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  1. This is a pair of rear wheel inner fenders/arches/shock towers in very good condition from a roundie (year has been forgotten, sorry). PICKUP ONLY in Northern Colorado, sorry
  2. I also prefer visual, but had trouble trusting the quality of the see-thru plastic filters available locally. All made in the lowest cost factory ...over there.... The older metal-casing above glass-bowl with disposable filter inside look better but I was too cheap, wondered about long term availability of the throw away filter inside, and didn't want yet another gasket to worry about. So, I went with the metal casing, and plan on changing it out every few oil changes. Of course, none of this is a big deal as it's so easy to get to and change filters or filter style for that matter (and BMW didn't think you even needed one on this low end model!).
  3. Fuel filter by NAPA - # 3031, about $7. Mount by junk parts box, Hacksaw, and Drill Press. Mounting hole in manifold by BMW.
  4. Darn, the price was too low! Just kidding. Sorry, Rocco, Hal types faster. Sold to him, pending shipping that doesn't cause him to need a winning lottery ticket.
  5. This is a header that's been stored too long! Time for someone to actually use it. It came to me on a car that I ran for a short time before rust consumed key body parts, and then became a parts car. The previous owner had it hot coated but that's starting to rust through as you can see in the photos. It worked fine and has been carefully stored since, but it's not pretty... The mating surfaces worked correctly when it was in the car. It has a hanger welded on that was used with a 4 speed transmission. $ 100 + shipping. Shipping cost will be significant due to the size, shape, and weight. If interested, please PM with your shipping address and I'll pack, weigh, and I'll calculate the cost.
  6. I just signed up with Chubb. They insisted on it being at least the second car, required a photo of the car in the garage, and no drivers under 25 years old no matter their driving record. They also pointed out that there is a difference between Declared or Stated value and Agreed value. The first two apparently have a loophole for insurance companies to not pay as much as you told them your car is worth. You need your insurance company to agree with you regarding it's value.
  7. Delivered to Hoffman Motors on May 5, 1968 per BMW. I have not info about the time between then and my getting 15+ years ago except that it lived in San Diego before my ownership. I'm not an Upholstery Expert of any sort, but don't seen any signs of reconstruction and it has the label on the seat bottom in the picture (none on the seat back). Perhaps someone can tell if the cloth material looks authentic.
  8. After years of collecting, I find that the rear seats which were in my early '68 1600 are the best I have. They were in the car when I got it, and the date tag under the bottom correlates well ( "7 Wo 68") with the car's late Feb. 28 production date. The cloth parts are faded, but both the cloth and vinyl parts seem to be otherwise in fine shape. The vinyl sides of the bottom match the dark brown door cards and rear side panels. The horsehair actually looks pretty good, but I'm sure it will shred and deposit bits in the under-seat area, so we'll see about rebuilding them with new padding. And maybe a bit of dye to get the color back to original? Were cloth seats normal for US-delivered cars in early 1968 ? Does the material in the pictures look like those? Andres indicated that the car came the usual way via Max. Does anyone have a good representation of the original color of the cloth portion?
  9. Not a test, just a shot in the dark. As usual, this is a very illuminating crowd. And, I almost threw it out before even asking...
  10. Mystery solved. That explains the two holes and the shape! And the curve is just from sitting between the wheel and the wheel well. Hard to believe that any of them have survived in the US. It doesn't seem to show up on the online parts diagrams- at least not on 51/31 where there is another license plate holder.
  11. I'll use my belt/disk combo. With some sorta clamping fixture, I only have the two of these old handles. I never trust my grinder.
  12. what's the terminal velocity of a 2002 falling through the air?
  13. the splines look the same (but i haven't counted them), and it fits on ok. But, the handle end presses on the material around the shaft on the mechanism as you tighten it down, causing things to bind. Longer splines on older mechanisms is the logical explanation of why. I have the screws that were with the handles, so Ray's grinding solution will work for me. Just don't tell the old car part molestation Polizei.
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