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Coil over sleeve kit for rear Bilsteins


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they dont attach to shock body...unless you've converted car to a real rear c/o set up.


There is another device that folks here have used to allow for rr ride ht adjustment w/ a traditional  spring set up....



and GC now offers a very trick set up for the rr of our cars as well....

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Nope, I've used threaded- body shocks on the one car I converted.


But keep in mind that if you convert to rear coil- overs, you'll want to beef up the 

upper mounting point a bit.  And may run into clearance issues with the spring

and the rear inner fender.  And possibly travel, if you don't measure pretty carefully.


I went to 320 rear trailing arms, and moved the trailing arm mounting point.


that worked.



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Ok, thanks for input! I have the AllStar adjustable spring perch already with the 5" OD springs. I thought this kit with 2,5" springs would make it easier to find springs here in Sweden. I have not located any vendor that sells 5" springs in varios springrates here, only 2,25" and 2,5".



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Oh, yes, sure, I see where you're headed-



how about using the sleeves in the stock 2002 spring locations,

and just go to a 2.5" spring?  I think you'd end up having to

modify the upper mount, and figuring out how to make the lower

one work, but it'd just be a bit of fabrication, and then you could

even use the spring rates we do.


On the E30 rear, I actually use a 5" long 2.25" diameter

spring, a couple of collars, and a few shims instead of a sleeve-

there's so little room in there that the taller spring doesn't coil bind,

and an adjustable perch means a 4" long spring, which DOES coil bind...

and we can't get the 5" springs much shorter than 7" in appropriate rates anyway.


Lots of ways to do this,



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