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  1. Geoff Raynak

    WTB: brake booster pivot

    found one ... thanks! marked as sold
  2. Geoff Raynak

    Dash lights gremlins

    Grounds grounds grounds bad bulbs can suck power in the wrong direction. I’m no electrical engineer... but have seen weirder things happen. I’d ground all the grounds together with short leads ... and then bench test. Hoping this works for @Dionk... since I cannot test his in a car locally!
  3. Geoff Raynak

    Dash lights gremlins

    your tach is in the right place (connector L) i'm working to help someone else out ... and an ill-informed PO use the clock connector (K) to power the tach ... not gonna cut it I'd start by using alligator clips and a 9V battery to make sure all your lights work ... here is a pin-out for a typical dash pin 3 is ground pins are a 'backwards clock' ... if you will 12 = north 3 = west 6 = south 9 = east you should be able to check backlights with 3 & 4 (4 is from dimmer switch) 5&6 for brake check (if you have it) 3&8 for flashers (e) 3&9 for high-beams (d) 1&12 for ignition/charge (b) 6&7 for oil pressure (c) these are not all in parallel or series ... but will confirm that lights SHOULD be okay for normal use 9v is low ... so the lights will be dim ... but will be just fine (and safe) for bench testing start with this to confirm everything is happy then reinstall and watch the needles go haywire images below are not necessarily for your car ... but should help
  4. Geoff Raynak

    WTB: brake booster pivot

    looking for a used part for reference this piece: will likely use IE refresh kit ... so overall function not critical thanks geoff shipping to 97703
  5. Geoff Raynak


    97703 Bend OR feel free to PM me too. Many thanks!! Geoff.
  6. Geoff Raynak


    Thanks Dion ... turns out that is the EXACT box I have ... with a mechanical clutch ... and some different spring configurations ... so ... unfortunately ... this is not one that i'd need i also really want something with a hydraulic clutch mount ... so more in the 2002 era my not-so-top-secret plan is to make a different style of 'boosterless' brake option ... more on that whole saga once i get a bit further into it cheers and thanks for the offer geoff
  7. Looking for a pedal box in any condition no need for pedals or linkages ... 'elevator' bracket that goes up to booster bracket is a nice-to-have ... but not necessary cheaper the better just looking for a blank body to use for mocking up some brackets and custom stuff while the one in the car is unaccessible if you have a crapper taking up space in your shop ... i'll take it off your hands cheers geoff
  8. Geoff Raynak

    WTB: donor/core rear door cards / panels

    found a set of card / rails thanks everyone!!!! geoff
  9. Geoff Raynak

    WTB: late front seats

    these are ~100$ to ship to your listed zip (15317) ... they are early (69) and were re-covered about 20K miles ago (based on records i received when i bought the car) reasonable offer will be accepted... cheers geoff
  10. Geoff Raynak

    rear seats

    price negotiable
  11. Geoff Raynak

    Late Model Part Out 1974

    Pm sent about rear door cards.
  12. Geoff Raynak

    Bend Bimmer Help?

    yeah ... was more looking for a hand to help pull the trans well ... i'm going to end up going a different route ... but if anyone wants a G245 ... there is a functional one here ... in Bend ... in that 800$ (price negotiable) car ... just need to trailer over and get it lister says the car is not really driveable could likely be had for 500 and elbow grease
  13. Geoff Raynak

    Bend Bimmer Help?

    Hi Everyone Geoff here ... new-ish member to the 02 world ... and live in Bend I'm looking for some help with a project ............. I may have found Getrag 245 transmission from a donor '81 320i here in Bend... If it turns out to be true ... I'd need some help pulling the trans and getting it on a pallet to ship to Texas ... I know ... complicated. Anyone know anyone in Bend who could help? I could pay cash to the helper ... or give them the REST of the car in trade let me know if anyone has any leads thanks everyone geoff
  14. Geoff Raynak

    WTB: donor/core rear door cards / panels

    Bump .... still looking for donor rear cards just need backer board and metal rails to be in decent shape to be re-covered. Thanks
  15. Geoff Raynak

    Electric conversion anyone?

    Check out MomentMotors conversion(s) happening soon. ECC is awesome too. I heard that EVWest wanted to make a few at a time ... then they ghosted. Also ... 144V does not package well ........ 350 pounds in the trunk ... just tooo much. Better to look at the 108v system ... i guess you could do 144 without a rear seat ... but the whole idea is really to be as respectful to the whole car. there is a LOT of secondary packaging to be done ... but a great looking electric 02 is very viable.