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diagnosis needed. rough running 1502

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Hi everyone would be grateful if anyone could chime in. Car was due a service so gave it new oil, filter and air filter. While doing it i noticed the carb solenoid was shot so cut it open and removed the plunger. After altering the idle mixture it was running perfect for a week. Went somewhere tonight and it drove perfect and smooth. Came out the place and started the car and it idled fine but then bogged like crap when i tried to pull away. Would only deive properly with the choke out and idled about 2500rpm. Putting choke in would cause it to bog down. When the car was idling with the bonnet open there was a mad smell that kinda made my eyes sting!

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mad smell is overly rich mixture = bad

sticking float causing fuel over flow in the carb?

something related the the fuel shut-off solenoid you futched with?

mad smell can also be caused by overly

lean miss firing mixture = bad

lousy running unless you pull the choke out = bad

because your idle jet is pluged?

pulling the choke cuts off air into the carb

and it runs better because your conpensating for no gas

in the idle circuit someplace - choke/less-air to go

with much less gas at idle makes it run better - that's bad

there is a fuel starvation at idle someplace

you might also have a vacuum hose or vacuum fitting end cap

leaking or missing someplace = bad = lousy idle condition

+ photos are needed

++ compression test?

+++ valve adjustment?

++++ how old is gas?

+++++ does this only happen since the tank fuel level is below 1/2?

++++++ what else do you want for free?

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from what your saying it sounds like a lean condition rather than rich. Im going to tear down the carb and replace the solenoid with a valve from a 02 that was before the use of solenoid just to rule that out. on further thinking since this morning it could be due to a blocked main jet as the idle appears ok. It wasn't that i wanted the information for free, it was that i was looking to the more experience members on the board to possibly point out something that i didn't know or have experienced



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dave, i only have about 45 years of experience

operating on cars/bikes so maybe someone else

with more E can give better Advice?

i'm just being grumpy about the FREE

it's my choice to give what i have away for FREE

you and i go way back

get me a ticket nextime the WHO are live in LEEDS


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Well thankyou anyway for your response it helped my motivation to find the culprit, a blocked main Jet, possible rust from the tank or bad fuel.

I'm not sure about the WHO but the BOSS is playing in June at the arena?


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