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  1. I'll be happy to host the images on my server if you'll PM them to me.
  2. Artcop


  3. Still very interested if you'll reconsider shipping now.
  4. Nice work on the floor pans.. Best of luck with the sale!
  5. I'd like to be next in line if tiiCarrera passes. Same deal with shipping.
  6. Boy, it ain't easy being green.
  7. We're in the wrong forum but I have these currently posted at 40 bucks each plus shipping on the 2002 classified page on facebook if you're interested: "Black vinyl and metal hinge cover. Driver's seat recovered by PO in near-miss material but I never found it distracting or bothersome. Probably the same guy who sat down in it afterwards with a screwdriver in his back pocket, causing the small tear near the bottom on the seatback. Operationally, they'd work fine for a daily. Will include rails if needed. Elsewhere, I also have pair of stripped seat frames from the same year with headrests if interested."
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