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  1. Missed the last one and doubt I can make this one. Summer weekends are tough. Would love to get the group back together in the fall! Vince
  2. Ceylon, no less. Very rare color
  3. I tucked the wiring into the rear glass gasket and made the connections in the trunk. Tapped into the rear tailight wiring within the housing. The wiring is not really noticeable the way I did it, but making the connections under the seat might be the better option.
  4. Mike, It was one of these motorcycle brake lights. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GRO844G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_SxS7Cb973S5MM Fits nicely between the gasket and the back glass. Not quite invisible, but pretty inconspicuous as it does not protrude below the gasket. I suppose you could glue a shaded piece of plexiglass on to the strip to make it even more stealthy
  5. I have a small LED strip (flashes and then goes solid) affixed to the inside gasket at the top of my rear window...only about 4-5” long. Inconspicuous spot when not turned on, but is very noticeable when braking. The higher on the car, the better IMO. Too many texting drivers on the road. Makes me feel better to have it on the car, at a minimum and is easily removed/replaced.
  6. Whether deteriorating clear coat or not, Evapo-rust will do the job.
  7. Please don't dremel it. Evapo-rust will remove the brown stuff (which is rust, I think) magically and is non-toxic. Of course, step 1 is removing the plates
  8. Congratulations Nick! Can’t wait to see him in person. Vince
  9. I like US turn signals and bumper over riders. No desire to go to Euro turn signals. Also with Paul T.... door buzzer is cool!
  10. Got it. Makes sense. Do do you want to insure the package for $150? Standard is $50. Will probably cost a little more. I have packed the box in two layers of cardboard with fragile written on the outside, BTW
  11. Hi Edgar, Got your PayPal. Thanks. Will go to post office tonight. One thing I want to clear up before shipping is your PayPal note that reads.. “Upper piece of 3-piece dash for a bmw 1600-2 with a repair not noticeable” I want to be clear that the repaired crack is in a not-so-noticeable spot, as I said in my ad. If you look, you will see the repaired crack. Also, I make no claims that the repair will hold forever.... as this is a 50 year old piece. If you are ok with all the above, I will ship to you tonight and provide tracking. If not, I will refund your funds. Just don’t want you to be disappointed when you receive the dash. Please confirm. Thanks, Vince
  12. Upper dash with 1 small crack that was repaired in a a not-so-noticable spot. Otherwise in great shape $150 plus shipping and PayPal fees Vince
  13. That’s quite the list, but sounds like she will be in tip top shape when done. Would love to hear your experience with the engine rebuild next time we meet up.
  14. Going the BaT route and selling the spares separately will likely get you top dollar. That said, I have read more than a few posts of previous owners regretting selling their beloved cars after looking back years later. You also may be underestimating your skills at maintaining the car. I am an example of knowing very little of how to fix an ‘02, when I first got mine 5 years ago...to now taking on some major projects. With the help of this awesome forum, there is a lot you can do yourself. Vince

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