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NLA Pedal Box Outer & Inner Sound Insulation.. plus more


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A little background first...

I am the head tech and manager of Unique in Nashville,Tn ... we do alot of turbo, supercharger and Old Skool restoration.. 10 yrs in Nashville full service rubber to roof top .. We do it all Interiors, Audio, Harness, Fab and Frame, Paint & Body in my shop right now '57 chev with a Viper swap, '70 corvette (matchin #'s) frame off, '74 nova frame off and Tub, '93 burb body drop and c notch (lays body on 4's), '06 GTO Mini TUB and ProCharged LS6 (I think am the only guy in the country doing these)... needless to say countless others over the years.. I think am the only Lambo/Ferrari/Lotus Tech for almost 200 miles.. most of my job consists of finding the "parts" lets face it if I can't find the part or build it I can't get paid... I got Parts and Customers coming in from all over the world ..working my Japanese Contacts for the '68 Toyota Levin and two sunny's my upholstery guy just picked up ..American Cars are Easy

But my DD is a Deuce.. oh and a lovingly restored '81 CVCC wagon rolling 18's

Found these from a contact in the USSR.(sold him a 442 with a Whipple)...

I asked him if he could source some new/used parts for me and he agreed.. his brother works for a bmw indie out there he found them brand new... and he says there are lots more So now I offer them to you

New Pedal Box Insulation

44.00 for the outer 36.00 for the inner plus 28.00 shipping it took two or three weeks.. would only prefer to order full sets as shipping from USSR is gonna kill me..

ALSO found square (late) rear taillight inner covers

brand new and shiny with the nylon nuts 85.00 for the pair with shipping .. same deal as above full sets only..

last pair I even saw was on Fleebay for 110.00 used plus fifteen bucks for shipping


also found a grip of metal repair panels in India and UK ... including

brand new floor pans 96.00 ea for the fronts and 125.00 for the rears

rocker repair (front lip to rear lip) for 71.00 a side

rear lower quarter repair panel ... 33.00

..he also had VDO copy gauges for dirt cheap

I ordered two of each of all the above the and shipping was only 90.00 total two and half weeks later I got it all ... I always find the part

will try to get some pics of these up soon

..he also found brand new Kamei spoilers for 210.00 and OE style Air Dams 189.00 .. all plus your shipping

Later on the steering wheels and other used alpina/schnitzer parts .. OMG can't believe what I am seeing these on here and fleebay for...

Long live the Deuce..!!

also have (4) BMW Reman drive shafts sorry no E10's but I know most of you also have other Beemers..

E28 manual only, E36 auto and man 350.00 each plus core and shipping

E34 auto 400.00 plus your core and shipping

the core charges are 60.00 a pop so if you don't have a core or don't wanna bother shipping me yours..

these are here in Nashville at my local driveshaft shop .. I told him I would put them up if he shortened my brand new e10 shaft for my 5sp swap..


Hash.cannon at hotmail.com

''They misunderestimated me.''

—George W. Bush, Nov. 6, 2000

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Any chance he has trunk floor panels? My spare wheel well is gone.

Let me know, I may be interested in doing a bulk deal on new floor pans for front, trunk pan, pedal box insulation and tailight covers.

Email me! Cheers

1974 Grey European Market BMW 2002 

1976 Yellow BMW 2002 "GOLDENROD" SOLD

1972 Yellow Austin Mini 1000

A bunch of Bikes...

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sorry no trunk pans... sent him an email and he didn't have any

besides that might kill in shipping, those are pretty big

better to find that local or stateside..

lmk on the other stuff

''They misunderestimated me.''

—George W. Bush, Nov. 6, 2000

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I'm interested in an insulation set and some taillight inner covers.

not a problem.. that's easy

by my math that's 193.00

what's your ship zip..??

email your shipping info

paypal is the same




''They misunderestimated me.''

—George W. Bush, Nov. 6, 2000

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I'm interested in an insulation set...maybe we can do a group buy to save on shipping?

group buys are a great idea and a logistical nightmare.. been there done that from my experience it would take a month to get everybody inline, to pay at the same time and group ship out.. sounds like and is a pain in the a##

seeing that these are at cost already the only thing that we would save was the shipping.. and everyone seems to want something different..

ship to here in bulk repackage and reship to everyone else, not saving much

I'd rather not..

now if you want to start a collection and let me know when it was ready

great get on to it.. and I will quote you when you are ready

ordered 4 sets of insu and covers yesterday




ps there was a guy above looking for trunk sections.. found them but they r not cheap 630.00 for the entire trunk pan plus shipping from India maybe another buck to buck fifty....ouch

how bad do you want one..??

''They misunderestimated me.''

—George W. Bush, Nov. 6, 2000

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Email sent for outer and inner pedal box covers..

P.S. Watzadillio with teh 10Mp photo attachments? Are these your product posted by someone else?

yes they are and you are correct someone else posted them.. and I replied to your email...


long live dueces..!!!!

''They misunderestimated me.''

—George W. Bush, Nov. 6, 2000

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