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  1. Would you be willing to sell and ship me your cut accordions?
  2. It seems like that vw supplier and all the others I’ve found only have some of the covers available, and generally not the driver side ones. That’s a good idea to contact Dave: I’ll do that. Thanks again, Vic.
  3. Thanks, Vic: I appreciate the assist. And yeah, that’s my concern exactly!
  4. I'm about to install the MKII GTI Recaros I picked up a few months ago, using a set of the eBay adapter plates. They were power seats, but I've removed the power base to expose the six-hole mounting setup. Easy peasy. The problem, though, is that the long plastic hinge covers on the seats now interfere with the adapter brackets. Has anybody here tried to trim the hinge covers to accommodate the brackets? Alternatively, I could stalk eBay for some used hinge covers from manual seats. Is there a wide range of part interchangeability between similar Recaro seat models? In other words, could I use covers from a pair of manual Trophies or E21 seats on my (what I believe to be) "Helios" seats?
  5. Welcome to the club! It’s very prestigious, if I do say so myself. Same thing happened to me a few months back. I felt like a complete tie-rod, but there was no judgment from the members: only commiseration. It’s enough to make a guy tear up.
  6. That’s a cool wheel. No idea what it is, but it has a Love-Child-of-Alpina-and-Sprint-Hart look to it. Another JDM-style wheel I think would work well on the 02 is the Rota Track R, maybe painted steel grey. Too bad they don’t come in 14”.
  7. So, Konis are scarce now too? Terrific. I guess rebuilding could be an option.
  8. Okay, that's what I was thinking too. Thanks for the vote of confidence!
  9. My car came with Koni yellows all the way around. Previous owner installed them just 3 years (and probably less than 5,000 miles) ago. The front passenger side has developed a clunk and a leak, so I'm looking at replacing the insert. After replacing the diff and clutch, and a bunch of other projects, though, my war chest is pretty light...and Koni's ain't the cheapest things. So, I know the proper and prudent thing would be to replace both inserts, but is that really necessary?
  10. Very nice. Someone’s going to get a hell of a deal. GLWS.
  11. Thanks, guys. I’ll have to check out the Scirocco wheels as well.
  12. I feel like I saw a mention of MR2 wheels somewhere, but I can’t find it now. Has anybody tried mounting Gen 1 MR2 steel wheels on their 02? They have kind of a period alloy look. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163705097103 14x5.5 and 4x100, and from what I can find, offset of +35-ish. Not sure about the center hole diameter.
  13. Dang it! 🙂 second in line if OhGodNo passes on the rear bumper for some reason. Need to get rid of this diving board! (^ I’d be interested in the front bumper too in that case.)
  14. I was actually looking at the 14-inchers, which are listed as et20. So, they'd be pushing a little further out. Half the price of the 15s, though!

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