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  1. theNomad

    Post your E30 BBS

    Picked up a set of flacking chrome ones off a convertible so I painted them black. Went with a centercap and open bolts look for a more vintage feel. I have the center caps hanging on the wall. Think I like this look better. I actually have a lower profile center cap fitted with roundel now.
  2. theNomad

    Brake lights question

    The switch is cheap as well, worth a new one. Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  3. Interested as well Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  4. my h&r rears look the same height, feel fine
  5. theNomad

    SOT...Good track day helmet?

    Go to a motorcycle shop and have at the wall of helmets. That might get you closer Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  6. theNomad

    Painting bumpers/grills?

    Banged out a smooshed rear bumper, sanded it down with heavy grit and painted mine wrinkle black.
  7. If you loosen the control arm bolts and compress the springs you should be able to push the arms and strut down far enough to get it to clear the fender lip. If you don't loosen the CA bolts the rubber bushings will resist your pushing. I had a heck of a time getting it low enough because I didn't do that. Once you have the top hat and spring off you should have free reign on the gland nut. Fun times.
  8. Bench vice, 2.5 or so pvc coupler and socket got mine out no issues. Front subframe bushings used a threaded bolt and a spacer/washer with the pvc coupler.
  9. might want to buy a Haynes Manual, very helpful for basic stuff
  10. You are very persistent, I hope you can get your money to Karen...
  11. theNomad

    Best stealth upgrades?

    How do those speaker panels sound? Cool idea, wonder how to get bass with an open back though
  12. theNomad

    Control arm bushing sleeve

    thanks, that fix is a $300 bill in my pocket
  13. theNomad

    Dropping the rear subframe

    Jacking points worked for me. Dropping the exhaust windpipe was also easier but I'll be doing a bunch of other stuff that requires exhaust off. Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  14. theNomad

    Control arm bushing sleeve

    Fixed it up and installed the bushing. It looks janky in the photo because I welded in a thin metal sleeve, ground it smooth as best I could (thin metal), then applied por15 putty to smooth out the transition and then por15 paint over it. It looks lumpy in the photo but it's not bad. What matters is the sleeve and a tight fit to the bushing. I also just welded small half inch beads along the arm seams. I didnt want to risk warping them with full seam welding and I'm pretty sure these will stiffen up the arms a little if only just to help out the factory spot welds. Ain't pretty but does the job Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  15. Same here, deleted it but apparently Karen is a real grease monkey Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk