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  1. Matt, Don’t know if it will help you, but I have a spare getrag 245 which is in questionable shape that might provide some needed parts? It spins with a little resistance and I’ve shifted through all the gears with a screwdriver. That said, I would not put it in my car without some investigation as there is evidence it sat outside for a while. Anyway, would be happy to help you realize your 5 speed swap if you are willing to drive up to north NJ to pick it up. Vince
  2. Raj, Unfortunately, don’t have a lead for you to get the correct chain. I believe all the 3rd party suppliers have the wrong chain. I had exactly the same problem a couple of months back and luckily got the correct chain on eBay from Greece thanks to a tip by @114TYP. My understanding is that seller is out of the correct chains. Only thing I would suggest is to keep your eye out on eBay overseas or reuse the old chain as others have advocated. Vince
  3. I love my maxjax and am happy to roll around under the car in a low seat. More comfortable than standing and twisting your neck up to work IMO ... and you can hang out with friends underneath, when such things were allowed Vince
  4. Checking underneath after engine build and this angle caught my eye Vince
  5. This is what the steering wheel I have in my car. Love it. Very fair price!
  6. Guess you’re going to run all the giubo bolts in from the rear (not alternating them)? No, I alternated them. This was just a pic taken of the test fit. Had the trans up and down a couple of times.
  7. I just did the 5 speed swap with blunt’s kit. I decided to keep the original support brackets and glad I did. Yeah, they were sort of in the way, but they came in handy when temporarily securing the 5 speed to measure for drilling the new brackets, aligning the guibo, and final measurement of the driveshaft. Here is a pic of how I supported it with long bolts.
  8. lol, how did you know this has been bothering for the last 4 years?! 😂
  9. Here you go, Paul. My beautiful engine in my ugly engine bay! Vince
  10. I’ll close this thread out with an update. With some break-in oil in the crankcase, did a ‘seat the rings’ drive yesterday with my son. Kept the engine under 4400 rpms and varied load as mentioned by Jim @jgerock. Indulged myself with a few WOT bursts. Wow Maybe it’s the 10:1 pistons or that my original engine was really tired... or both likely. My 17yr old was laughing for most of the drive. Couldn’t be happier ...Smooth and exhilarating power in the wind up, as a tii should. Although pushing the old engine through the gears was fun, this is something else. The improved gearbox certainly makes a difference. Idle is even smoother than it used to be. Can’t wait to see what happens past 4500 rpm. Thanks to all that have contributed and followed this thread. Hope to see you at an event once things open up. Vince
  11. Paul, your ‘Break-in’ technique sounds pretty tempting. Holding off on going like hell for 500 or more miles is going to be tortuous. I mean, I’ve just volunteered to get essential groceries for the next couple of months in order to up the miles on the car.
  12. Definately not too soon, Steve. Been scoping out a couple of places for the scrape and paint. Once I can get NYNick to do some work on the suspension 😝, it’s Re-Ceylon-ification time!
  13. Ha! I like your enthusiasm, Nick, as you have ventured into phase 2.... When you help me redo my entire suspension next winter. 😁
  14. Success!!! First start-up video below. Hopefully you see the play button. Definately needs some tuning, but was thrilled to take her out for a spin today. The 5 speed shifted through all gears really well.. already forgot about those years with a crunchy 2nd gear! Everything seems to be running well so far, but keeping my fingers crossed. A few things still to do, like install the speedometer, but really happy to get her moving again. FullSizeRender.mov
  15. After 3 months on the engine build and about 1 hour away from starting her up, i came to the realization that I’m the worst freeze plug installer in the world. 😣 Most of the freeze plugs were leaking from just filling the system with coolant. Immediately regretted not putting RTV on the plugs during install. ugh.. a ‘Shoot me now’ moment. The good news is that the plugs are accessible after moving a couple of things out of the way. And they were not so hard to get out once you get the hang of it...drill a hole and tap a screw to ensure the plugs don’t fall into the block and then hammer on the other side of the plug with a screwdriver to flip them in the hole. Extract with your favorite vise grips. So, once I got a new set delivered, spent a few more hours to reinstall (with RTV this time!) and more than a few Italian curses. Wont lie, the drivers side plugs were a PITA with the engine in the bay. Looks like that did the trick.. No leaks this morning! Now on to putting everything back together. I’m determined to start her up today.
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