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  1. Sorry to hear about the (temporary) heartbreak, but I'm way into your vision for the car. Your aesthetic is spot-on in my book, all the way down to the beefy steelies and Kooglewerks duck bill. Very exciting. I'll definitely be following your progress. Do you think you'll be pulling the trigger on those weirdly-named Miata wheels?
  2. Yeah, I saw a bunch of those as well. I would think they'd work, provided they're the right diameter. Under the plastic grip, my handbrake handle is 20mm in diameter. 7/8" diameter rubber grips fit perfectly, although the greater elasticity of rubber likely makes that easier vs. leather.
  3. Shin-skinners! I'll never go back to those.
  4. Here's one of the diamond/pyramid types I mentioned. I think it would look great, if you sliced off the flange:
  5. Looks great! Looks like a better length too. I also saw some diamond-pattern grips that would look awesome and very period-appropriate. They look very cafe racer-y. Magura was the original manufacturer, I think.
  6. My handbrake handle had seen better days, so I started looking for something reasonably cheap, good-looking, and not too showy. I saw this 7/8” motorcycle grip and didn’t hesitate. It feels good in my hand, looks cool (I think), and lets me get nostalgic for my NorCal biking days to boot. I’m gonna see what else I can slap some Vans waffle pattern onto! The length is a bit over, but the 7/8” inner diameter is perfect for the handle. I cut a hole in the end, pressed a rubber grommet in, and voila! Now where did I put my Suicide Machines tape? https://photos.app.goo.gl/vpy4hxUUBH8MDfbA8
  7. With key?

    1. MattL


      Yes, with key, please. 

  8. Hi Harry. I’m in need of a trunk lock cylinder. Have any of those?
  9. Thanks, Jimmy. My relay idea was intended to avoid putting current through the lighter element, but if it’s just switching ground, I guess that’s a non-issue. I am running points, but I don’t see why this wouldn’t work for a pertronix/igniter setup too.
  10. Is it possible (or advisable) to disconnect the cigarette lighter and wire it as a relayed kill switch? So that pushing in the lighter closes the relay circuit and energizes the coil? Or should this be filed under “Good idea if wasn’t such a terrible idea because...”?
  11. I recently bought a pair of MKII GLI Recaros myself, and after reading this and other posts while deciding to dye or not to dye, I took the plunge, with expectations sufficiently tempered. Just thought I'd post my thoughts and some before-and-after photos, for others' reference. My 76 has navy blue (Marine, I think) vinyl interior, and matching the color proved an elusive goal. I did test swatches of the following three options: Duplicolor Medium Blue - I'd describe this as a grayish light blue. Nice color, but nowhere near navy. I ended up using two cans of this to paint/dye my old, faded carpet. Looks much better, but I don't think it will last too long. (Even after many passes at cleaning, the carpet was still pretty dingy, so the requisite prep was simply not done. That's okay: it's only intended to hold me until I scrape together enough for one of Esty's beautiful carpet kits.) VHT Vinyl/fabric - Dark Blue - This is definitely darker, but has a pretty distinct green/teal tint to it. Definitely not a fit SEM Color Coat - Shadow Blue - Not as dark as the VHT, but much better fit, tone-wise. To prep, I did as Esty urged and cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned again. My process: 1. Vacuumed first to get all the dust and grit out; 2. Spot cleaned with a brush and some spray-on foamy stuff (not many spots, thankfully); 3. Used a rug doctor upholstery cleaner (two passes: much patience required); 4. Isopropyl alcohol with microfiber towels 5. SEM's plastic/vinyl prep: again, patience was key. Was very tempted to half-ass this step, considering how long the previous steps had already taken. Then, I taped off the plastic and metal bits and did INNUMERABLE light coats on the seats. This took FOREVER. FOR. EVER. I would do a very light coat, then quickly brush over the the area with the nylon brush, to avoid it getting crispy. (Again, much appreciation to Esty for this tip.) I would do a couple light coats per night before heading to bed, and repeated for 4 nights. I'm quite proud of myself for not snapping on night two and emptying a can into the seats. The temptation was very real. TIP: Keep an eye on your brush to make sure it's not getting gummed up with the spray dye/paint. The stuff coagulates and cures VERY quickly, and if you're not careful it'll kind of crystallize on the brush bristles, severely impeding the effectiveness of your brushing. I ended up using three cans of SEM, plus the can of SEM Prep. All in all, I'm pleased with the results. Certainly not perfect, but the color goes with the rest of the interior pretty well. A word of warning, though: even with all the prep and patience listed above, the softness of the seats is essentially gone. That's a real shame, since these seats were BUTTER prior to my futzing. I might try some more brushing, but I expect any gain in softness will be accompanied by a proportionate loss in color. Here is one of the seats before: ...and after: ...and installed, on the Duplicolored carpet: I hope that helps somebody.
  12. The IE fixed camber plates seem to be the most appropriate option available. Only 5/8 degree, per their website, but I haven't cut my struts, so I wouldn't be able to set my negative camber to anything wild anyway.

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