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  1. Maybe a GoFundMe to get Ray some better duck tape
  2. What brand of duck tape did you use ?
  3. This was my second 02, a 1970. Picture was taken in 1984. Ken
  4. Nice !! How long did it take you to install the Willwoods ?
  5. I thought you went to the dark side for good. When did you get another 02 ?
  6. Not sure if I like this better than your blue car or not
  7. Ray when you get your barrel can you send me a small amount please
  8. Had the pleasure of driving to Bimmerfest 2019 yesterday with 8 other 02s. Bimmerfest is held at the speedway in Fontana Ca for those not familiar with the event. I figured I'd answer Ray's question before he asked it This is not a vintage event but they do have an area for the vintage cars. I talked to many many people answering all sort of questions. I talked to two guys who came from Guatemala to attend the event. They are even thinking of coming back to attend SoCal vintage. For them, a big turn out of 02s would be around 15 cars. I could do without the young crowd with their fancy rims and loud exhausts. Getting to drive with some great guys and talking to so many friendly people made up for it.
  9. Mine as well as others I've talked too have had the seams come apart after installation. Do you homework and see if you need to get the seams reinforced before getting it installed.
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