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  1. Cheap Parts for sale

    I'll take belt line, lower trim, shift boot, and door brake. PM sent
  2. Hi all, Was at a vintage car get together recently.. mostly American, and out of the blue a 75 inka comes rolling up and parks right next to my '72 tii. Driver was an elderly German woman looking to sell her car.... So, wondering about valuation as I'm more familiar with the tii market. Looks to be a true 1 owner 75 survivor with original everything... paint, interior, wheels, etc. that originated in California. Very, very well maintained. Some facts.. Paint and panels look original and in great shape....really nice. No rust anywhere...none that I could see, although did not get a great view of undercarriage. Fantastic interior...Crack free dash, original seats and carpet in great shape. Most original trunk I have ever seen. Oh yea, there was a working sunroof too. On the down side, the rubber seals look a little weathered. Doors have speakers. Mechanically stock as far as I could tell, running very well. She said she had records from the beginning. So, what price range might something like this go for? $15-20K, $20-25k? probably not more as you are getting into tii range? Vince
  3. 72 Tii Sputtering- After Warmed Up

    Could be a combination of things causing you to go lean after warm up. My '72 tii had a lean sputtered at mid throttle after warm up due to a combination of 1) weak coil 2) old ignition wire 3) cracked plastic intake runner 4) mis-aligned cam in tuna can Religiously following the tii tuning guide was instrumental. I would also confirm the operation of the warm up regulator in your case... make sure it rises above the lever to the KF pump and shuts off just about all of the air going to the throttle body. Good luck.. it's a journey, a very enjoyable one as you sort it out. Vince
  4. Need Knee Trim End Cap

    I need one of these for drivers door!! Greg - are you planning to sell these? I have a 3D printer and am thinking of making my own... or if there is an STL file out there... just saying Vince
  5. Can you re-break-in an engine?

    Thanks gents. Ok, sounds like rings. Will get the leak test done to confirm. Now that I understand this a bit more, the other corroborating evidence is the amount of air blowing out of the fill port on the crankcase when running.... it is humming due to air blowing by. Will put the engine bottom end on the long list of stuff to do over the next decade! Vince
  6. Can you re-break-in an engine?

    Reviving this thread as I'd like to understand this a bit more... especially what you have stated, Paul. A few more observations and then questions.. -I'm only burning oil on decel.. nothing when a reving hard through the gears. Can make it smoke in any gear as long as I drop it from 4000 rpm down to 2500. -My intake manifold is pretty oily. Notice it more now that my clutch is no longer slipping and can get to higher rpm and corresponding power. - I put a catch can on the breather hose between the crank case and air cleaner, which started making oil drip from the oil pan... so took it out. Questions: - Most of what I read point to valve guides/seals.. how can I PROVE it's the rings? Leak down test? - Are the observations above consistent with bad rings? -In no rush to do any engine rehab work.... maybe tackle it in a few years? Any other advice??
  7. tii 13541257036 lever NLA

    Looks great! An extra precaution I took with mine was to put some heat-shrink tubing on the end of the spring that hooks on. You can just see the tip of it in my photo. Will reduce wear over time...especially if you have metal on metal contact. Vince
  8. FS: Good Euro 2 piece dashboard!!!

    PM sent
  9. tii 13541257036 lever NLA

    Original design not so great IMO. Have an earlier version of that piece for my '72 where there are two holes instead of that pin. Simply added a freely rotating bushing by locking a nut onto a bolt that threads the nearest hole. I figure there will be a lot less wear this way...at least it has held up for 3 months!! Vince
  10. Yard sale!

    Do you have any gaskets that go under the front hood?
  11. sunroof deflector install

    Thx Mike, Great advice. Another reason to make it easy to get brackets out of the way when deflector is off the roof.
  12. sunroof deflector install

    Thanks guys, I get it now. Yes, should be easy enough to make these. Got me thinking... want to make the hooks/brackets in a way that they rotate back under the roof when the deflector is not in use. Not sure I want the deflector as a permanent fixture, but will want to put it on l when I plan to go on the highway.
  13. So, I just picked up one of these beauties... OEM and all. Problem is that the deflector did not come with the brackets that attach to sunroof mechanism, as shown on towel in this photo. I got the bolts and plastic nuts, but thats not going to get me very far. Can I source the brackets from somewhere? On a side note, when were these deflectors available? Thought I saw them in a '73 brochure. Vince
  14. sunroof felt install question

    Thanks gents!