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  1. tii hubs and rotors

    Up for sale is a set of rotors and hubs just taken off a running 72 tii. Rotors will need turning. $100 for set plus shipping.
  2. Early Navy Door Cards

    Driver quality navy door cards. No tears/speaker holes. Could use a good cleaning. Chrome tape needs to be replaced (like they all do) and backing should be changed. I can roll these up and ship to reduce shipping costs. $150 plus shipping.
  3. Just want to make sure I do this right.. keep the shims and the anti-squeal stuff goes between the shims and caliper pistons... correct? Just refurbished brakes on my tii..
  4. 1972 Bmw 2002 drivers seat improvements ?

    Hi Mike, Could you send that article my was as well... or post? Thanks! Vince
  5. Also interested in the all chrome quarter window locks. And chrome heater control plates used in early cars. Please PM with pics and prices.
  6. Misc items $15 or less

    PM sent re heater plates.
  7. Misc items $15 or less

    Shipping should be about $5 within CONUS D/S mirror $15 Front strut covers $10SOLD Heater control plates $15 Vent window knob $10
  8. Really blows.. you put a lot of energy into making that car nice. Hope you get back in the game. Also makes me think...Would not want to be in the car during one of those collisions.
  9. Psng. Side Mirrors

    I think I have a trap passenger mirror, with no mirror. Will PM you.
  10. VIN Decals in door

    Here’s my contribution. You can see the font for some of the other numbers at the bottom, barely. The date stamp is all but gone. I’m guessing it would be pretty hard to find a rubber stamp that would match... but maybe a dry transfer with the right font/size would be easier to find ?? Vince
  11. Bad ideas and stupid questions...

    Well, that is very interesting, Paul. That would put the changeover early in the 1972 production year, maybe Feb/March? I always thought my tii (2761485), a late April car, which has shallow grilles, had the wrong ones on... not the correct assumption by your old parts book!
  12. Steering box adjustment clarity needed

    Thanks Paul. ...and thanks to the OP and those that replied. Learned a lot in this post about how to address a leak and some play in my steering. Vince
  13. Steering box adjustment clarity needed

    Paul - Any more info you can provide on seals and their replacement? Thx!
  14. Another NLA Part to Print

    Cool, Paul! Let me know if you get these made. Vince