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  1. WANT. Man- that looks like the driest 02 I've seen in years. GLWS.
  2. Because, based on looking at his history in this forum, a key strategy in peddling his own parts is to criticize everyone else's.
  3. Looks awesome. Great deals like this seem to only show up when it's not yet the right time for me. GLWS ?
  4. I'll get the parts in the mail today– and I'd like two full brake light assemblies if that's how you're planning to offer them. Please PM your PayPal addy or just let me know how to send payment. And, thanks so much for your patience. Life got hectic here for a bit but everything's settled down. EDIT: I see your info above. ?
  5. @halboyles I'm down for two, Hal. Also, I still owe you a dang Transmission drain plug and speedo cable screw.. Sincere apologies- hope that hasn't caused any project delays.
  6. I believe that's a 242 4-speed and will not work in a 2002 application due to the lack of a side-mount slave cylinder.
  7. I'll be happy to host the images on my server if you'll PM them to me.
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