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M20 no start

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Guest Anonymous

OK... my M20 still will not start. I would just like to hear her sputter a bit, then I would jump for joy.

AFAIK I have all of the critical signals, but if somebody sees something I have missed, let me know. If I haven't listed it, assume I have done nothing with it.

From the 6 into 2 page, here's the list of important signals. The bold ones are the ones I have connected to something.

325 Harness


2002 Harness

#1 Blue


Blue of Voltage Regulator

#4 Brown/Violet

Coolant Temperature


#5 Black/Brown

Oil Pressure


#6 Green

ECU Power


#7 Green

Coil Power

Same Green as above

#9 Black


2 Black Wires (18 Gauge)

#13 Violet/Red

Fuel Pump

Direct to Fuel Pump

#18 Black/Yellow

Starter Black (10 Gauge)

OK... the "15" terminal of the coil is hooked directly to the battery, and the '1' terminal of the coil is going to pin 13 of the diagnostic connector (according to a guy on roadfly Pin 13 should be the same as the ECU pin that grounds the coil). The fuel pump is hooked up manually and is pumping gas. When I turn the key, the engine turns over but I have NO spark and the fuel injectors do not fire (I hooked one up to an oscilloscope). I have a generic autozone relay instead of the main relay, and I do not have a fuel pump relay (because the fuel pump is being fed manually). I have tried swapping the speed & reference sensors but that had no effect. Can anyone think of anything that I am missing?

It's pretty clear at this point that it has to do with the ECU. I have no other ECU to test it with, so it could be bad... but is there anything else that I could be missing?



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