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  1. mvliotta

    tii warmer engine = richer??

    Toby- Yes, WUR is potentially a factor, but working as intended here. Recently confirmed with smoke test that there are no air leaks in raised position, when engine is warm. Sooo, something else going on..
  2. mvliotta

    tii warmer engine = richer??

    Will check pressure. Injectors were recently serviced and no visible fuel leaks or air leaks. AFR is saying the opposite... too rich. Smells like it too, so all signs point that way. Could be that I’m vaporizing some residual fuel/oil in intake system at higher temps? It’s kind of wet in there as I have some blowby going on due to old rings.
  3. mvliotta

    tii warmer engine = richer??

    Mixture was definitely changing... could feel the car running more ‘lumpy’ and could smell it. At one point was worried car was going to stall when the AFR was at its lowest point (~9.5) oh, and I do have an issue with hot starts. Don’t know if it’s related but many cranks to get car started when hot.
  4. Drove the car today in lots of traffic and noticed something peculiar... This is ’72 stock tii with AFR gauge. Recently found a cracked intake runner , which I replaced and adjusted idle screw so that under normal operating temps (3:00 to 4:00) my AFR is at about 12 at idle. All was was great with the world except when in traffic saw that the AFR was going down as engine temp was going up. AFR was dropping to 11, then 10, then 9.5 and stumbling as engine temp gauge started rising to about 2:30 position. Once I was moving, temp gauge went down (below 3:00) and idle AFR went back up to about 12. The cycle repeated once again as car started heating up again with traffic. Any ideas as to what is going on?
  5. mvliotta

    Tii good cold start, terrible warm running

    I used a home made smoker to confirm that the WUR was operating correctly by warming up engine, turning the car off, pumping smoke in the throttle body and looking for smoke at the top of WUR. Nothing came out warm, but as the engine cooled down and the hat started dropping, smoke started to come out, as you would expect/hope. Found an air leak was coming from a cracked intake runner.
  6. mvliotta

    Coolant temp question

    What did you do to flush it well?
  7. mvliotta

    Tii Linkage Gauge. DIY

    Paul - I have what seems to be the same 'problem'. Thought I was on the right track it recently when I found a vacuum leak in one of the plastic intake runners with a home made smoke machine... did not help though. Still need to keep the idle a bit rich (12 on AFR) to keep it from hunting and to keep the mid to upper throttle in the right range. Will start playing with 85mm linkage also and report back. Vince
  8. mvliotta

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Music and what you smoke is user-defined For the most part I followed the design for smoker built in this thread: Reason I did this was my idle was hunting a bit and suspected I had an air leak somewhere. Hooked up a the smoker to battery and low pressure air source (garden sprayer that has pressure gauge) and connected it to tii throttle body after engine was warmed up. Worked really well.. after a bit saw smoke coming out of intake runner #3, which had a crack that I did not see before. BTW also confirmed Warm up regulator was tight. As the engine cooled down, could see smoke coming out of top of WUR, as you would expect.
  9. mvliotta

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Made and used a smoke machine and found this
  10. ..On Ridgewood Ave in Glen Ridge. Anyone here? Don’t see to many 02s around here. Vince
  11. mvliotta

    Cross Country Trip tool bag

    Here’s my version, a professional makeup case.... that’s right, makeup case.
  12. mvliotta

    Items for $15

  13. mvliotta

    tii Fuel Pressure Regulator - Leak

    Yeah, it has an o-ring. No harm in unscrewing it and and checking it out.. probably the reason for the leak.
  14. mvliotta

    Items for $15

    Hi, $10 will cover priority shipping. So, $25 to and I’ll get these out to you today. I have another vent knob that I’ll throw in! Just need your address Thanks, Vince
  15. mvliotta

    Items for $15

    Take your pick.. $15 each plus shipping - sunroof light cover - trap mirror SOLD - gas cap - jack hold down hardware SOLD - interior door items SOLD Sunroof cover. Some crazing in the plastic, otherwise nice. Trap mirror. No glass, hold screw turns freely. Gas cap