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  1. Thanks all for the ideas! Lots to think about. This forum continues to rock.
  2. Thanks Steve. There is a Tractor Supply not too far, but, just called and it turns they stopped carrying the exide batteries 4-5 months ago. I’m leaning toward the lighter batteries now, given the weight and space savings. It is so cramped with my current set up as I have the e21 radiator and fuel filter smashed against each other. Rather than relocating fuel filter to rear, figuring the small, modern batteries may be the way to go. As Nick has done, looking at these: Soooo small and light! Thinking to place on the stock battery tray and be done with it. Main difference between the two is amp hours (14 vs 22?) and post type. Amp hours can’t be that important for my car as I don’t have AC or even a radio! Is there a good source to buy (and learn about) connectors for these different posts?
  3. Plenty of regular 26r to choose from, but google search came up empty for an exide battery (with the lip) within 100 miles of me. Did not think of the wood shim idea..could do that as well.
  4. I won’t lie Nick, I have been thinking about putting it under the seat. Do you have a ‘how to’ on what you did? The space up front without the battery seems luxurious! ..or go with it in the stock location. Which model did you use?
  5. Well, it's official... I'm an idiot. Forgot to put my battery on a maintainer and it's dead. So looking for batteries that allow for the hold down on the short side for my tii. From articles here, looks like the Exide 26rc and the bosch version are the ones to get, BUT can't find either near me. One option is to fork over $90 for shipping (if there are any to be bought in the US), but that sucks. Any suggestions?
  6. mvliotta

    center grille question

    Printed a few these up and looks and fits great. Thanks again Tsingtao for this and the other files you have created for our cars! A couple of questions.. how many do you need per grille? Are there preferred locations?
  7. mvliotta

    MISC Parts

    Pm sent on half shafts
  8. mvliotta

    WTB: inverted rear bilsteins

    That's pretty cool, RussTii. Do you remember what the settings were? Still looking, BTW
  9. mvliotta

    Original tii motor question?

    Putting what the marketplace rewards aside, uniting the shell and engine is a hell of a story. For me, that would translate into a feeling of putting the world in order (and giving entropy the proverbial finger). Worth the cost in my book, but to each his/her own. Vince
  10. mvliotta

    WTB: inverted rear bilsteins

    Looking for a pair of inverted rear bilsteins like the ones in the center below Or these
  11. mvliotta

    center grille question

    Awesome! Thanks for making this available.
  12. Thought I would provide an update on these wheels while they are being media blasted. Extracted the center emblem/cap on the one wheel that had it. It was held in place by a metal clip The Alpina logo on this is the early version... with a different carb and cam shaft than the modern logo. The font used in the earlier logo for the Alpina lettering is also different. Did some digging and found an outfit that had the exact replica in the correct size. Bought a set of these and will figure out how to secure them in place on the wheel. However, the emblem on the ‘72 Alpina tii touring that sold recently on BAT has the modern emblem.. Which brings up a couple of possibilities: 1) These are correct for the touring as the logo change for Alpina happened between 1969 (date on my wheels) and the 1972 touring? 2) These are replacement emblems/caps and they fitted the touring with the incorrect cap with the modern logo? Anyone know now when the logo changed for Alpina??
  13. mvliotta

    Parting out 72' tii

  14. mvliotta

    Seen this bag before?

    Well, I finally figured it out. One of two possible uses for this bag back in the day. This is the bag that Ernst used to carry valuable items to Hans while stationed at the assembly line. or
  15. mvliotta

    Seen this bag before?

    Ah yes, from the BMW ‘pioneer’ era.. a true relic. As for what it’s made’s a synthetic suede front with a plastic backing. Will have to get it carbon-dated to be sure of when it was made. Hmmm, what should I use it for?