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  1. The clips in the picture are for the cardboard piece that you don’t have, so you won’t need those. Not sure about your other questions but am also interested in finding out about the need for extra stitching. I still need to install my headliner, too. I also deleted a non-factory sunroof. What a pain, but totally worth it!
  2. I have the factory one that doesn’t resemble the original. I’ll try greasing it. That’s a good idea. Thank you. I had the aftermarket brakes from the FAQ member prior to installing the factory versions, but they did not fit correctly and caused the door to make contact with the hood when opened. I didn’t realize it until after it ruined the trim on the door. Ugh. I was super disappointed.
  3. Ever since I put in new version of the factory door brakes the passenger side has been a bit sticky and takes some force to close if the door has been opened all the way. See video below. I’m worried this is putting strain on the door brake mount, which I know have a tendency to break. I looked in the forums but didn’t see anything like this problem. The driver’s side opened and closes smoothly, so I don’t think this is normal. And it’s been 6-9 months since they were installed and it hasn’t gotten any smoother. Anyone have any ideas? IMG_0157.MOV
  4. Thanks for passing along the recommendation. I need to take my glass out to install a new headliner and I think I might just replace the windshield rather than reinstalling the old one with it's 40+ years of chips and pits.
  5. Ahh ok. I'll give that a try next time. Hopefully that will reduce the number of swear words coming out of my mouth. Thank you!
  6. Apologize for side tracking a bit but I have a Dremel question...what's the best way to install the cut off wheel on the little silver post? Every time I put one on I either break the wheel by tightening the screw too much, or - if I don't over tighten - the wheel doesn't stay secure and just spins around instead of staying in place and cutting. I always feel stupid and get the angle grinder out instead and cause more damage. Is there a trick to it?
  7. Sounds good. I'll send you a PM when I get home later today.
  8. I bought one of those from 2002AD for $15 plus shipping. www.2002ad.com/storeworks/view_item.cfm?id=2378 I ended up not needing it so I'd be happy to sell you mine for what I paid for it, or you can buy directly from 2002ad.
  9. Thanks everyone. The need for rpms totally makes sense. I need a good amount of them to get excited myself. Good to know it's not a problem. I'll double check the pulley and the tension on the fan belt, too.
  10. I recently upgraded to a rebuilt Bosch alternator for a 320i and a new internal voltage regulator. Brand new ground wire and new wire connectors on the back, too. I removed the 2002 separate voltage regulator. Seems to be working fine. On cold starts, no problem. On warm starts, the alternator light in the dash stays illuminated until I give a little gas. Is this anything to worry about? My previous 2002 alternator never did this.
  11. Those are some beautiful wheels you got there (sorry, I don't know the answer to your question, though).
  12. Ok, got one off this afternoon and the holes for the carriage bolts are mostly intact, except for one of the pressure plates (or whatever they are called) to keep the bolt in place. Phew! I had a time getting the grinder in that tight corner, but it all worked without causing damage to the frame. The bracket came out in two pieces...must have broken in a fender bender and that's why the whole thing is welded.
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