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Spring cutting. HELP!!

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

My 02 Phoenix is almost out of the body shop (rust is a B*tch. I have a front and back set of tii springs that I want to cut to lower the profile. I am running 14" wheels. I need details on cutting the springs. Cut the top or bottom? how much spring lowers the car how much? Do you need to bend the spring any after you cut them? Help!!! This is a streeter and not a tracker.


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Guest Anonymous


URL: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/store/index.html

sorry about the big image. you dont have to bend them (in fact I definitely would not do so) and it doesnt matter whether you take the cuts from top or bottom. just be consistent. use a cut-off wheel in a circular saw or angle grinder (even a dremel will work). try to cut slowly so as to not heat the metal too much. good luck and have fun!!


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Guest Anonymous

I think so, but he might not have fit... x_X Anyways, I aimed to cut

off 1 coil each spring, but since I didn't feel l like taking apart the

front susension, I cut the coil where I could reach it, result: 1.5

coils off. This gives the slight "raked" look, exactly like Rob's,

which was great with HD's in back, and Sports in the front. It gets

rid of that saggy ass look in acceleration stance... After I cut the

springs, the car handled more like a race car, because of the lower

center of gravity and increased camber. I could take turns faster,

and with less body roll.


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