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  1. 100% agree that Nevada is the best!!! VERY sad to depart with my Nevada soon ... the color is so subtle ... almost chameleon like ... changing with the surroundings every time i look(ed) at it. Mine is a numbers matching 1600 ... I guess it is rare enough that @zinz convinced me to NOT separate the engine from the body ... so now i'm getting ready to move on ... here it sits in Austin:
  2. Geoff Raynak

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    rehab done on my 'new to me' steering wheel got it from @VintageAutobahn as part of a mini-haul of early model parts we had to check a few for different diameters ... i chose the largest one... this one was near-perfect ... and has a '69 date stamp it had a faux-leather wrap which likely protected it a bit truly crack-free ... just a bit of rust on the horn wedges. SO... i took the horn mechanisms apart, opened the metal tabs to be able to pull the metal housings off, stripped them of rust, repainted with rustoleum, rebent the tabs and re-installed check for electrical connections very happy with the simple project with simple results this is the only part of the car i'll be touching with bare skin ... so i want it to count! cheers geoff
  3. Geoff Raynak


    love it ... a cousin of my 1600 that was born about a month later
  4. Geoff Raynak

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    took possession of the next project cannot wait!
  5. Geoff Raynak

    1602 HEATER CORE

    I also have the control valve for a 69... yes this is a good deal. There are cheap heater core cores around ... and the rebuild process is relatively easy... albeit a bit time consuming. There arw are two fan styles... and you just need to make sure you get the right one depending upon style of your box. Geoff
  6. Geoff Raynak

    WTB early parcel shrlf

    Connor at vintage autobahn had at least 2 when I was there today. He is @VintageAutobahn
  7. Geoff Raynak

    NM/NA - 1968 Bristol 1600 `
  8. Geoff Raynak

    TALLEST 168mm Differential ... Open or LSD

    Thanks for the medium case advice ... and thanks for the E36 small case advice The small case might be a good option for a car that already has a 5 speed ... and the medium case is actual the solution I'm going with ... since there are no super-tall options for medium case. I am going to go with the 2002underground swap ... Ken lives about 5 miles from me here in Bend ... and we have had a great dialog as this (and other) project matures. and the rear subframe is exactly what we need to install a nice 2.93 LSD. win win as for the business model in general: right ... but the mainstream cars have motors and drivetrains built to handle super-high RPMs .. the motors available as conversions operate in the same RPM range as a typical combustion engine. That informs us that using a nice 4 or 5 speed will keep the 'sport' in the 'sports car' ... and leave the car as respectfully stock as possible. Toby : AC induction motor ... this motor is one of the two or 3 mainstream options. so far the projects here have gotten pretty far. Moment has already gotten a few cars on the road ... and the current shop is already overflowing. Check them out here: cheers geoff
  9. I saw this car today at the car show in Drake Park here in Bend. It is very well put together. Owner (Rick from Springfield (not Rick Springfield)) has had it for 40 years as the second owner he was kind enough to turn it over for us ... purred until it growled ... his story was so interesting to me (about Alpina spec from the factory) that I took a pict of the VIN (1665398) so i could come back here to see if there was anything else about yeah ... blacked out chrome ... but whatever ... it is consistent and looked just fine to me. i hope to see it on the road again and again and again
  10. @Doc928 PM sent to you about options. No disrespect to OP... just trying to help a fellow 02er out. g
  11. Name: VERONA Category: BMW '02s Date Added: 2018-08-03 Submitter: Geoff Raynak VERONA
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    Car is titled as a 70 Born date = 10/2/69
  14. Geoff Raynak


    Vanna has all the ‘E’s. She will sell them to you