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Brake/Wheel Knocking/Scraping...no idea, please help.

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Hi Guys!

It's been months and motnhs and months since I've driven or even looked at my 2Dub, and recently I came to the realization that I'm never going to get it to look 100%perfect without years and years of time and bucket loads of money. I always had this idea that the car needes to be 'perfect' and THEN I'd start driving it again.

I thought screw it, I'm going to do a couple of minor mods and fixes and then I'l use it. Which is what's happening now.

So about 2 weeks ago, I replaced the front discs and pads and bled the brakes. Everything was working fine afterwards (by fine I mean much better than before :)

I drove the car a few times since then, but never really long distances. On Friday I took it on its first 'long drive' in a while, about 120kms, most of it on the highway. The last few kilometres on the highway were in chock a block traffic. Sitting through 40 minutes of that, at an almost standstill, with no overheating made me happy, but it was in those slow coasts at idle, that I noticed a knocking/scraping sound, that sounded like it was coming from the front right (almost certainly). It would get faster and faster as I gathered speed, so it was definitely as part of the wheels rotation that the sound was happening. I could also feel a slight bit of feedback of the 'knock' through the steering wheel. I also noticed that when I was on the brakes, the sound was gone.

Today, I decided I was going to see if I could find an issue, so I took it around the block (from cold) to see if I could hear the noise again....absolutely nothing.

Now my guess is that it was something to do with heat expansion from all of the driving, but no idea what component/part might be doing this.

Any ideas that you guys might have would be massively helpful.


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