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  1. theNomad

    WTB 74 tii battery hold down hardware

    Do you mean just the little triangle shaped bracket that wedges it to the side or the entire battery tray platform? I have a bolt and wedge, My 74 had no top bracket like modern cars.
  2. You gotta open up the stock manifold ports a bit for the 38/38 unless you have a peanut opening already. The water choke lines will need to be bypassed and a new throttle linkage bar is needed for it. Will have to run a switched wire to the electric choke as well. Easy swap though.
  3. theNomad

    ANSA Sport Squaretail Install

    Hey, I resemble that remark! I'll be adding my own little mounts to my Ansa but I did get mine to it "decent enough" on my 74 but it takes work and does inherently sit with an amount of torque due to the mounting tab. I'll probably just add a little rectangular tab to the rear muffler now that I have a welder. Hence the post above. I LOVE having a welder and have projects lined up to do with it. Just need to free up the time. I was able to replace two rear floorpans though, and will stitch weld my subframes and fix the motor mounts and the spare tire well, and the rear parcel shelf and...
  4. theNomad

    Diecast 2002 1:18 models

    Do they have a square tail version? I'd prefer if it had a 5 speed swap as well.
  5. theNomad

    Dreaded front subframe crack....

    Well that sucks! I plan to do this very thing. I gotta toss in a replacement transmission anyway so while its all unbolted I think I'll weld in a plate and swap bushings/clean it all up. Then on to the rear end subframe.
  6. theNomad

    Sleeved cam lobes?!?!

    Is that a lousy regind that is failing? Or are you saying its a sleeve of steel around each lobe?
  7. theNomad

    M50 in e34 for my 2002

    OK, so I really want to see this happen with lots of photos! 😈
  8. Speaking of seats, I finished re-doing my seat brackets for Miata seats. Had to clearance the rear cross bar for the lower seat pan.
  9. I got a thin led bar from ebay, simple and cheap. I've not installed it yet but got the idea on the forum so you might search it up. Its not for the purist but neither is my car!
  10. I had a rear tire blowout on the way back from the Ireland Engineering open house. I got towed to the tire shop (no jack and 44 yr old spare). The 18 year old tire changers all came out and were so excited over how cool it was and when the first guy saw the interior stripped and only a driver seat with fire extinguisher he lost his mind! (just replacing rusty pans) Ah, the exuberance of youth! They wanted to know what I was going to do next and all I could think of was fairly pedestrian... uhh, continue to rewrap/fix the wiring harness? All the little things we wrench on and maybe get annoyed with... It was a reminder that we are blessed to have this extra "hobby" and not to forget to take joy in these little projects or having to learn new things. We can be an inspiration and a mentor to a whole generation who've been taught to just pay for someone else to do work and to throw away old things. I have had a 10 year old kid taking a picture of me on the freeway, a few BMWs honking or waving and a few modified imports slowing down and wondering what it is (while still trying to look tough and cool). In the sea of toasters I try to give a wave to those who, like me, enjoy cars and modifying them. It probably makes their day (even if some can't bring themselves to smile in public).
  11. theNomad

    Cheap Seats

    They actually look like good options for custom rear bucket seats...
  12. theNomad

    Spotted at ChampCar AMP!

    Um, heck yeah! Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  13. That's the special puller? Looks very specific. Any links to good info on getting into the trans? Probably would only try it on a spare. Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  14. theNomad

    Cheap Seats

    I spent about that for two oem Miata seats and a reupholstery kit. Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk