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  1. That’s quite the list, but sounds like she will be in tip top shape when done. Would love to hear your experience with the engine rebuild next time we meet up.
  2. Going the BaT route and selling the spares separately will likely get you top dollar. That said, I have read more than a few posts of previous owners regretting selling their beloved cars after looking back years later. You also may be underestimating your skills at maintaining the car. I am an example of knowing very little of how to fix an ‘02, when I first got mine 5 years now taking on some major projects. With the help of this awesome forum, there is a lot you can do yourself. Vince
  3. mvliotta

    Fred's first drive

    Sounds awesome. Congrats Nick! It’s been a long time coming for you, so must be a great feeling. Vince
  4. I’m in. Just registered. What are you doing on the car .. seemed to be really well-sorted last fall. Vince
  5. mvliotta

    Free Steelies on CL

    NM/NA Someone rescue these wheels!
  6. mvliotta

    can't open getrag transmission

    What did you do to get the case apart by that much? Did you just remove a few bolts and pry apart? Need to do the same to fix a leak coming from the seam between the covers.
  7. mvliotta

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Took advantage of the 2 for 1 getrag 245 transmission sale going on in CT today.
  8. mvliotta

    3D printed exhaust hanger insert

    3 hours from query to part. Gotta love this forum.
  9. mvliotta

    3D printed exhaust hanger insert

    Tsingtao, you are the 3D printing guru! Well, now I have nothing to lose, especially for a part that has minimal consequences if it fails.... Will give it a try and keep an eye on it. I’m all for originality, but 3D printing parts like this that you never see is great in my book.
  10. mvliotta

    3D printed exhaust hanger insert

    Yeah, good points. Think my printer temp is too limited for this application....Won’t stand up to the heat. Like to print stuff like this when I can, but in this case, will just order the part.
  11. Took Liesl out today and noticed that my exhaust was extra bouncy. Turns out I lost one of the white inserts that sit within the exhaust hanger. I thought i saw somewhere that someone was 3D printing these? Maybe just imagining that. If so, would love to get the stl file.
  12. mvliotta

    AlpinA front struts for sale

    I have one of these Alpina struts that will go on in the car when I rehab the front suspension. Did you get them revavled? Remember the values? I believe yellow dots were originally 180/90 (units?) Are you happy with the ride/handling?
  13. Did you take your distributor cap off?
  14. mvliotta

    Kugelfischer guide

    Yes, I do look at the AFR more than I would like, but it did do me a great service last year... It was reading leaner than usual while warming up. Nothing else seemed weird, but decided to stop and open up the hood. Was greeted with a strong fuel smell from a leaking injector tube. Was very happy to have the AFR visible that day. I’m keeping it visible next to my instrument cluster.
  15. Wow, Paul. I could only wish that treatment for my car. Nicely done!