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  1. I recently bought a brand new weber 34 ICH from Redline (kit K909) It comes with vacuum hose to connect with ignition (hose is about 1 ft to short). 3/8 gas line ( solex has 1/4 inch) Fuel pump is also 1/4inch I went for the weber because my solex was just worn out and the weber should be an easy replacement. The original air-filter housing didn't fit over the weber, had to remove the rubber and make the opening a little bigger. Then i noticed that my air-filter housing was sitting to high and was touching my hood. (the Weber is 1inch higher). I connected the wire from the cut-off solenoid to 12V feeding wire that runs to the brake light switch. I modified the air-filter housing and gain about 3/4 inch. enough to close my hood. The engine starts really good and runs idle beautiful but when i drive it is holding back. I noticed that it runs much better when i pull out my choke. I think the main jet is to small. So what is sold as an easy replacement kit for the BMW 02 Solex is not easy at all! Anyone has experience with the right jets for this carb? In the documentation provided with the Weber it says that the max fuel pressure is 3.5PSI In the BMW specs i says that the mechanical pump gives 4.27PSI at 4000rpm.
  2. I got it working. After replacing the relay i still had a problem with my left signal lights. The control light on the dash was blinking but not my blinkers outside. I took the handle apart and cleaned the contacts with steel whole.
  3. I just got mine rebuild 2 weeks ago by Trust Transmission in Kitchener. The owner John did a great job and i got it back within a week. http://www.trusttransmission.ca/ It looks like new and it shifts like new.
  4. I did the upgrade in the winter. now that i start driving again i noticed its blinks on the dashboard when i turn my signal lights on but the doesn't blink outside, If I move the signal switch halve way it seems to work. hazard lights work fine.
  5. I will pass. Dropped of my transmission to get it rebuild.
  6. It is hard to tell from a picture but it looks like there is a crack in the transmission. I want to buy the engine and transmission but the transmission is what i really need. if there are no cracks in the transmission i will drive down and make the deal.
  7. Did you find someone to rebuild your transmission in the GTA? i need mine rebuild.
  8. can you tell me more about this event.
  9. do you have a picture of the serial and model number of the transmission. I am interested and able to pick it up this week if still available
  10. Thanks for your reply, I did toss it already 6 months ago when i replaced it and noticed it was still leaking. But the new one says 40x55 and i have about 2mm cap so i need 38x55 Strange thing is that 38x55x10 part #23121204210 is for a for a 520i uptill 1975 But i will order it anyway.
  11. I am replacing several seals and gaskets from my 4 speed getrag transmission and noticed there is a little space between both the old and my new rear oil seal (23121205340)and the rear flange (23211200465) Wonder how this can seal.

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