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  1. Just posting to close the loop. Chris recommended VAC too, who got back to me today. Very nice guys, but they said that they don't modify flywheels anymore: not worth the trouble given the backlog of work they have. They could sell me one, but since I figure they'd be getting them from our preferred sources (Blunt and IE) anyway, I'll just go straight to the source.
  2. Thanks, all. I talked to someone at VAC who said he'd have to get back to me. He said they CAN do a flywheel, but since they're a full engine shop, they don't usually do jobs that small. I'd forgotten about Chris, who actually helped me with my first 2002 a few years back! He's a hell of a generous guy with his knowledge and time. I'll drop him a line and see if he has any recommendations. Whatever the outcome, I'll post it here. Thanks again.
  3. I'm gearing up to swap my 4-speed out for a 245 5-speed. The "While you're in there" fairy on my shoulder says I should take the opportunity to lighten my 215mm flywheel. (I have a basically stock engine, and don't expect to up-rate it enough to require a 228mm unit). I'm hoping to save a few bucks and shipping hassle and have mine lightened rather than buying a new one, but I don't know where I would take it. Can anybody recommend a good machine shop in the Philadelphia or South Jersey area?
  4. ^ What Nomad said. As far as I know, the seats with a power base work. That’s what I have. You unbolt the base, bolt on the adapter brackets, and away you go. It looks like those seats are manual, though. So, you’d need to see the underside. If they’re manual and they have a big bar going down the middle, they won’t work without a lot of...work.
  5. Welcome! Good find! She’s a beaut, and it looks like she might have the same Recaros installed as my ‘76. Your acquisition story is pretty darn similar to mine as well. Thank goodness for understanding significant others.
  6. Came for the nuggets of knowledge. Stayed for the word of the day: flangy.
  7. Loving these bits and choices. Keep the updates coming!
  8. Whoa, these are really cool. That skateboard one is pushing all my buttons. Beautiful work.
  9. Sorry to hear about the (temporary) heartbreak, but I'm way into your vision for the car. Your aesthetic is spot-on in my book, all the way down to the beefy steelies and Kooglewerks duck bill. Very exciting. I'll definitely be following your progress. Do you think you'll be pulling the trigger on those weirdly-named Miata wheels?
  10. Yeah, I saw a bunch of those as well. I would think they'd work, provided they're the right diameter. Under the plastic grip, my handbrake handle is 20mm in diameter. 7/8" diameter rubber grips fit perfectly, although the greater elasticity of rubber likely makes that easier vs. leather.
  11. Shin-skinners! I'll never go back to those.
  12. Here's one of the diamond/pyramid types I mentioned. I think it would look great, if you sliced off the flange:
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