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  1. Yea you have to weld the spindals on
  2. Yea you're right. All I have for comparison is the stock ride vs. The coilovers. I'll also compare it to the drive of my daily driver, the 63 nova and the slammed s10 I had just for fun. I dont think it will be any harsher then the s10 that was a rough ride. I just like this car. It wont see the track it wont be driven hard I wont be pushing the envelope. I'll be driving this car around town on nice sunday mornings lol. So if the coilovers perform like their suppose to, meaning they wont break down and fail apart on me then I'm good. I had mentioned in an earlier post my priority is I want the stance I'm looking for .....flame away lol
  3. I'm curious too... I want to experience them for myself. And give an honest opinion. I have read some good things on other car forums. I have also read some bad stuff but most of the bad stuff was written by people that dont have them or wouldn't buy them.
  4. My Ceika coilovers arrived the other day. Had some time to unbox it today....cant wait to install it.
  5. I can kind of see what it might look like it thanks scoob. I like it
  6. Hey photoshop experts I have a request. I have a set of 14" bbs mesh wheels that came with my car. They are kind of beat up just like my current paint job. I want spray the rims orange or something and have a little fun with them until I buy something nice. Could some please try and photoshop some orange bbs wheels on my car so I can get an idea what it might look like. And any other colors you might think is cool if it's not a lot of trouble.
  7. I decided to take a bit of a chance and I bought the Ceika coilovers. Took advantage of a black friday sale and got a bit of a deal and free shipping. Did a little research and found mix reviews....Most of the negative reviews I read were from "purist" who had no actual experience with the coilovers. Anyway I could justify spending the nearly 3k USD on ground control coilovers for a car I just cruise around town in on sundays. The most important thing for me is stance...everything else is secondary. Anyways I did a search on this forum for these and didn't find anything. I'm going to get them and I'll let you all know what I think.
  8. I was searching this thread looking for a suspension setup that appeals to me (stance is priority)...this Is it! A few others agreed calling it the gold standard but coastalcrush didnt describe his set up...anyone know what it might be?
  9. Yea the first thing I'm going to do in the spring is slam it.
  10. Car is running it was the starter.
  11. No foreign plate on my car
  12. another pic of the car someone had asked
  13. The description of the car you gave sounds like mine. But I wasn't on ontario st. I bought the car between st. Catherine's and grimsby and took the hwy home.

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