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  1. Geoff Raynak

    CAD Models

    this post is the closest i've seen to cad/scan of a 2002 i've never contacted the person doing the swap ... but looks like there are some point clouds just the rear-subframe. i could also imagine doing photogrammetry on some of the key components ... but this gets tricky depending on the details you want geoff
  2. Geoff Raynak

    3D printed swan neck mirror gaskets

    Thanks for the note, Greg. I think there are indeed some pretty decent materials out there ... I'm fond of cheetah ... 95A and prints as easily as PLA I'm at 0.15 layers ... and this is just fine for resolution I'm guessing someone could print finer ... it may fade a bit ... and is not as uv stable as ASA ... but it is the best combo i could find of hardness (flex) / stability / printability. ALWAYS looking for materials ... so LMK if you have your own favorite! cheers geoff
  3. Geoff Raynak

    3D printed swan neck mirror gaskets

    @mike it looks like the dimensions you gave me are similar to the 'hone' brand ... it is the brand that I have on my '69 Nevada ... I received a 'hone' base from Peyton this weekend ... i'll be fitting one tonight ... after the test print. cheers! geoff
  4. Geoff Raynak

    3D printed swan neck mirror gaskets

    Quick update ... @1600 sent me two bases this weekend. They showed up last night ... and I was able to test fit the 'three-star' gasket on the corresponding base. It was appropriately tight ... and seems to fit pretty well He also sent me a hone (hohe?) base ... and you can see that this is a slightly different shape so now i have THREE bases: the "A/Eye" logo / Three-Star / Hone ... i will be printing a 'hone' gasket tonight ... just to confirm the fit on that base too. the differences are for sure subtle ... but it is JUST as easy to print any of the three depending on what base you have. After that, I'm going to get my spreadsheet together and start getting a plan of attach for folks who have expressed interest for orders. I will PM everyone separately ... cheers geoff here is a comparison between original(?) and 3-d printed (the 'blob' near the front is supposed to be 3-stars ...): fit on the three-star base: difference between three-star and hone: work in progress: (side note ... i was having a REAL difficult time printing two pieces at a time ... the retraction feature does not play nicely with the soft TPU ... so i have to only print one at a time ... no big deal ... and it prevents the risk of something happening to 5 or 10 pieces 80% of the way through the build)
  5. Geoff Raynak

    3D printed swan neck mirror gaskets

    perfect! and yes ... mm is the way to go ... and ... for everyone following along: here is the difference between @uai's triple-star base and my 'angle/eye' (just made that up) base: the triple star is the image and the blue sketch ... the inner profile is from the one i have on hand all shapes and sizee, people!
  6. Geoff Raynak

    3D printed swan neck mirror gaskets

    Clay: do you know what brand of swan neck you have? I've been finding small discrepancies and shape differences between brands ... and since i can model/print any shape I need ... i want to make sure i get the correct details for you. and: same question for you: what brand? IMO, your friend didn't have the time ... so argued that it was not the right solution it is not the BEST solution (that would be compression molded vulcanized rubber) ... but since we have so many small variations ... so the current-best solution is to get a small library of brands together ... and then print custom for each one! let me know ... or make a very good tracing that i can get to the mm or sub-mm accuracy. i've also had a few PMs about shipping a base to me ... then i can accurately trace and print and confirm before shipping everything back ... cheers everyone this is fun!
  7. Geoff Raynak

    NEW IR M20 motor swap mounts and urethane motor mounts

    PM sent about urethane mounts
  8. Geoff Raynak

    3D printed swan neck mirror gaskets

    @uai sure! ... but can you also provide an image of the mirror? please let me know which brand/mark you have would be nice to see variants ... and how their bases vary cheers geoff
  9. Geoff Raynak

    3D printed swan neck mirror gaskets

    Hey Jason ... Thanks for the tracing ... But I'm a little worried about the dimensions 26cm is okay as long as it is exactly 26.0cm or 260mm HOWEVER ... your scale seems a bit ... uhm ... off The 26cm base is over 10 inches! This seems like a huge mirror! If we really want to get this right ... you can ship me just the base ... and I can be 100% sure? PM me ... and we can discuss?! cheers geoff
  10. Geoff Raynak

    3D printed swan neck mirror gaskets

    Hey Mike ... This is the image you sent me a few months ago ... I think it has some wonderful dimensions ... but hard to tell if the profile is hand-drawn or traced. You can see that it is about 1mm LONGER than my brand ... and your drawing seems to have a bit of a concavity in it that mine did not IF it is traced ... can you share with me what brand the mirror is? and ... if it IS traced perfectly ... i can use the 113mm dimension to place this tracing in my CAD model to make this variant of the gasket. ideally, i would get a tracing of the metal base .. and then 'grow' the gasket from that I'd like to get a bit of a catalog together ... since there seems to be a few different brands/styles. cheers geoff
  11. Geoff Raynak

    3D printed swan neck mirror gaskets

    i should also note that the nylon could potentially be TOO hard/stiff ... and start to abrade the paint ... i think the TPU flex is the best choice based on the current filament options i am ... of course ... open to any other filament option if people have suggestions g
  12. Geoff Raynak

    3D printed swan neck mirror gaskets

    maybe ... but not really ... that kinda kills the aesthetic, in my opinion the flex material is very similar in toughness/stretch to the material used in the one 'new' gasket i had my hands on. so it can mimic the orignal undercut part cheers geoff
  13. Geoff Raynak

    3D printed swan neck mirror gaskets

    and then just print another one ... @jmr_1602 --> sounds like a plan ... i'm pretty sure i can recreate any shape that is well traced and i did a bit of thinking about cost ... i think 25$-shipped in the lower 48 is good (to cover costs and shipping) ... and then 10$ more for each additional one in the same shipment. LMK if that works for you geoff
  14. Geoff Raynak

    3D printed swan neck mirror gaskets

    Jason: can you tell me what brand mirror you have? is the same as mine? or ... if you have access to your mirror ... could you very carefully trace a thin line as close to the base of the mirror as possible? kinda like the one i show above? and then mark the ~hole centers .. (assuming they are about the same) ... and a total 'chord' length? i can then import/overlay the image into my model ... and adjust as necessary. Honestly ... I'm not sure what to charge ... but let's see your cross-section ... and we can go from there? cheers geoff
  15. Geoff Raynak

    3D printed swan neck mirror gaskets

    Thanks Toby The issue is that the nylons i've found are NOT flexible ... and cannot overcome the 15-ish degree undercut/draft ... so there is no way to put the gasket over the base maybe you could put it in a oven or boiling water and soften it ... but that is not something i've tried g