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  1. Geoff Raynak

    Spend my money ... please (Power, Tranny)

    Jimmy ... you are INDEED on to something but maybe instead of looking at ICON (who are undeniably super duper awesome) .... maybe check out instagram currently TWO 2002s in the conversion pipeline... one will be using the 2002underground kit from @Ken ... the kit is amazing ... and allow a stout rear subframe AND a 2.93 LDS diff that subframe PLUS a powerglide 2-speed automatic ... 150 HP 190 FT-LB 2-speed auto an electric 2-speed would allow you to hear the radio ... for sure! as @AceAndrew said ... there are a million options! cheers geoff
  2. I had a feeling those vintage bmw atx guys would be helpful!!! Anthony ... I'll send you a PM with some details on Nevada ... cheers geoff
  3. Anthony: looks like you are new here ... so forgive me if this info is redundant .... Terry Sather is selling a car on BaT right now ... not sure where the price will end ... but it is in your 'hood. Also ... Greg and Ed and Barney are very good '02 resources in ATX if you need more eyes looking for/with you @Big_Lebowski and @zinz and @BarneyT also not sure what you are looking for ... but I will have my '69 #s matching 1602 (Nevada) for sale soon it is currently in a garage in Travis Heights ... best of luck hunting!!! Geoff
  4. Geoff Raynak

    IT'S HERE! - 2019 BMW 2002 Calendar

    not sure this counts .... since it is a 1602 ............ cheers geoff
  5. Hey Jeff. Nice to meet you. Glad you are in touch with ECC ... We at Moment are definitely beyond 'prototype' phase ... Everything is defined, designed, or inherited from previous builds ... we now need to finalize the fabrication and full system design for our existing '02 customers before we have any discussions about creating a 'kit'. keep an eye on our social media ... things should continue to ramp up over the next few months! cheers geoff
  6. in general .... yes ... simpler is ALWAYS better ... but we also believe: do no harm ... in that vane ... here is a rely to the root question: Direct drive requires a very high-rpm motor and a custom differential ratio in a range that is typically not available in these classic vehicles. For example ... a Tesla motor can rev to 18k rpm and has a 9.73:1 differential ratio which is the only combination that allows for strong acceleration as well as good top-end speed. The 9.73:1 at 'launch' is great with traction control ... but a bit unmanageable with an analog system ... and alas, most commercially available electric motors have an rpm range less than 10k rpm ... typically closer to a 'standard' combustion engine ... happily revving up to 6K. Most rear end ratios for these old cars are well less than 5:1 ... so ... less than 6k rev and 5:1 ration tend to make for mediocre performance in a mid-size vehicle. Imagine driving around in 4th gear all the time - even with double your stock torque, it’s not terribly exciting. Using the stock transmission allows for a really enjoyable driving experience without the need to source an extremely expensive high rpm electric motor and completely reengineer and re-manufacture the drivetrain. hope this helps explain our perspective...
  7. pictures please! depending on the vintage ... there are different strategies ... that said ... a bit of finesse (and tape) the work can be transformative
  8. Best of luck with your exploration toward a conversion. As you will very quickly find out ... laying out the entire system within the current sheet-metal confines of the '02 chassis is a substantial challenge ... BUT ... it is doable ... Tesla packs is an option ... and there are many other great/small AC or DC motors out there that can bolt up to your existing Getrag. We firmly believe in keep the 'sport' in the sports car ... so yes ... mating to the tranny is for sure the way to go. We are Moment are not yet ready to put our designs out for aftermarket sales ... but we would recommend our friends at ECC. They are definitely close to you than we are! In their conversations with us, they seem to have an existing design for HPEVS motors that will mount to the 4 or 5 speed Getrag. See below: Tell them we sent you! Let us know how things progress!!! cheers geoff
  9. What are your needs / application I likely have what you need ... but want to get you the best file possible. Bell housing? crankshaft? full Getrag profile?
  10. and: @Road trip i just sent you a PM if there is a list of parts you find yourself needing i have almost all the parts you need for this upgrade ... and the swaybar upgrade and others ... check your PM oh ... and i 100% agree with above ... easy to do ... if you have the parts geoff
  11. Geoff Raynak

    73 2002 parts for sale

    PM sent
  12. Geoff Raynak

    73 2002 parts for sale

    That is knee trim. Decent condition?? offer price shipped to Austin Tx? thx!!! g
  13. Geoff Raynak

    WTB: Hester core and fan setup

    IMO ... no matter what you do you will need to rebuild the whole box ... even if you buy a beat-up used one ... so it may be worthwhile to just buy a new motor ... as part of the rehab ... there are two different ones depending your housing style and depending on the year the core fittings are different sizes best of luck! geoff
  14. Geoff Raynak

    Grill slat options

    and then there was that pesky elektro ... but the distinction makes total sense to me... cheers geoff
  15. Geoff Raynak

    Grill slat options

    so ... i have two 1600s ... born in July and October of 1969 ... both are full chrome/silver slats ... is that a subtle distinction between the 1602 and the 2002? full chrome versus black slats? i like both looks ... and the tape seems a fabulous (and low entry) way to test out if the look is right for each particular car ... cheers!