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  1. Can’t say enough about how cool this group is. Special thanks go out to Eric (sp?) for organizing and Rich for hosting us at SingleCut Beersmiths. So many cars this year!! Not enough time to speak to everyone. Might have to do a semi-annual event. Vince
  2. I partially spit out my beer laughing. Very funny, but you forgot another very contagious disease... The “5 Speed” Stutter Where only people who have installed a 5 speed understand you. 4 speed owners might as well be speaking another language.
  3. Reviving this thread as I just got a Dannmar M6. What spacing did you eventually go with? Anyone else install a maxjax for their ‘02? Would also be interested to hear what jack points you are using. Thanks! Vince
  4. You are pretty close to the best you are going to get, IMO. Any change you make to richen up your light throttle (with D cam or V-screw) will affect the whole range. After reading lots of posts and spending a fair amount of time tuning my own ‘72 tii, I’ve come to the conclusion that stock tii’s will run a bit lean on light throttle. A bit rich on idle is typical too. Have not seen anyone with a stock setup maintain around 13.0 afr throughout the throttle response, but would be happy to be surprised if anyone has cracked this nut..... anyone? Your numbers look pretty good to me. Mine is at Idle: 11.5-12.5 (Seems to depend on outside temp) Cruise: 12.5-13.0 Light acceleration: Swings to 14.5-15.0 WOT: 13.0 I’m pretty happy with how it runs with those numbers. I would just go out there and tear it up. Vince
  5. Only after I buy you a beer once I pick your brain about your restoration! Been saving the trunk boards for you..will bring the bunch that I have.
  6. Hey Rich, is your problem only on cold starts? Wondering if your cold start injector is injecting. Maybe the leads on the injector came loose? Happened to me once. Vince
  7. +1 Installed an AGM battery in the stock location with a custom battery tray. No mods necessary, can go back stock bolt-on tray when I please... which won’t be anytime soon. Very happy with the new found space, especially around the tii air box! Vince
  8. Hmmmm .. tempted, but really want one in green oxide.
  9. Thanks Dave, get it now. Another piece to source! Guessing it would be hard to 3D print, as it looks like it needs to be pliable. If someone is making these, I’m in!
  10. Well, this rubber cup business is all news to me. Went out to the car car to take a look and this is what I got. You can see the metal cup (holder?) but don’t see signs of the rubber cup referenced by KB. When I put everything together a couple of years back, the piece that Ensign is talking about fit snugly in the cup holder to receive the intermediate shaft ball. Wondering if the rubber cup was in there and didn’t notice?? What does the rubber cup look like when installed? Vince

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