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Spark/Tach problems

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Starting about a week ago, my 73 tii would cut out about once a

day. The tach would plummet to zero, and the engine would cut

out. It was not long enough of a stop to bring the car to a halt, or

to kill the engine completely, but it was enough to throw a

passenger toward the dash. last night, I was driving up a hill

under considerable load, and it lurched, lurched again, and finally

failed. I was able to get it home, and finally running again.

I have found that when the engine is running, and there is

someone revving the engine up repeatedly, the spark will

suddenly stop and the tach will fall. It immediately picks back up.

Is the tach measured by frequency of sparks, or distributer

rotation rate. I recently had an electrical fire which messed with a

grouping of hot red wires right next to the battery. I am

wondering if there is one place, fire related or not, that could be

causing this intermittent cut out of the spark and tach.

Any help would be great.


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Guest Anonymous

a relation of the spark at the coil. Basically the signal leaving the points (assuming you still have them) is the trigger for the tach. It might be related to your fire. Was it around the coil area? this is a tricky one because it is intermittant....it may just be due to dirty or mis-adjusted points. if it stops, i would check that you have a Hot(+) to one side of the coil, and an intermittant ground (-) to the other side (the - is the signal from the points) hope this helps. good luck! -Reid

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