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  1. Golde Sunroof Parts Lot This is a sale of the parts shown in the photos. No other parts are included or available, and I don't want to split these up. This came to me in a box with an early non-sunroof parts car. My car does not have a sunroof, so I have no need for these. What you see is what's included.... The panel has some surface rust and cracked paint. I assume that there is filler involved, but pulling up a few of the chips, I found no dents. Shipping will be by Fedex Ground to the lower 48 at actual cost based on your address. Or, local pickup if you're in Colorado
  2. GONE! A good body probably saved Bud had a body to use I didn't have to go to the junk yard I'll let Bud chime in with details of his project if he chooses
  3. I've decided that I no longer need the 1969 2002 which I've been using as a reference for my 1600 restoration (build dates are ~ 2 months apart). So, it's been offered on Craigslist today: https://denver.craigslist.org/pts/d/berthoud-1969-bmw-2002-body-and-many/6967454636.html This car could be restored with serious dedication (has a title), or there's good sheet metal and other parts. If no interest surfaces, the junkyard awaits another victim... I can be reached thru the CL ad or here by PM Cal
  4. I've been thinking about another alternative- how about clear-coat powder coating after do it yourself polishing? I spent many hours with a cloth wheel and compound on a set of grilles, and they look like new. Mostly to prove that I could do it, I guess... It's not rocket science, including removal of minor dings and dents. Just time consuming. Now what to do? I was unable to find a local anodizer interested in the job. I had some other powder coating work to be done, and while there asked about doing my 2002 trim. "yes, what level of gloss would you like?" was the answer. I haven't pursued it any further. Comments or opinions?. Thanks!
  5. All of the pre-reserved kits have been shipped, so I’m opening this to any others who are interested. For orders paid in the month of November only, the price is $ 70.00 including Priority Mail shipping to the USA. Description and photos below, feel free to ask questions here or by PM. If you want to order one, please PM for payment details. I will ship paid orders on the next business day. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- BMW 2002 Automatic Trunk Opener A kit designed specifically for your vintage BMW 2002 or 1600-2 Your BMW 2002 or 1600-2 came from the factory with two different keys- one for the trunk lid and one for everything else. So, many of us just leave the trunk unlocked. Not the best idea if you ever plan on carrying valuables like that original 2002 tool kit in the trunk! Here's a solution to that problem. Install this kit and you can electrically open the trunk, either with a push button switch or an aftermarket remote control. NO modification to your car to install the kit - it's completely reversible Compatible with Roundie or Square Tail Light Cars, all years Compatible with all '02 models 1600-2 thru Turbo, except for Touring (hatchback) models Easy installation with simple tools that you probably already have Easily removable in case you want to revert to a stock car Uses a BMW OEM trunk actuator unit Emergency Escape pull tab- never get locked in your own trunk! Powder Coated Frame to match floor board color LED SMD Trunk Light and Trunk-Open sensor switch Mounting hole for relay + miniature toggle switch (relay and switch not included) LED Trunk Light: Hidden inside the unit, the bright white LED Trunk Light is powered from your car's 12 VDC power if you get this option. It uses surface-mount LED's and draws about 0.2 amps. Trunk-Open Sensor Switch: This switch can trigger your aftermarket alarm system if the trunk is forced open, or it can be used to turn on the LED Trunk Light whenever the trunk is open. This switch is included with the kit but use is optional Relay and Function Switch Mounting holes: Version 2 is designed with mounting holes for a DIN relay with tab, and a miniature toggle switch. You could, for example, manually turn on the LED light or control the opener with a relay. The relay and switch are not included. The kit includes all of the parts to install and wire pigtails to connect to your electrical system. The instructions included with the kit explain you how to actuate the opener and turn on the light, along with detailed mechanical installation instructions. It's up to the buyer to decide how to attach it to your car's electrical system. This kit does not affect the adjustment of your trunk latch. If it's working properly before you install the opener, it will work properly after you install the opener. Emergency Escape Tab: Also included is a glow-in-the-dark emergency escape tab, which you can optionally install by drilling one tiny hole in your trunk latch. Don't worry about being locked in the trunk of your 2002. This is required feature in all new USA cars now, why not in your 2002 ? Installation: Detailed installation instructions are included with your kit, but here are the basics: You can install the mechanical parts in about 10 minutes, not including the cleaning of your original latch. You add the kit to your existing latch mechanism without affecting it's normal operation. You will need a 10mm wrench or socket, a T-15 Torx driver, and needle nose pliers to install the basic mechanism. You will also need a power drill with small drill bit to install the emergency escape handle if you choose to do so. Wiring the unit to your car will require the usual electrical tools. It is strongly recommended that you clean, inspect, and lubricate your car's latch mechanism to ensure it has a smooth working action. If your latch mechanism is in bad shape with rust or other damage, you might need to get a new one. Once you do the mechanical installation of this kit, it remains to make electrical connections through a switch or other source of your car's power. The electrical parts are not included with the kit. Until you get around to the electrical connections, your trunk will operate as normal- there is no need to complete the electrical wiring until you have time later...
