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  1. Very nice other than the chrome strips peeling. I can get to the car Friday to take pics. Just wrong color to match my seats.
  2. Will buy outright or can trade decent tobacco set currently in my car. 90 miles out of Chicago in NW Indiana. email aaronreitman at att dot net Thx! Aaron
  3. I have one of his on my car as well. It's awesome. Aaron
  4. No prob! Great wheel choice by the way, everyone loves them when they see the car! Aaron
  5. My 14x6 panasports also have caps that are in really tight. They push on from the outside pushing in. With the wheels off, he should be able to push from the inside of the cap outward towards the face of the wheel. There are built in clips on the end of the cap that is holding them on.
  6. Tire Rack Cars and Coffee is tomorrow morning from 7:00am to 10:00am at our HQ (7101 Vorden Pkwy in South Bend In). Lots of great stuff last time. Come out if you are in the area! Aaron
  7. Thanks for the help Mike! I pulled the radio back out and took a look. Even though 12V was facing up, I flipped the piece around so 6V is facing up and BAM - loud clear and working. Looked like it had not been removed for 20 years. Light still out but I can live with that. Beers on me next time you are near The Tire Rack! Thanks! Aaron
  8. So I broke into my stash of old radios and the best looking one in there was a Blaupunkt (one of many non-working I have bought over the years). It powers up but barely plays at whisper level. No light either. I'm going to see if I can find a local shop to fix it, but don't know the model to tell them where to start. Can anyone help? Also - those who know - am I better to repair or just buy a working one? Thx, Aaron
  9. Looking for excellent shape. aaronreitman @ att dot net
  10. Made the purchase today- went with black! Thanks for the great conversation. Aaron
  11. I'm slight mod but not crazy. No moldings, air dam, panasports, weber, a few things but all things that could have been done when the car was new only.
  12. Thanks for all the advice, this forum is awesome. I was looking for the BMW horn buttons and saw the Alpina (obviously knockoff) ones one Ebay. When did those become available? What do you guys think about them. Cool or too poser? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Steering-Wheel-Alpina-Horn-Button-for-MOMO-SPARCO-GRANT-DINO-QUANTIE-2-Hole-/181702137729?hash=item2a4e4a9781&vxp=mtr
  13. The car gets very limited (less than 500 miles a year last few years) of use. I have a 320IS wheel now (which is 380 I think) that I like, it just does not have the leather on it anymore. Car does not get parallel parked. Is 350 not a great way to go? I was choosing based on style.
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