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  1. Good old fashioned version from HF works well. I found this in a stash of old car parts for the 2002 but might have been from the E30. Billet aluminum nicely CNC'd and anodized. Probably my favorite. No brand markings.
  2. If so, i think the integra seats may be easy, i think the 2002 rails might bolt onto them or just need some forcing
  3. For $100 if I found a good set I'd be willing to fab up brackets. If you have a welder and grinder It's doable, but yes, takes time. I like the look of the VW seats. Acura seats sounded like really simple fab to get in. Definitely balance the cost of used/fab/styling vs the new offerings. Sometimes buying new will be close to the same after reupholstery/fab etc.
  4. The usual suspects: 2" or 3" pvc pipe coupling, all thread, large washers and nuts. I sprayed some oil on the all thread and cranked away at it. They came out easily.
  5. I think Megasquirt 3 is robust enough and has all the bells and whistles you'd need but needs tuning, setting up, massaging etc. This is good but not a "simple plug and play" approach. I think the company offerings have a lot of pre programmed mapping so more plug and play but with the ability to massage the tune. I think it depends on how hands on you want to get. If you've got the budget and your gut instinct prefers plug and play then pay for it. If you're on a shoestring (like me) or truly love to geek out on every little setup thing then you'd enjoy the more hands on approach. I think some people get talked into MS by the tecnogeeks and then realize they just wanted to plug and play.
  6. remove the control arm bolts, undo enough of the suspension to let the control arms drop down a lot. Sway comes off. You might get them out that way. If not, you may need to remove all of the suspension components. If you're going that far you might as well... The front bushing comes out with a good pvc coupling, all thread, washers and nuts. ez
  7. Interesting. Remember that the bell housing widens out very quickly on the Getrag 245 and there is a steering link underneath it and the firewall above it. The RX8 looks like it stays much wider as it goes back. Any idea of the trans tunnel size to compare with your measurments?
  8. Did you use a ford wheel and if so do you have a pic of how you mounted it? Just welded with careful placement or made adaptor to mount to pully?
  9. I have not installed the system so just getting into it but from what I read the EDIS is not needed anyhow. The MS3 and Speeduinoi systems can run off a crank sensor, map sensor, intake air temp sensor and control all fuel and the timing advances in wasted spark mode. Granted you'll need to use a "smart" coil pack that has the coil driver in it or a separate driver to activate the coils (not using stock coil or distributor). You can buy coil on plug units with the right driver and still fire them wasted spark. It's only when you want each coil to fire independently that the computer has to know what it TDC ignition stroke, hence the cam sensor or a distributor based Cyl 1 TDC pulse. So you can use edis with a fuel only ecu, or MS running fuel only, or let MS do it all.
  10. Reason for not going under the rear seat? Ease of access? Seems no matte where it goes it's in the way.
  11. I have some small electronics I may take apart and steal a switch from. I was going to put a switch off the power to the digital display only, but may put it in the main power line. Again, I'll probably leave it on most all the time Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  12. Ive got quite a bit of tuning I'll probably be doing. I can easily remove just the sensor and install the plug if I get to a finishing point. However, EFI and speeduino is in the future so it may be the base of the system. Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  13. Got the wideband installed, took longer than I planned. Really want to wire in a quick disconnect between the wires and brain. Seatbelt placement spot on Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks, all of their diagrams and write ups say the red is fused and dont show the diode but do mention capacitors. Edit: got it in just fine but didnt check the diode direction before wiring it. Duh, had to flip the diode. Now its just fine. Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  15. Wiring up my Wideband today. Am I right in thinking they screwed up on this wiring jumper harness? 5A fuse on the black wire should be on the red wire? What is the inline on the red? Does this protect against voltage spikes or is this wrong as well? Where did everyone pull their power? I read some say purple ignition wire? Did you t-tap it? In the future I'll be redoing all the wiring so thinking of a quick setup till I run new wiring fuses, relays etc.

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