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Mark of the '02 Value Devil, Part 2 . . .

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

My retorts on your responses to my own post:

wit61: Nice car. Worth a little more than the 4k 1600-2 I would think.

robspeed: Yeah, what color?

donl: True, true.

donl: Nope, VISA.

toby: So post more pics and I will.

toby: Those are called Spydercracks.

pat allen: I think you're being modest. What piping did you use for the flares and spoiler?

steve k: So let's see a pic.

em5: So let's see a pic.

barryt A: Pics of the pair?

tman: 5k? I'll take it! C'mon, you know that's under-valued.

jake b: Waitin' for the pics.

kris: How 'bout a pic?

phil: So what's the ballpark? Any '02 sightings yet in Iraq?

punkgaryincolorado: Giving it to you for what? Rippin' him off?

dubois: Makin' carpets in B.C.

meyekel: Use a pic that's sharp.


steve j:

al canuck: Still can't get over Bush eh?. FLQ.

Watch the hemp and the termites.

tman: Is that Canadian?

ralph: So let's see a pic.

steve j: So why'd you sell it?

a54atii: Good trade as E28 prices are a lot lower now.

COOP: Finally, porno '02!

dubois: If you kept the old parts you could put it back to stock, sell the parts and make more dough than that.

j71sahara,j72inkatiia4: Arson jobs are best.

ben 76 golf: Pic?

schnell540: You should get tman's for a parts-car.

inka mike: The check's in the mail.

'02yoyo: Ahhh, a yoyo instead of a punk! Light-poles are Christmas presents too, so your wait might be short. Pic?

reid: Pic, pic, pic.

brian: Pics.

Delia: Does Orange Julius still exist?

mac: Real cheapskates don't have invoices.

john weese: I'll have to post a pic of my parts '75. Maybe it can be resurrected.

hugo: Claim your car.

john weese: What's his first name?

andy74tii: What does Glasurit mean? Nice.

mike: Have a pic?

Delia: I don't think you had the Boss or 'Cuda until 1970 IIRC. Now a Dodge Dart 2-door sedan with a Hemi you could get. My idiot older brother bought a new 1969 Datsun 2000 roadster instead of a new '69 2002, as he is cheap too.

mike: 4CVs! I want to hear.

lee: I'm an Alpine man myself.

lars: Let's see a pic of the opposite end of the '02 spectrum that actually runs.

mikem: I dream of manual-chokes.

josh(indallas): Let's see a pic.

mikecope: Post the pics. Man, big numbers on the plate. A blind cop could read that.

harryPR: Good trade. Your pic didn't load for me.

derek: Let's see it.

hugo: The money or the time?

mikeEinNC: 2500's too low.

reborn02: Did I miss the pic?

paulnemily02: Wegweiser cars all belong to dad.

tman: Or someone didn't know what it was worth.

j71sahara,j72inkatiia4: Paul got it with my stamp collection.

I gotta think of a new post for unhappy Canadians . . .

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Guest Anonymous

(and the other pair of wheels comes in from the wheel shop) I'll roll both cars out (along with the $200 320) and get some photos to post.....

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Guest Anonymous

Jay, Glasurit is the original brand of paint used by BMW. BTW, I enjoyed reading your informative analyses of the ebay coupes on the E9 board. If I ever have the wherewithal to get one of those (someday, maybe?), and it's near you, it would be terrific to have you check it out. I also liked your analysis of the market economics. Not sure I agree with it all, but very interesting nonetheless!!

Have a terrific holiday!!!!

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Guest Anonymous







Info on the car:

1970 BMW 2002


• Shortened Strut Coilovers. (Ireland Engineering)

• Bilstein Sports Strut Inserts from VW Rabbit (front), Bilstein Sports shocks (rear) (Ireland Engineering)

• 400lb/350lb front/rear springs(Ireland Engineering)

• Adjustable Camber Plates (Ireland Engineering)

• 22mm hollow front sway bar, 22 solid rear sway bar (Ireland Engineering)

• Front strut tower brace (Ireland Engineering)

• Rear strut tower brace/battery holder (TEP)

• Urethane bushings all around (Ireland Engineering)

• 13x7.5 8lb Lenso wheels

• 225/45R13 Hoosier Tires


• Tii master cylinder

• Steel braded brake hoses

Drive train:

• Crane HI-6 ignition

• Pertronix Igniter

• Dual DCOE 40 side drafts

• Ramflo air filters

• All moving part are balanced

• Ported head

• Aluminum flywheel

• Sports Clutch

• Ireland Engineering Header

• 2 1/2 inch pipe

• 2 Magnaflow glass packs

• 4.10 40% lock up Limited Slip Differential


• Recaro Seats from 320is

• 3 core radiator

• 80 amp alternator from 533

• Optima 51R Battery (26lb) moved to the trunk.

• Turbo flares

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