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70 Euro spec E3 2800

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Time to sell my 70 Euro spec 2800. I never drive it, I need to find a new project with some patina. I'm scared to drive this one and get door dents, shopping car scrapes, etc... It's almost too nice. I regret selling my former 73 Bavaria a few years ago. That car had some patina and with some great upgrades (5 speed, webers, Bilsteins, Hella H1/H4 etc...), that Bav liked to run.

The Senior Six registry told me that according to their database, my 2800 is the oldest Euro spec E3 in the US.

The BMW 2800 VIN 2308632 was manufactured on December 18th, 1969 and delivered on March 12th, 1970 to the german BMW dealer Stapelmann in Düsseldorf. The original colour was Granada, paintcode 023.

How it ended up in Southern California in the early 1970's, I have no idea. It was never brought up to US standards, I guess it came over before federal standards came into effect in the mid 70's. It still has the speedo in KMH, gas gauge in liters, no required US side marker lights, etc... I bought it in 2004 from a lady in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles who inherited it from her father. She wanted nothing to do with a car with no AC or PS, manual windows and a manual gearbox, she wanted it gone. I bought it without realizing at the time it was Euro spec. When I bought it, the interior and paint was trashed by the CA sun but the body was straight and rust free. I'll take sun damage any day over rust and salt damage. Peter Sliskovich in Los Angeles, Carl Nelson and Bill Holmes in San Diego helped me restore the 2800. Totally stock except for the Nardi steering wheel, Abarth exhaust (both period correct) and the stereo. The 2800 still has the original ZF 4 speed gearbox.

It has 134K Kilometers on it. When I bought it, The odometer was showing 90K KM and it came with no maintenance records. The seller had no idea of what her dad did with the maintenance records for the car. I thought the car had 190K KM. Bill Holmes was working on the car in 2005 and told me, you know that is the original mileage on the car. I said, get out of here. He said he has been turning wrenches on BMW's for over 30 years and he said, nothing has ever been replaced on this car and he can tell when parts have been replaced and the 2800 is original. He called it a time warp. Needless to say, Bill did replace a lot of parts on the car while he sorted the car out when it was at his shop. Call Bill at 760-789-2002 if you have any questions. Coupeking (Peter) in Los Angeles and Rob at 2002Haus in San Luis Obispo both know this car well, contact them if you have any additional questions about this car.

-The car was repainted in the original color by Peter Sliskovich's shop (Coupe King) in 2005, new window, trunk and door gaskets were installed at this time.

-New headliner installed in 2005

-New ignition, door and trunk lock set installed in 2005

-Car had a total mechanical refurbishment (except for engine rebuild) by Bill Holmes in 2005

-Radiator was rebuilt to a 3 core in 2005

-Original 4 speed ZF gearbox was rebuilt in 2005

-New timing chain was installed in 2005

-New hoses, fuel lines, brake lines, etc.. installed 2005

-New leather interior installed in 2011

-Comes with complete trunk tool kit

-New tires, Sumitomo 195/70-14 H rated. These are the last stock size H rated tires that Tire Rack had.

-Euro city lights are functional

-Original Zenith carbs are still on the car and they work great

-Upgraded to top bolt oil filter canister. Original "spill-a-lot" canister will come with the car in the spare parts box

-Upgraded to electronic ignition

-Car has Boge gas shocks, original Nivomat suspension was long gone when I bought the car.

It has never seen snow since I've owned it. I can drive the car year round here in California. It is a drivers car, not a concours car but it does look very nice. I would have no problems driving this car across country.


-One small dent in the rear bumper, I bought it this way.

-3 piece dash, the instrument dash panel has a small crack in it. Dash had a plaque on it at one time, it was removed and some holes were left in the dash that have been filled, it' is not very noticeable

-Nardi steering wheel is not original (period correct)

-Kenwood KRC-3006 stereo and speakers are not original, car will come with a spare Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio. Stereo sounds awesome, 22W/channel. 6X9 speakers in the rear deck

-Abarth exhaust system is not original but sounds great

-One H4 light is not curved

-One very small rust bubble at the bottom rear of the drivers door

-Plastic lining over the wheel wells in the trunk is missing, I bought it this way.

-Clock does not work

-No LSD, I thought they were standard on the 2800 but mine does not have one.

Price is $13K OBO

Here are some pics of the car



Car comes with lots of spare parts.

Whoever buys the car, the following parts come with it.

-Getrag 265 5 speed gearbox, I decided to keep the car stock and not do a 5 speed conversion. Early E3's in original condition are very hard to find. Sound familiar (unmolested early 1600 & 2002's)

-15X7 ET 11 old school BBS Mahle wheels that look just this one in the below link except my wheels have some curb rash. Tire selection in 15" is night and day difference from 14"


-Factory blue book shop manuals

Give me a shout if you have any questions.


74 tii (many mods)
91 318i M42

07 4Runner

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This is a fantastic looking car.

I am sorry I cannot afford it.

However, I have to know, if these are really leather seats ?

and WHO did the work for you ?

They are as good as I've ever seen in a vintage BMW.

Good luck with the sale !



I have a bunch of cars and no time or money

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I hope you enjoy the 2800 like I did for the past 9 years. Who ever on this list (Tony C) nominated my 2800 to Bring a Trailer, I you some frosty beverages.


Hi G-man,

Congratulations on the sale, and I'll take you up on the beverage whenever we're in the same area code!

It's a sweet car, and was well presented.


Tony C.

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