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  1. sparkles ... no verona ... yes
  2. i would say it is more like your Big Bird ... but I hear you ... one at a time ... cheers g
  3. looks like YOUR perfect conversion-car James!!! ha
  4. AND ... if you need it refurbished a bit ... LMK ... i can clean it up ... i've done 4 silver dollar clusters
  5. James: you can back into my car any time!!!! Ernie is going to look amazing! It may indeed be the images ... but the sample on the left seems more vibrant more orange and less red ... (or maybe just glossy) Maybe the color balance on those microsoft phones are 'meh' just kidding! i really honestly am stoked to see the final result of an already great car! cheers
  6. i think i've already order 3! The October Centerfold is my very biased favorite Thanks again Riley!!! Cheers Geoff
  7. Thanks @joysterm if you DM me ... i can give you access to the build blog! also ... it will be living in Bend Oregon next summer ... so the next time you head south ... I'd be happy to show-and-tell!
  8. agreed that the trap/flag can be adjusted correctly ... and @mike ... if i had over 14K posts ... i would miss a few replies ... for sure ... but you and i have chatted about 3D printing swan gaskets i have three different base styles ... and have sold them to folks here on the FAQ here is my DS swan neck (with 3D printed flex gasket) you can see the shape of the 'socket' is pretty 'tight' and will only allow a small amount of angulation maybe it is just this style of swan ... not sure but that angle is too small for an effective PS positioning maybe some gymnastics with neck and the socket would find a sweet spot ... but i was not able to do it with the neck in a 'normal-ish' position
  9. there is a very good chance i'm doing it wrong ..... but my passenger-side swan neck is only there for 'looks' it is a 'side view mirror' at best ... not even close to 'rear view' back-story: my car came with holes in the PS door that were not filled during repaint by the PO. and i wanted a correct swan-neck on the DS ... so decided to get two mirrors and use the 'ambidextrous' feature to create symmetry ... and put a mirror in the holes of the PS. it is installed correctly ... but the ball-and-socket joint do not allow it to rotate inward enough to properly position the PS mirror. when sitting in the drivers seat ... all i see out of the PS mirror is ~1.5 lanes to the right ... i don't want to modify/cut/destroy a very nice swan-neck ... but would love for it to be functional too. maybe i'll 3D print a 'wedge gasket' to help bring the mirror to the right angle ... but for now i'm glad i'm sitting in a fishbowl as a blow past some camry
  10. your silver dollars look in excellent shape and your brake-check button and light look early (pre 71 IIRC) and yes ... that 'face plate' is kustom there may be an original surface under there it is just two screws and a few harnesses to disconnect and find out. IMO those very nice dollars deserve an original binnacle
  11. About to get a set of stainless bumpers with the euro plate lights in them i like the clean look ... but now don't need the redundant trunk-side lights any more removing them will result in SIX unplugged holes anyone have a slick way to cover them up? plugs ... sure ... but they look pluggy i am not in the position to patch and re-paint ... how about a euro-plate with my US plate over top? ideas welcome picts too! thx geoff
  12. I know its a good price ... Just giving James a hard time ...
  13. i am contemplating making it up for this event ... a haul from Bend ... but would be great to meet some 'locals' ... i'll be in a non-BMW car ... but will enjoy the trip for sure oh ... and maybe by 20200202 (that is how i write the date ... and it happens to be an anagram!!!) ... maybe by then @Teelinger's Petri will be on closeout and I can afford it! cheers geoff

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