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Remote Trunk Lid Release Kit for your 2002/1600 $ 50 shipped

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A Remote Trunk Lid Release Kit for your 2002/1600 $50.00 shipped

Your 2002 or 1600-2 came from the factory with two different keys- one for the trunk lid and one for everything else. So, many of us just leave the trunk unlocked. Not the best idea if you plan on carrying valuables. This kit allows you to remotely open the trunk lid electrically.

It also includes a glow in the dark emergency escape handle as seen on much newer cars. Beginning with the 2002 model year, all cars sold in the US were required to have this feature, so why not have one in your 2002?

You provide the electrical hookup to a source of power to make it go “pop”, but the kit includes everything else.

I previously reported this to the FAQ as a construction project ( http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,57/page,viewtopic/t,367672/highlight,/ ) and now offer an improved version as a ready to install kit. I can periodically collect enough of the used parts to build a short production run of the kit, and they are currently available.

The price and how to buy:

Kits are $50.00 each, including shipping to your US address. They are also available without the BMW actuator for $40.00 if you’d like to scrounge your own from a local junk yard. International buyers, please ask for the shipping cost. Payment can be made by PayPal or via mail if you’d prefer the old fashioned way. Contact me with the Email button if you would like a kit or more information. Once you have decided to order and have paid, your kit will be shipped on the next business day after payment arrives, no excuses. No returns will be accepted, but your kit is guaranteed to work.

This kit -

- Works on Roundie or Square Tail Light Cars, all years + models except touring

- Easy installation with simple tools that you probably already have

- Needs NO modification to the car's sheet metal

You will modify the latch with a new spring from the kit, and (optionally) drill one hole in the latch mechanism if you install the emergency escape handle

- Is easily removable in case you want to revert to stock

- Uses BMW OEM parts where possible - used parts cleaned and tested

How does it work ?

Basically, an additional method of opening the trunk is created, by the addition of a motorized actuator which mounts alongside the original trunk latch on the back wall of the trunk. Nothing is changed on the trunk lid. Because the adjustment of the trunk latch is done on the part that mounts in the trunk lid, your trunk latch’s adjustment is not affected by this kit. There is no change to your trunk lock.

There is also no modification of the latch mechanism, except the new spring and the optional little hole mentioned above for the Emergency Escape Handle.

The custom steel bracket which holds this mechanism mounts using the original bolts that mount the trunk latch mechanism. No need to drill holes in your car’s body. The motorized actuator and power cable are BMW parts used on E36 models. They are used parts, cleaned, inspected, and tested. Other items are all new. You will re-use your current latch and latch mounting bolts.

What’s included ?

Everything that you need to install on your stock car except for the electrical parts needed to activate it (switch, fuse, etc). You will have to decide how to provide power to it and provide the necessary electrical parts to do so.

- Actuator and power cable (used/cleaned/tested) with new hardware

- New Custom Mounting Bracket and HDPE actuator mounting spacer

- New Custom Spring for your trunk latch mechanism

- Emergency Escape Handle (used/cleaned)

- Illustrated Instructions (sent by email)


Detailed installation instructions will come with your kit, but here are the basics.

You can install the mechanical parts in about 10 minutes, not including the cleaning of your original latch. Essentially, you add the kit to your existing latch mechanism. You will need a 10mm wrench or socket, a Torx driver, and needle nose pliers to install the basic mechanism. You will also need a power drill with small drill bit to install the emergency escape handle if you choose to do so. Wiring the unit to your car will require the usual electrical tools.

It is strongly recommended that you clean, inspect, and lubricate your car’s latch mechanism to ensure it has a smooth working action. If your latch mechanism is in bad shape with rust or other damage, you might need to get a new one (they are available from the usual sources in the $20.00 range), but I’ve not seen one that can't be made to work so far.



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