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2002 for Autocross

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Recently a friend and I purchased a 1972 2002 Tii with a '76 (non Tii) engine in it. We intend to use it for autocross and are making the necessary preparations on it. We are buying a single Weber 45 DCOE and manifold to give us a little more power. However, for autocross, suspension is far more important than power. It already has a set of Bilstein Sports and the springs are either stocks that are cut or aftermarket. So we may need new springs. We have 15 x 7 inch wheels and would like to know what sort of work needs to be done to get them to fit? and what size tires do you suggest we put on them? After we solve the wheel problem I believe that the camber is the next important thing. We do not intend to drive the car on the road so street driving is not an issue. What angle of camber do you think would perform the best for our situation and what parts do we need to buy to achieve that camber? Unfortunatly like most other students we have a very limited budget. What parts will have the best value? I would appreciate any answers that you could give us.

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Guest Anonymous

The first thing you need to think about is what class you want to run. That will determine what mods you can make to the motor and suspension. Check the rules with the organization you will be running with as there are differences from club to club.

Jonathan T.

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Guest Anonymous

I am planning on running in street prepared which allows mods such as a new carb. I dont know the specifics but I know you can change the camber.

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Guest Anonymous

URL: http://users.adelphia.net/~pchamaa/On%20the%20track.htm

A fixed camber plate and bent struts will give you the best camber setup for autocrossing. As I understand it, some camber plates will give you more caster than others. Caster will make a car darty on the street but will give you excellent turn-in for autocrossing. You will also want to change your bushings to urethane for more precise feedback and quicker steering response.

For tires, I recommend 13 inch wheels with Toyo RA1 or Kumho Victoracer 700 in 205-60-13. 15 inch wheels don't work as well.

You will definitely need an LSD.

And take as much weight off as you can.

Good luck.

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Guest Anonymous

work on your suspension. I use Ireland Eng. coilovers

on the front. I also have race springs on the rear that

i got from them. Bilstiens on all 4's. An Ireland hollow sway bar on the front and an ST bar on the rear.

The think that helped me the most was a set of Kumho

Victoracers that I bought used on a set of 14" wheels.

they were about used up when I got them and afrer 3-4 autocrosses are now gone for good. I can only image what a new set would do.

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Guest Anonymous


Only I would recommend Hoosiers A3S03 in a 225/45 on a a 13x7 or wider wheel. That is what I run. I also have dual 45's. For camber I would go with the Ireland coilovers and adjustable camber plates. Where are you located and which group do you plan to run with??


68 02

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Guest Anonymous


couple things i'd sugest at first.

1. figure out which class you'll be runnign in at first and then start modifying the car. if you will be running with SCCA you are in D-Street Prepared with your current plans. that is where Tii puts you. Regular 2002 will be in F-Street Prepared. But you can run higher compression pistons in DSP since Tii came with 9.5:1

2. get the smallest possible wheels and tires for autocross. the smaller the rolling diameter the quicker the acceleration. top speed is not important.

3. get 3.90 LSD quick acceleration and power to both drive wheels.

4. camber should be -3.5 in the front and -2.5 in the rear

5. toe at least 1/16 on each front wheel

steve k.

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Guest Anonymous


• Shortened Strut Coilovers. (Ireland Engineering)

• Bilstein Sports Strut Inserts from VW Rabbit (front), Bilstein Sports shocks (rear) (Ireland Engineering)

• 400lb/350lb front/rear springs(Ireland Engineering)

• Adjustable Camber Plates (Ireland Engineering)

• 22mm hollow front sway bar, 22 solid rear sway bar (Ireland Engineering)

• Front strut tower brace (Ireland Engineering)

• Rear strut tower brace/battery holder (TEP)

• Urethane bushings all around (Ireland Engineering)


• Tii master cylinder

• Steel braded brake hoses

Drive train:

• Crane HI-6 ignition

• Pertronix Igniter

• Dual DCOE 40 side drafts

• Ramflo air filters

• All moving part are balanced

• Ported head

• Aluminum flywheel

• Sports Clutch

• Ireland Engineering Header

• 2 1/2 inch pipe

• 2 Magnaflow glass packs

• 40% lock up Limited Slip Differential


• Recaro Seats from 320is

• 3 core radiator

• 80 amp alternator from 533

• Optima 51R Battery (26lb) moved to the trunk.

• Turbo flares

• 13x7.5 8lb Lenso wheels

• 225/45R13 Hoosier Tires

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Guest Anonymous


You had the same set up but with a 2.3 M-10 with all the go fast

stuff. What class do you think your car would be in then? I'm

asking because I'm in the middle of building and the mods are

simaler except for the motor. I'll be using an S14 crank, Crower

rods, J&E pistons and a ported head with a Schrick 304.


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Guest Anonymous

URL: http://www.moutons.org/sccasolo/Rules/street_modified.html

It alowes any modification to the engine, breaks, and suspension as long as the mounting points are the same.

You are also alowed to do engine swaps between any models from the same manufacturer. or have force induction. There are weight limits in this class, so whatch out.

steve k.

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Guest Anonymous

Hey Steve...its MOE...Remember me. We went on the drive with BayBimmerz one time. I had the Green 2002 with the racks. I saw your car at the Coliseum autocross in Oakland, but I didnt see you there. I wanted to talk to you about participating in the SCCA events. I have alot of questions. Do you remember what was in my car. Heres a break down.....


91mm JE pistons 9.8:1

stock crank

stock rods (with a little work)

oil pan baffle

lightend 228 fly

ACT puck disc

46-38 stainless valves

dual srings

rocker locks

Scrick 304 cam

lots of head and manifold work

all balanced


1.625 header

2.25 exaust

electric fuel pump


320i 5 speed

320i 3.91 LSD (now welded)


All Ireland...Thanks Jeremy....Major props...

shortend front struts

325lb srings

camber plates

22mm hollow swaybar

coilover rear (modified rear mounts)

225lb springs

22mm swaybar

boxed arms

camber and toes adjusters

all urethaned

front and rear strut brace

battery in back


320 front rotors and hubs

volvo calipers

vw rear caliper

corvette caliper

brake bias

steel brake lines

I hope I got everything....Geeeees what a mess. Sorry I didnt realize the list. But anyways heres my e-mail


I do participate in NASA but its breaking the wallet. Like to have the same kind of fun locally. I know im working backwards, not researching the mods and classes that id fit in, but I still want to have fun. Besides there isnt enough 02 there. Raise the roof....Jock the Hoes....I did see a red 02 with a cage there.....nice, but I was leaving as he showed up.

Any help will do.....



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Guest Anonymous

SCCA, or both?. If you plan to auto-x with the BMWCCA, the more changes from stock, the more points assessed to your car and the higher class it is placed into. A bone stock 2002 can run in D, i think, maybe C class. Steve's set-up puts him in "Gonzo" class- the highest rating= he is competing against the highest prep level cars irrespective of HSP. From my limited experience with Club auto-x a few years ago in my Sahara( elevated to A class- just over the line - ( worst place to be), tires were severly penalized, but supremely important. Of course, suspension is super important too. But, having some Torque did not hurt either. My Inka , when auto-xed by a former owner, was placed in Gonzo class and it used to eat up the top modern cars when it had its sticky track rubber on. The Korman suspension and the 2.2L + A4 power was perfect for a short and turny course. He took many "podiums" the year he campaigned the Inka in the Golden Gate Chapter Auto -x , we used to do at Candelstick parking lot.

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