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Brisbane 2016 is the last year I will be spectating..... May 6, 2016

I'm looking forward to Brisbane tomorrow! 


It was 2 years ago where I laid eyes on a lowly schwarz 02 where its owner at the time was selling parts out of the trunk on the parking lot and had a "For Sale" sign on the side quarter window. (I've enclosed this pic of Tesoro on the parking lot)


The black little beast looked tired, dusty, and reminded me of an animal that was just left out on a porch ignoring passerby's with a vacant look on its face.


This car needed some love, and I was ready to give it. 


I made small talk with the owner and made arrangements to drive the car on the parking lot, car was definitely tired, as the engine was smoking out of the exhaust pipe, brakes were creaking, acceleration felt like it took a good minute to kick in, steering was slow, suspension was shot. But from the looks of it, the car looked really solid for a potential restoration, and I knew from my previous ownerships with 02s that anything can be fixed. I told the owner that I would like to think about his offer of 6K and that I would come by his place the next day to drive the car again. 


I went out the next day and drove the car again, the owner had started it before I got there "to get the engine warm" for me... hmmm... he apparently didn't know who he was dealing with as I have a 20+ history with these cars and residence within the BMW community. I think driving up in my Prius at the time must of mislead him. ;)


I drove the car a little harder this time and on the freeway. It felt like the car didn't know what to do at 65mph as it started convulsing and on the verge of a stroke, so I brought it back down to 55mph and was cruising to keep alive. The owner who was sitting in the car with me had a nervous laugh and said... "This car needs some TLC"! Poor little car just made me want it more and more.  I laughed to myself and thought, "you have no idea what I have in store for this car."


I offered the car for 5K. I felt that it was fair considering the condition of the body and mechanics. Owner says, "I can turn this car around and sell it for double!" I then popped the hood and started to speak a different language and busted out my mechanical jargon which probably surprised him that I knew so much about the car after only driving it less than 15 minutes. I then happily drove my TESORO home for less than 6K. 


And here we are today after more than a year and a half in restoration and we've just hit the milestone of getting a new engine in ready to fire up soon!


This will be the last year I will spectating at Brisbane as I look forward to spending future Brisbane 02 Show and Swap meets with Tesoro. 


Thank you to all who have shared your 02 stories with me through our trials and tribulations with these quirky little cars. Its so wonderful to have friends and make new friends in this BMW 02 culture from all over the world by sharing our stories! I'm glad to hear how Tesoro has inspired some of you as I'm also inspired by your 2002s too.... 


Happy Friday to everyone! Cheers to the Brisbane weekend!! Let's hope for no rain! 

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 10.28.02 AM.png


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Great story! Looking forward to seeing Tesoro tomorrow. It'll be my first time at Brisbane and I'll be bringing my '71 02 in Nevada. 

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Glad to hear you are getting so close.  I was hoping to get my yet unnamed project to Vintage before driving the back home to SoCal.  Sadly we came to the conclusion that Vintage wasn't going to happen.  I keep telling myself it's about the car and not about the car show.  While I won't make Brisbane this year, at least I'll be at SoCal Vintage later this year.  Looking forward to seeing you and Tesoro at future shows.  Keep on pushing and get Tesoro done !!

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Awesome story!  


Awesome car!


Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to see the video with the sound of the engine idling. 


Love it

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9 hours ago, Gordon Matassa said:

Great story! Looking forward to seeing Tesoro tomorrow. It'll be my first time at Brisbane and I'll be bringing my '71 02 in Nevada. 

Hi Gordon! Sorry, but Tesoro is not ready yet, but I'll see you at Brisbane! Safe travels! 

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