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  1. Hope everyone made it down without any issues. Lewis sent me a great video of the caravan just to make me jealous. Have fun this weekend! I’ll join next year, for sure. This year I’ll be at the Deutsche Marque Concours. Not sure which of my cars I’ll be bringing, but hopefully I’ll drive Nevada over there. Waiting on these new tires to arrive.
  2. So, I’m working on putting together a timeline for the repairs needed on my 1600-2. The lower a-pillar pieces appear to need immediate attention. The pieces seem readily available, but this is beyond my abilities. Anyone local to DC have a recommendation of somewhere or someone experienced with doing this work? I also need to replace the rear drivers side floor pan. I have a couple great body shops, but they don’t usually work on cars this old so I would rather find an alternative. If anyone local has a moment to check it out and join me for a beer, it would be much appreciated.
  3. Its definitely on the list for next year! Would love to join the caravan. Thanks!
  4. Yes, I could probably make it, 2002Scoob. I just have a couple little things I would like done before heading down there. Gotta get my headlights working, address the clutch, put the new tires on, and see what I can do about a little oil leak. Geoff, I thought about shipping it directly down there. I can always wait another year, I guess. Getting that rear floor pan replaced in the next month or so. Then its carpet time.
  5. My newest project arrived this week, but I’m not quite sure the car is ready for the long haul from DC to Asheville. If anyone wants my spot, you’re welcome to it. Sad to go be missing the show and really hoped to pick up some parts I need.
  6. Hi, Geoff, could you email me at my username at gmail? Thanks! -John
  7. Marshall, if I can't get them via email today, I'll take some on Thursday.
  8. I'm interested as well if this is still available. xlittlejohnx at gmail. Thanks!
  9. Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Price:: 10000 Location: : Springfield, VA So, a friend of mine acquired a 2002 through a mechanics lien when his customer couldn't pay for the work. I'm not interested in the car, because its a resto mod of sorts and its just not my style. My friend does incredible body work and this car does not require any paint or body work- its all done. The color is not your usual Inka or Colorado and that is the main reason I don't own it already. The previous owner had him restore the body and then paint it a very bright, very metallic orange color by House of Kolors. Its pretty sharp, I guess. He says is really sparkles in the light! Its not a tii and get this- Edelbrock carb. The previous owner was certainly not your average BMW guy . The car is probably a strong runner based on what he has told me. I do know its been in the shop for two years, so the usual sorting will be needed. He wants $10K, but I think he's been breathing in too much paint. I'll try to get a closer look and some pics if anyone is interested. Just wanted to post this in case some of the locals are interested. Maybe some of you NOVA guys are bored with your red cars and want a change... ;-) Email me if you're interested at xlittlejohnx at gmail.
  10. lol. I figured someone would keep that wheel and horn button, it looked nice! I actully like the wheel thats on it now, fits the car well. I look forward to seeing your project completed.
  11. Post a video! The car appears to coming along really well. When that car first left Alexandria, it had such a beautiful fired enamel horn button...
  12. I tried to buy it tonight, but someone beat me to it...ugh. Seller has a deposit.
  13. The E39 is amazing and I'm not a fan of the newer M5's either. Granted, they are quick, but I think BMW got it right with the E39. My only issue is reliability. Its needed over $20K in service the last couple years and I don't believe any vehicle should require that before 100K miles. I did get to take it on a parade lap at the Baltimore Grand Prix the other week- that was fun!
  14. This is a Dinan M5 as well, but please note that the post if from 2009. At that time $21,000 was market value for this car. I still have it and I'm now asking $12,000 which is market value again.
  15. I have corral tickets for Friday and Saturday, so I'll be there. I'm actually looking for a Sunday corral pass if anyone has a lead on one...
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