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M10 Engine Evolution: 1964 "116"Head & 1965 "118" Head

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I've already dedicated a post to the "116" Head from my 1964 1800Ti Motor. I recently acquired another 1800Ti motor or 1800 motor from 1965, but it has a very early version of the "118" head. This early "118" head seems to b a transitional version to the later "118" head of 1966. It retains some features from the earlier "116" head like the chain tension sprocket and hollow cam which is oiled from within through holes in the lobes. But, unlike the "116" head it also has an oil sprayer bar. This early "118" head is mounted, so there is no way for me to examine the combustion chamber shape, but I'm assuming it is identical to later "118" Heads.


I've included pics for comparison:

First five pics are from the 1964 "116" Head.

116 Head -5.jpg

116 Head - 4.jpg

116 Head -5.jpg

116 Head -1.jpg

116 Head - 3.jpg

Notice both, the hollow cam and the sprayer bar in the "118" head from 1965, below. The sprayer bar lacks the brackets which tie it down to the head bolts as with most sprayer bars in later M10 motors. This motor was rebuilt / refurbished during the early 90s and has been in storage since. Either the sprayer bar was not equipped with the brackets or it's an oversight on the part of the mechanic. Those things don't come off the sprayer bar easily. so I'm assuming they had not come up with the brackets yet.



Cam & Valvetrain Details.jpg

Cam & Valvetrain.jpg

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Cool. Spray bar is also missing the two mounting tabs either end, although they could also have gone missing anytime in the last 55 years. Something else I've noticed in these early engines is the cam sprocket with two access holes for the clamp bracket, which was obviously unecessary as you can easily get to them from the side with a spanner. They're also quite a bit lighter than the later solid sprocket - 420gms versus 483 (FYI e21 single row sprocket is 414 whilst the e30 single is massively lighter at 346)


Did you also know there are two versions of the smooth cam cover - one for an oil spray bar that has curved ribs to clear and one with flat ribs that doesn't clear.






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Nick, I was not aware that there are two different styles of smooth covers in regards to the ribs. Thanks for pointing this out. I will check all my smooth covers.


Yes, the mounting tabs or what I called brackets are missing. I was thinking they may have not come up with them, yet. But, most likely they got lost. This motor was not run since rebuild during the early 90s. I'd like to include those tabs, but I would have to loosen some of the head bolts to install them. And, if I did this, I would probably have to replace the head gasket.


And, Yes, I noticed the sprocket appears to have less metal. like a lightened flywheel. I wonder why they did away with this, as it's better for performance.

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Probably just cost cutting or switching manufacturer. For a day to day engine I should think the weight of the sprocket makes bugger all noticable difference, and they weren't chasing economy back then.

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I'm seeing marks on the spray bar right about where the mounting brackets would be-


given how much the M10 vibrates, I'm going with your second interpretation- the brackets got left

off in the rebuild.


I LOVE that attachment method- so much sexier than the crushed tube and crush washers that came later.




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