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Probably everybody already knows...

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Guest Anonymous

but I just got done cleaning out the inside of my shock towers and really thought it might be a good tip for "newbies" to 02's.

My '76 has clean shock towers (so far, and knock wood), but today while I had the rear wheels off to tend to some inside-the-wheel arch rust spots, I noticed the two holes either side of the shock that appear to lead to the inside of the shock tower. I felt around in the hole with my finger and noted a *lot* of gook. So, took the hose and high pressure washed out the tower thru these holes. The amount of garbage that came out was amazing. I also noted that there are two very little drain holes for the tower and the front and back of the assembly where it joins the rest of the wheel well. These were blocked on my car, and a good routing out now has water completely draining out of the tower. If these are clogged, water will sit in the tower assembly.

I then sprayed a huge amount of WD40 inside all the holes I could find in the tower.

I have to assume this is good preventive maintenance if your shock towers are still good. Just thought this tip might help some people like myself new to the 02 world.

Thanks and good luck!


1976 Taiga 2002

2002 330i

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Guest Anonymous


URL: http://www.zeebuck.com/02bc/index.htm

clogged by undercoating. Spraying WD-40 in is a good idea too, but it won't last very long. "Waxoil" or similar wax-in-solvent rustproofing (that can creep into crevices by capillary action) is perfect for protecting the area after a thorough cleaning. Best when applied in warm weather, though.



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Guest Anonymous

For some reason, those round holes have plastic plugs on the roundies, but were left open on the squarelights... Once you have the insides all cleaned out and rustproofed, suggest if you have a squarelight car, plug the holes with plastic plugs to keep more crud from getting in there.


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