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  1. Stripped/Painted TWO CAR today sure ... they were matchbox ... but still! Verona and Polaris Polaris is stunning (ha!) reassembly tomorrow once everything dries!
  2. @zinz just talked with Marc he had a great time ... as always glad he could be part of it! cheers geoff
  3. Geoff Raynak

    Moving right along

    this looks soooo perfect Ken! the only problem is your title ... family and i just watched the muppet movie and now i can't get the song out of my head! at least your car is not a Studebaker! https://gph.is/OimB9j
  4. @BrunoMozi wellllll ..... @TobyB currently has 18,955 MORE posts than you ... so he has a bit of cred around here and all the grills are aluminum ... is there just one section that you want plastic? picture are free and easy ... and can explain a ton... maybe that will help your question ... and chill the scene here a bit thx!
  5. Thanks Ron! James and I have been ribbing each other for quite a while now (even though we have never met!) We are both 02 and Westfalia Fans ... although there is a nasty rumor that he is going to get a Carat ... which is almost like getting a Bravaria! Anyway ... i was allllll into going to the 02022020 event up there ... but ended up going to Fully Charged in Austin. Maybe next year ... but it will take 3-4 days to get there! Go Huskies G yeah ... i went to UW for grad school!
  6. Third for 'Verona' James ... I think the PNW gathering should be in Bend ...
  7. @saharabetty i don't have any 'lying around' ... but i do have the ability to print more?! please look here ... and let me know what shape/brand you have if you want one ... PM/DM me here and we can set up a transation i think it was 15$ for one and 20$ for 2 (shipped) LMK g i thi
  8. i would argue that that 'fit' on either side ... and will for for RHD/LHD cars and yes ... a passenger-side swan-neck mirror is great to fill a hole from a suspect previous owner ... it only provides rearward information to the .... wait for it ... passenger! it cannot pivot 'in' enough in the ball joint to get anywhere near correct alignment while sitting in the driver's seat ask me how i know .............
  9. oh yeah ... and chrome rings pop in from the front then glass from the back then metal rings spin and bite and wedge the shallow taper is for the speedo IIRC
  10. chrome rings first then glass then metal trims twist in to lock it all in place a dab of hotmelt can help keep from rattling ... the speedo is (should be) slightly bigger
  11. @TobyB for sure ... 2 gears is 'plenty' ... but if the car presents you with 4 or 5 (already sitting there in the car) ... then that is a very logical move in fact ... you could 'leave it in 3rd' for almost anything (depending on your gear ratios) it will never stall!!!
  12. K1Speed (?) we have one here in Bend, too Kenny Roberts lives here (at least part time) Super fun ... and absolutely different driving experience ... Same with the electric 02s. I've never driven a Turbo or a modded/swapped 02 ... so I have nothing to compare to ... but the best word to describe is 'quick'. Like Tesla versus Corvette ... both fast AF ... but a Tesla off the line is 'quick' Different orders of magnitude with the electric '02s ... but for sure to leave a smile on your face!
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