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  1. the inspiration for EVERY '02 conversion ... for sure and a watermark for 50 year old battery tech ... and a harbinger of where battery tech will be in another 50 ... thx for sharing! g
  2. thanks for the input everyone... i love it when there is general consensus AND great result I'll post before/after once things get done! cheers geoff
  3. A parts on my 'list' Part #10: seat adjuster knob : P/N: 52117702115 Part #5: Drivers side / Left door handle : P/N: 51216642170 Part #10 Window Cranks (2) : P/N 51326646115
  4. perfect ... thank you for the feedback we'll start with SEM black ... and JP5 ... 100% agree that these are one of the 'high use' areas ... and want to do it right! cheers geoff
  5. looking for a nice door handle for Verona #5 below P/N: 51216642170 Drivers side / Left DM me some picts of what you have thanks!
  6. hey everyone ... we are busy working on buttoning up the black interior for Verona. 95% done ... 95% to go! we just got new door cards from Aardvarc (awesome) ... but that now makes our door handles look a bit ragged. are there strategies to clean them up? we've used mild soap and goof off ... but they are still 'old' relative to the door cards there are no cracks or bad wear on them the DS is missing the front cover ... but mostly complete otherwise. is there a good (long lasting) dye or coloring (OR OTHER METHOD) that can be used to match them to the cards? many thanks everyone! geoff
  7. laying our the @Forrest_KoogleWerks center console LCD is for battery pack state of charge buttons change the controller display information vintage VDO analog clock two motor controller displays i think we will put a phone holder in the current blank space we are quite happy with the results!
  8. You will NOT be disappointed ... the whole 'thai post' tracking thing is a bit whacky ... but just trust in it ... mine are amazing (two post up!) ... if you need drawings for low-profile adapters ... LMK ... i have them ...
  9. installed my recaros from @hktbmw rough in of carpet and other interior bits
  10. NM/NA ... just copy / pasting the HUGE URL on the front airdam http://worldclass1600.com/
  11. looks like an amazing project! love the work done so far ... and yes ... the inspiration is 100% spot on. we are also deep into the conversion process on two '02s in the shop ... a slightly different spec ... but the same challenges for sure shoot me a PM if you want to chat more. can't wait for more content! cheers geoff
  12. do you need it illuminated at all times? or just when the running/head lights are on? here are some choices: keyed = #15 (aka fuse #5/6) lights on = #57 (aka fuse #1)
  13. Guys at the shop got to drive Verona around the parking lot. Pretty stoked.
  14. nope that is Nevada I was the most recent previous owner ... John is taking it to 11...

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