  6. I'm coming as a spectator, coming from too far away with the car under reconstruction anyway. I will have a few of my trunk opener kits in case anybody wants to get one. PM for details if interested.
  7. If your car sheet metal is nice in the area to be re-dimensioned, Whomping bad. Slow, careful hydraulic pushing with a portapower unit and the rubber tip that comes in it's kit good. I used the 4 ton unit from Harbor Freight, it worked great.
  8. A sheathed pull cable (think manual choke cable, etc.) would do the job, but it needs to be quite long to reach inside the cabin. I can't imagine one long enough and friction free enough to end at the manual choke position on the column of the old cars (wouldn't that be cool...). Also, it might need to have quite a bit exposed at the latch end to give leeway for the mechanism to work normally. My auto trunk opener kit uses a somewhat "springy" ring between the actuator and the latch mechanism, I don't imagine ANY extra springiness would be a good idea since there'd be plenty of flex in a cable that long.
  9. I'm about to start up production for my 02 Auto Trunk Opener kit. You can find past references to it in the classifieds. With no issues reported which would change the design, the next run will be the same - Version 2 with LED trunk light. This posting is to help me determine the quantity to be built. It'll take some weeks to do the production run, and there is NO obligation to buy, but your reservation will ensure that one is available to you when they're done. The price will be $70, or a bit less for those who request a kit without the BMW actuator part- it can be sourced in your local junk yard if there are E36's to be picked from. I will also entertain requests for kits without the grey powder coat grey finish, but the price will be the same, The FAQ user support for this product over the past few years has been great, and very much appreciated. This is also a request for any feedback about the product which might result in a tweak to the design. How to reserve? Just send a PM. What can you expect? A return message to confirm contact and further communication just before the kits are available. Cal
  10. Promises, Promises! It's been more than the specified week, but Trunk Opener kits are again available for immediate shipment. On Ebay for more or Here for $70 paypal. PM for details or to order
  11. I have one ready to go. PM asking me for an invoice ($73) or my paypal address for just "send money ($70).u The difference is that with an invoice, the PayPal police will ensure that I send it. But so does personal integrity... IF you chose the $70 method, I'll need your address to send it to.
  12. $ 70.00 for a paypal "send money" - including priority mail shipping to USA. Need a Paypal invoice? no problem, but the price is $ 73.00. Either way, Shipment is on the next business day after payment is received. Please PM to make the deal.
  13. OK, time for this year's sale. Same deal as last year. $ 65.00 for a paypal "send money" - including priority mail shipping to USA. Need a Paypal invoice? no problem, but the price is $ 68.00 International shipping? Check USPS rates at usps.com and let me know which service you would like, we'll figure the exact price from there. This offer expires on 12/17/2017 at 0000. Any ordered units will ship on the very next business day after payment is received. There is probably no issue with availability but just in case, I reserve the right of ending the sale early if supplies are depleted. Contact me by PM for how-to-pay details. This is for the current version with LED trunk light. The non-lighted version is no longer available due to the simple fact that sales were nonexistent. Thanks, all.
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