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Replacement panels for sedan and touring: differences

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I've recently started dismanteling my touring to begin my restoration proces. I've noticed most of the replacement panels are affordable but the touring panels, if available, are triple the price. 

I've been asking myself to what extent I could modify some panels for touring use.


Most of my problems are located in the trunk. The trunk floor is available as a whole but it mentiones (Wallosh) "not for touring". On first looks I do not see the difference. Most of my rust is around the fueltank and in the rear left corner where the floor panel meets the rear panel. 


The lower rear panel is also gone. I've noticed the exhaust for a touring is on the left side instead of right side for the sedan. I'm seriously considering the normal panel and then moving the exhaust recess to the other side. Even though this will take me a while to properly tig it in place it's less then a third of the price. 


Any advice here?

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