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3D imaging/printing Clardy plastic bits


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I am rejuvenating the Clardy ac that will go into my car so it is completely disassembled. Is there a community benefit to getting it scanned prior to reassembly? I say "scanned" like I actually know what I am talking about. 

I get the sense that printing pieces of this size (about 5x9) is not quite ready for prime time but I would love to have a way to recreate the plastic sides and front vents if they break in the future. 




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I’m not sure this would be a very high-volume item, but if you made ‘em I’ll bet Koogle, Blunt and others might offer to sell them.  On the other hand, I don’t know where to get one of those side panels if I ruin one, so a source would be nice.  With a Clardy-style a/c and a size 13 foot, I am always at risk of hanging the outside of my foot on the ABS panel during acceleration.  Thus, I have been thinking about trying to modify the one I have.  With no idea how to go about it.  If that particular panel could be shaped to wrap tighter to the evaporator and yield a little more toe room…. Just a thought…

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