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Sensor Success and Fire Safety Fun.



So I am tidying things up in the trunk, and spent some time building out a bracket to hold my E85 sensor.  I wanted it out of the elements, so I decided to mount it in the trunk to keep it dry.  I got a PLA 3D printed mount and quickly realised that I needed to do a little better. 


I built the bracket below, drilled and tapped it with my newly acquired metric tap set (amazon to the rescue). It turned out ok.  The tab that says fuel I will replace with a metal one.  It is sturdy now and once welded to the chassis, will provide a robust support for it. 


Thinking of making things safer, I did decide to go with an onboard fire suppression system.  I think it was  @TobyB that recommended against it, as he has known them to go off by accident, which I am inclined to believe, and in a way expect.   The shelf life of the canisters is 3-5 years, and after 10 they recommend that the entire system be replaced. 


I have had one of my cars when I was young go up in flames... like "IN FLAMES".  I have been running with a tiny haylon(or other analogs of haylon), fire extinguisher, but I wanted more oomph.   The FIre Suppression system is not meant to put out fires, it is meant to suppress them so you can get out.   


I have the entry level system, which also includes cockpit nozzles (which makes me feel ok) just in case.  It is not a thick foam, it is an aerosol.  I also got one of these things as it was a request of someone close that I get one .




Picks of the bracket and possible placement of the canister. I am going to try to get it under the back seat. It may be tight and require some adjustment of the seat or floor. They say to mount it within the cash structure.  I am not sure that between the rear struts is inside the structure. 

















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