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  1. Bump Trying to fund my EFI conversion Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  2. Sold Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  3. Doesn't the factory wiring have a ground wire that connects to the corner bolt of the alt?
  4. Anyone else know if I should grab the pulleys off the e21? I think it can most likely be shimmed, but I'll also need to check the timing cover for any changes. Just trying to see if anyone can verify if its plug and play or any little bits I'll need to find. Won't be in town next week to check but want to get on it right away Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  5. Heyco BMW tools, maybe fill out your tool roll or your e30 tool tray. Barely any wear: Heyco two sided screwdriver 10mm - 8mm wrench 12mm - 13mm wrench Heyco 10mm socket Little more wear: Wheel mounting/alignment pin for wheels with studs Walter 21mm socket 50 + shipping Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  6. 17mm is made angled, I've seen other Walter wrenches with same angle Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  7. Pics Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  8. $30 - Maybe you need to fill out your old tool roll? Heyco Screwdriver, phillips and flathead Walter wrench - 10mm and 8mm combo Walter wrench - 17mm angled, 19mm combo wrench - May trade one for a Heyco adjustable wrench - Not perfect finish, it's cleaned and oiled now, but nice to have a full BMW toolkit Send me message, shipping shouldn't cost much, unless you're in Australia...
  9. I've got the E21 low bracket for the alternator and figure it'll give me more room up top for EFI conversion. (long term turbo goals. Are there any negatives to running it in the low location? I also have the larger E30 318i alternator and 65amp regulator. From what I see that's plug and play as well. I have an electric fan going in as well.
  10. E21 Spot Steering Wheel with center horn button Looks nice, feels nice. No leather, can be re-wrapped Column cover has glue but is solidly mounted, no cracks, see pics Small inner horn plastic cover has a crack but mounts in the wheel fine and has the required spring and larger finished horn cover with logo You can see all this in the pics. Shipped USPS 3 day
  11. Interesting. And the splines on the input shaft are identical? Deep enough contact? How much does driveshaft work run?
  12. how's the driveshaft situation looking? Outlet from the trans to the driveshaft? Looks like cross-member transmission support is not so plug and play. How does the input shaft work out? No adaptors? Clutch slave? Looks like its mounted high on the rx8 trans? How does that work with the stock slave? It needs a long line run to the top of it? What type of machining is required? The starter ends up in the wrong spot as far as I can tell. Is that plate thick enough for the strength factor?
  13. yes, think about the loads applied
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