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Later Console For Sale

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I've been hanging onto this for years, and have never found a car to use it in. It's a later console, in very nice shape, with the ashtray and the shifter surround/boot. All the screws are present, but have surface rust. There are a few small nicks inn the vinyl sides, three that I could find. The ashtray holder and plastic shifter surround have some broken tabs underneath that aren't visible when installed. The astray handle needs to be replated or painted. The boot has a tear in it.

I have no idea what it's worth, but whatever I get for it goes to car stuff. I'll start by asking $200 plus shipping from 60511 (IL). If that's too high, please straighten me out by making an offer.

I think I've attached a couple of pictures, email me for more or better ones or with questions at vstrazzabosco@yahoo.com





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Guest Anonymous

I'm interested. Like you, I don't have a good sense of price. I'm not sure if it would be worth $200 for me to swap it with my present unit, but at the same time I would like to offer a fair price. Perhaps we could negotiate (?)

In the meantime, I'll try looking around in the archives for what people have sold these for.


Hugh (email: hnicholson@luc.edu)

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