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  1. Guys at the shop got to drive Verona around the parking lot. Pretty stoked.
  2. nope that is Nevada I was the most recent previous owner ... John is taking it to 11...
  3. @Stevenc22 next time you make across to Austin ... you need to check it out!! cheers g
  4. now that the Dead sticker is correctly displayed in the rear window ... I'd call it good amazing stuff, Barney!
  5. I know I risk 'over sharing' ... with more than one post a week ... but the little things always make me happy ... since we no longer have a choke ... it made sense to move the hazard switch to a spot that would not require another hole in the dash getting better every day! hazard.mov
  6. swan neck mirrors and 3D printed gasket installed:
  7. dash and cluster installed ... this three pieces was from @BLUNT bit by bit ...
  8. BTW ... I have all three sizes/styles of swan-neck base-to-door gaskets modeled and printed in 'flex' send me a PM and I'll give you the details I've sold a few to the folks here on the forum ... and think most folks are generally happy about them cheers geoff
  9. I was down in Austin doing work (with Moment) all week ... the day-to-day team there is amazing ... and now they are off and running ... with all the stuff we collectively lined up. ... so maybe the answer is 'yes' cheers
  10. finished the motor-bay low-voltage wiring ... started installing my dash from Blunt ... very nice piece now to get all those other wires tucked away!
  11. Thanks ...... but any chance it is easy to find? im remote and phone-only right now. Would be great to get a link. Sorry ... generally not this lazy/needy. Thanks everyone g
  12. Guru @mike My Verona seems to have a not-wired-up 5 wire motor ... and a 3 wire switch (early 1970 6-fuse). I'd love to see that magic wiring diagram to bring the two pieces into harmony! reply here ... or PM me thanks geoff

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