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  1. I got it working. After replacing the relay i still had a problem with my left signal lights. The control light on the dash was blinking but not my blinkers outside. I took the handle apart and cleaned the contacts with steel whole.
  2. I just got mine rebuild 2 weeks ago by Trust Transmission in Kitchener. The owner John did a great job and i got it back within a week. http://www.trusttransmission.ca/ It looks like new and it shifts like new.
  3. I did the upgrade in the winter. now that i start driving again i noticed its blinks on the dashboard when i turn my signal lights on but the doesn't blink outside, If I move the signal switch halve way it seems to work. hazard lights work fine.
  4. I will pass. Dropped of my transmission to get it rebuild.
  5. It is hard to tell from a picture but it looks like there is a crack in the transmission. I want to buy the engine and transmission but the transmission is what i really need. if there are no cracks in the transmission i will drive down and make the deal.
  6. Did you find someone to rebuild your transmission in the GTA? i need mine rebuild.
  7. can you tell me more about this event.
  8. do you have a picture of the serial and model number of the transmission. I am interested and able to pick it up this week if still available
  9. Thanks for your reply, I did toss it already 6 months ago when i replaced it and noticed it was still leaking. But the new one says 40x55 and i have about 2mm cap so i need 38x55 Strange thing is that 38x55x10 part #23121204210 is for a for a 520i uptill 1975 But i will order it anyway.
  10. I am replacing several seals and gaskets from my 4 speed getrag transmission and noticed there is a little space between both the old and my new rear oil seal (23121205340)and the rear flange (23211200465) Wonder how this can seal.
  11. Roeland-02


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