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  1. I know its a good price ... Just giving James a hard time ...
  2. i am contemplating making it up for this event ... a haul from Bend ... but would be great to meet some 'locals' ... i'll be in a non-BMW car ... but will enjoy the trip for sure oh ... and maybe by 20200202 (that is how i write the date ... and it happens to be an anagram!!!) ... maybe by then @Teelinger's Petri will be on closeout and I can afford it! cheers geoff
  3. i would give my left lugnut for one of those!!! super cool!
  4. @Dudeland and @stubynyc or anyone else for that matter ... the Verona car in the Moment Motors blog belongs to me. I'd be happy to share the build blog with you. PM me and I'll send you the details.
  5. @Niczip https://www.2002underground.com/ just wanted to let you know that you will not go wrong with the 2002underground kit it is amazing we installed one in my 1602 ... and it was dead simple and a great quality build I also know Ken (we are both from Bend) ... and the stuff he puts out is beautiful cheers geoff
  6. this exact wheel: https://www.tunershop.com/shop/alcar-steelwheel-8950-6-0x15-et35-4x100-15-inch.html ET35 i think we spaced the fronts 5mm to clear the coil overs
  7. those are corrado steelies ... made by alcar James ( @Teelinger) turned me on to them we both have 15" ... i think @Nut Dragger also has them?! they can be had new here in 14 or 15 https://www.tunershop.com/shop/catalogsearch/result/index/?limit=36&q=alcar+4x100+6,0x15 https://www.tunershop.com/shop/catalogsearch/result/?q=alcar+4x100+6%2C0x14
  8. there are about 4 big levers that you can move around during the design/build phase that can affect range ... the build as shown at 02-berfest has about a 100 mile range you can go up or down from that with spirited driving ...
  9. @fastricky : just PM'd you with access to Verona build blog cheers geoff
  10. i just CANNOT let this pass without a bit of ribbing ... Marc and I have been best friends for nearly 30 years ... and while it IS his company ... it is technically my car. we are a band of brothers ... and we love every chance we get to work on amazing classic cars ... and keep our friendship strongMaybe it is best to say 'we are in it together!' and yes ... there is another 02 in the shop now! different taillights ... and different mechanical drivetrain ... but same motor and more importantly ... same soul so to answer the second question: I'm actually on my way to Austin right now (typing from SFO waiting for the redeye) for Moment work and an F1 weekend. So to answer the performance question: I will find out very very soon (like tomorrow!) I've driven the Alfa and the Z and sat in the Porsche ... and the cars are amazingly fun. As for Verona: Anecdotal comments from the weekend (according to Marc) were more affirmation that the car blows away a stock 02 and a tii in performance but also retains "being an '02". The word that everyone uses when they get in a converted car is that they are 'quick' ... since you get full torque at zero RPM. Looking forward to sharing these cars with everyone/anyone who is curious. cheers geoff
  11. my plan is to just re-spray the right and left silver dollars once I get them back. pretty easy to mask and match. not concourse ... but they will all match and look the part. I’ll be sure to share an image once it is done. thx g
  12. with some help from @ClayW (he provided the new main face of the speedo): got my electronic speedometer hooked up to the E30 differential pinwheel ... and now have a near-seamless speedo!!! [note: will eventually repaint all silver dollars to match ... and repaint the rings and plastic cluster housing ... eventually\] cheers note: somehow could not upload video ... so here is link to video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/eK1ioCaXedgf1Lst7 electric_speedo.m4v
  13. @uai: you are correct ... there should be a small 'star' collet ... on the end of the lever arm but i only had one ... not two ... so wanted to make sure i didn't have to chase TWO sets of parts!!! in fact ... these collets do not show up on the parts list ... likely because it is expected to be integral to the knob. THAT SAID ... I was able to get a set of the recaro knob reproductions from ebay ... here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Porsche-911-912-Recaro-Seat-Knobs-Replica-PAIR-Black/141210843468 thank you @Conserv for the ebay tip and the dims... i had a chat with the seller (who is also the producer) ... he was able to send me two UNDRILLED knobs ... so i just drilled them out to be a tight slip-fit to the non-collet lever ... and everything is as perfect as it can be. thanks everyone!! (gratuitous out-of-focus picture included)
  14. custom rails ... there are sometimes group buys ... or 'recaro seat adapters' from Lee @ massive brakes maybe even blunt has some i have the 2D drawing if you have a place that can waterjet and countersink
  15. i think he did ... and I did as well they are nearly perfect ... but hurry up if you want to go that route ... they are ending their operation this year IIRC here are my fronts that i got from jody slow ... but awesome
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