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  1. Option 1: We went with option 2:
  2. Paul, I have an early spare throttle body that has the same cap at the bottom. The D cam moves freely and slides out. Don’t know how to remove that cap though. Vince
  3. Nice idea Erik. Was thinking along the lines of a supplement heater once I take the chill off with the propane.
  4. Now Nick, I am truly disappointed that you would think I designed this garage without you in mind. Allow me to introduce exhibit a: exhibit b: (Ok, only holds 6 beer cans, but it’s a start!) As for c and d, well I figure watching me fumble around bruising my knuckles, sweating and swearing is far more entertaining than anything a tv or stereo can provide.
  5. Going with low tech heating for now...supplied by simple burner on a propane tank and separate circulating fan. With windows slightly open for ventilation, the space heats up in about 15min. It works, but not the most elegant solution. Will give it a go this winter and see if it does the job.
  6. Spent more time ON the garage then in the garage working on cars over the last few months. Cleaned up the incredible amount stuff I had accumulated over the years and put in proper electrical, loft, bench, door and lift. Being about 90 years old, tried to keep some things looking vintage including lighting, vice and ceiling for loft. Anyway, with winter fast approaching, time to put it to use!
  7. That’s plenty for a maxjax.
  8. do that and get a maxjack or a real lift. +1 Digging holes and refilling was not as bad as I thought it was.
  9. Uh huh. Where are the lift pix? Here is a teaser, Nick. Garage almost done!
  10. Welcome! I was in your shoes about 6 years ago. Very little knowledge about these cars (or any cars for that matter) but a willingness to learn. Could not own my 02 without this forum... an awesome combination of very knowledgeable people with a great deal of patience for newbies. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll be doing soon.
  11. I’ll be following your progress. Nice buy!
  12. Congratulations, Nick. Long haul, but well worth it. Especially those seats!! Vince

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