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Guest Anonymous

can anyone recomend a driveshaft shop in Portland, OR?

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Guest Anonymous

I have my car completely torn down and have just finished

rebuilding my engine. I'm ready to put it all back together and I

have a 5-speed sitting in my garage, but I also have the 4-speed

and original driveshaft. I'm moving in less than a month and need

the car to be driveable as soon as possilbe, so this may rule out

getting a 5-speed driveshaft from Dave Varco, which was my

other plan. Anyway,

point being, if any of you guys know where I can get my current

driveshaft shortened here in Portland at a resonable rate, I'd

appreciate the information.

Also, I posted a while back about having an automatic tranny that

I'll gladly give away just to get it out of the garage, and someone

from portland emailed me, but the message got deleted. If you're

that guy, email me again (remove NOSPAM). Sorry about that.

- Dave

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Guest Anonymous

but Driveline Service of Portland can shorten and rebuild your drive shaft. They advertise in all the major magazines that cater to the BMW enthusiast. Make sure you have exact measurements you will need and double check them. -J

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