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Initial Announcement-- Swap & Show-2014, 3 May At Brisbane Marina


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Initial posting-- Swap & Show 2014 will be on 3 May at the Brisbane Marina (as recent years).  For anyone concerned, this is BEFORE Bimmerfest at the Rose Bowl.


Later posting: We are well on our way to the event, now less than 6 weeks away.  We encourage you to preregistrer since it saves you time and money and also gives us a better idea about logistics.  In addition, some have asked about visiting without showing or swapping.  Yes, as before anyone is welcome to visit at no charge (without registering to show or swap), and there is plenty of free parking.  But we encourage anyone with a BMW of our vintage to display your car, no matter if it is a rust bucket or a beautiful restoration or any daily driver in between. To preregister on MotorsportsREG go to [http://www.motorsportreg.com/index.cfm/event/event.advert/uidEvent/360477F3-AC31-A0F7-214243BFF3796B62#.Uuik9XmttFQ].



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