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I know Lee would know this, but what kind of fitting is gonna make the best seal on that plastic 1/4" hose barb end on the main pump? (I am assuming that is the output and the 7/16" metal side is the input). I am going to run a 1/4" stainless steel hard line under the car, so would I want to buy 1/4" NPT fittings to screw into the hard line?? Sorry for my ignorance, but would an Earl's reusable red and blue -4 cutter-style fitting work on the fuel rail nipple and the plastic fuel pump output? Then, if that works, I'd need a -4an to 1/4" NPT adapter, right? As for the engine/fuel rail side , I am going to need the flexibilty of SS braided hose, so would the Earl's reusable red and blue cutter-style on each end of the hose work? Then the hard line would need 1/4" NPT to -4an flare adapter, and the fuel rail would need a -4 red and blue cutter-style and a -4an male to male union for connecting the hose to the fuel rail, right?



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Guest Anonymous

I have been using Aeroquip parts for my car. The transition from a hard line to a braided hose can be done with an adapter. The hard line needs toi be slighty flared, and the adapter goes to AN sized connector. I am sorry for not being more precise, but I did my car 4 years ago.

Going from the plastic pipe on the fuel pump to the hard line, can be done simply with a rubber hose, double-clamped on each side. I reapeat: double clamped.

If you had wanted to go from the fuel pump to SS braided hoses, then use a 2 inch length of rubber hose to a 2 inch length of hard line with the adapter I indicated previously.

Also, you could have a fitting directly welded on the fuel rail. The shop I deal with, charged me $5 to silver-weld the fitting. I have done my oil cooler on my M3 by welding AN fittings both on the oil cooler and on the filter head. Some fittings are steel, some are aluminum, depending on what you want.

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