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  1. Hi,

    If tool kit still available  please call me at 415 999 2081.




    1. theNomad


      sorry, it was sold. I have some tools but no full roll

  2. 2 dot rear Spring pads 10 Front spacers, smaller version 10 Pass engine mount, good used 5 Clutch Slave cylinder 10 Used throwout bearing, 10 - seemed good when removed Plus shipping Prefer Pick up: Stock 74 swaybar front 20 Stock 74 swaybar rear 20 '73 front bumper, needs chrome 125
  3. I just don't think I have time for another "take the car apart" projects. I've been collecting parts so this will definitely help someone do a DIY project without much of the runaround trying to get parts. Lots of ways to do this conversion, this is the budget hands on way. It's a DIY, not a plug and play. 1. Stock 318 m10 parts: Intake manifold, fuel rail/regulator/injectors, 3 sensor water pipe, throttle/intake elbow, also have a new aluminum tube for intake. 2. 02 Again Idle control mount for intake manifold, with Jeep Idle Control Valve, 02 Again Distributor plug, VW smart coil pack 3. High pressure fuel pump from 325, outlet only (my tank has return tube), 318 fuel sender, two versions of crank trigger wheels diy mount to crank pulley, bmw hall effect crank sensor, 4. Wiring bundles of all colors. shielded wire, wiring loom friction wrap various sizes, set of relays, Relay/fuse box, accessory fuse block all for the custom efi harness. 5. Speeduino, New in box with map sensor and bench tester setup. Capable of wasted spark or sequential ignition and full fuel control. TunerStudio used to set up fuel spark tables, will use signal from A/F wideband to tune and run. Reserch the system if you have questions speeduino.com Yes its a diy but any closer and it'd be a plug in. Ask any questions of needed Also have exhaust flange and weld els for turbo log manifold $75
  4. Safety wire the existing nuts, or replace and locktite Before you do that fill with grease to keep the grot out. The ball joints are bolted with nylock nuts and loctite
  5. Reuse the safety wire bolts or were they no good? Others are just regular bolts.
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