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  1. they are not corrado's you can see "Corsa GT" stamped on them ..
  2. assuming it is white and red ... maybe it is a 92Ω resistor? or maybe 29Ω
  3. i have a black interior in Austin ... it came with Verona ... but it is currently sitting in storage in a garage in Travis Heights i honestly forget what we still have maybe door cards ... for sure front and rear seats i think 'crusty' is the right term for the quality ... but could be a good core for you. if you want to take a look at stuff ... let me know ... price is up to you! you can text me at 971 two two 7 7972 geoff
  4. living in Bend ... and currently having 'time off' since University is on break ... I'm VERY happy to go take a look at this car for anyone ... i can look for rust or other gremlins ... let me know!!!
  5. i don't quite know what to say here i'm not much of a 'sharer' ... but that is nearly the exact car that my dad had he passed suddenly ... yesterday i made this my desktop picture today ... so yes ... goodbye old friend there is obviously no doubt i would trade the 6 for him every second of ever day ... but his car will come to me here in Oregon ... and the kids will learn to drive stick ... and turn wrenches ... and never forget Grampa George sorry to hijack the thread ... but the cosmic coincidence was too much for me to ignore hug everyone you love ... every chance you get
  6. yeah ... i immediately came here t the FAQ to look for those wheels only to see that @arminyack had some for sale a while ago 5 minutes after that he posted on BaT about those exact wheels being his old one! well ... it is a great little car ... with some nice wheels ... it will sell well ... for sure
  7. the polls are still open in many parts of the country Esty you need a side view!
  8. LS-D's (LS-B's??)... very very supportive nice!
  9. Here is 2018 US F1 at COTA: Last race Kimi has (and will (sadly)) win in F1 here is that start from Turn 1 https://photos.app.goo.gl/DLgf3XkiYFYN88QZ9
  10. wil-LAM-it and Joe" looks beautiful ... looks like Kings Valley to me!
  11. right back atcha @zinz here is another post that highlights a few other amazing builds. just like ECC, there is at least one forum member doing a SDU implant enjoy the ride
  12. Here is the best way to answer the cost question: https://www.momentmotors.com/cl-line again: LMK if you want access to the build blog cheers geoff
  13. Hi @mbarbary Was that question pointed at me? If so, and you want more information, please DM me and I'll give you access to the build blog at Moment. Verona meet and exceeds all expectations ... regards geoff
  14. thanks Everyone James: Car is still down in Austin ... And now that fall/winter is setting in here in Bend (where they've recently (in the last 10 years) decided to start using MagChloride on the roads) ... the car would be in a garage until spring ... so one winter in Austin ... then home next spring cheers g
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