid on black interior in a rabbit in the junkyard. I really looked that tripod bracket all over to figure out how to do it but I didn't have a welder at the time and if I remember the base was very integral to the actual seat.
  4. Just ask if it has a tripod style mount vs 4. Some have a wierd center mount that I'd assume you'll need to hack cut and weld up new moints for Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  5. Once it's done I'll do a write up. Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  6. As long as the flange doesn't leak I think your readings should be close enough Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  7. Yes, I'm getting closer, if I can't use what I have in front of me and actually have to spend money... Did I mention I'm a miser?
  8. Because I'm a glutton for punishment. Hey, sometimes you just have to try stuff...
  9. The alt in the lower pic should be a 325 version as the mounts are the same(no rubber bushings) and he said it was a 90amp but I suppose different brands might be different depth? No I dont need 90a but I did pull both this 325is alt and an 80 amp from a 318i. I need to retest the 80 amp so I was really hoping to use one I have. I think their housings are very similar. If I need to get something like 65amp I will. I know I can mount these on the stock location but wanted to use the low mount Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  10. Some I see have part no and bmw logo cast along with purolator. Mine only says purolator. Here's a pic showing my 325 alt bumping the housing and another pic of same alt fitting on an e21. Could it be the filter housing is slightly different? Poster said that was also the 90 amp 325 alternator Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  11. Yes, technically it's the wrong everything. I'm trying to get a little 'too creative' with the bmw parts stash. It's the low mount e21 alt bracket. Does anyone know if the tii low mount bracket will bolt up to the regular 2002? Is timing cover thicker? Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  12. Anyone sure that all filter heads for the m10 are exactly the same length and angle? I see e21 with low mount alternator fitting the 325 90 amp alt but I'm not having any luck. It just hits the filter head. I've looked at all the images I can and seems like there's a slight chance they revised it for the low mount by the smallest amount? Could be an optical illusion? My mount is an older generic looking one that just says Purolator on it so I'm hoping its not bmw band and slightly off? Perhaps I won't be so "creative" with parts diving in the future
  13. -Sold- As it says, works fine, just ran it a week ago, charging well. Reworking the bay so this can go to someone who needs it. $75 + zhip Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
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