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  1. Summer of 77’ totaled my 76 2002 in an accident. I regret that.
  2. I have a Malaga story. In 1978 my then girlfriend (now wife) had a 1972 2002 Malaga with tan interior. She left it with her sister in Norfolk for the summer. When she went to get it her sister had changed the color to Lime green. It was hideous.
  3. I am sure you know but install FIA padding over the cage wherever you can come in contact with it.
  4. Thanks for the hotel link. We are booked!
  5. New 2002 owner in Boston area and hope to join in for this event.
  6. Been vintage racing for 20 years and I never saw anything like that. Not even close!
  7. Congratulations. Looks like it has some good bones. Vintage racing is a blast. Hope you get that car back on the track.
  8. Ray, Are you talking about the stick on chrome side trim product? I was told that it looks great initially but “weathers” over a short period of time. Regardless I am always interested to hear from others about their experiences.
  9. I hear you loud and clear. Thanks for the comment.
  10. Totally true. I was aware of these omissions before purchasing and decided to go with it. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate the knowledge of this group without slamming the lack of original details on my car. That’s one of the reasons I joined this forum. Much more accepting than some others I have been on through the years!
  11. The person who restored the car has a foreign auto body shop. He apparently does 2 classic cars a year for his own projects on the side. I was told (fwiw) last year he did this car and a Giulietta. I was told he started with a non rusty 2002. Examination seems to substantiate this. He took some creative liberty with the elimination of the belt trim at the risk of devaluation. Since I was looking for a very clean driver vs a show car it is okay for me.
  12. Thank you all for the information. Full disclosure: after decades of 912’s and 356’s I do not have the attention span for the originality bug anymore. I do respect all who do. The compromise I made on purchasing this solid car was the recently refreshed interior. While we wanted a light color to stay cool in the summer, white was not on my list! But given the excellent condition of the paint, body, chassis, suspension, brakes, engine etc., then seats and door panels are the least costly to correct for me over time. When I had the PPI done by an independent BMW mechanic he gave the car a “thumbs up” and said the only wart lowering the purchase price was the interior color. Again, thank you for all your comments.
  13. You are very perceptive. No Amco bar on the back. I am awaiting a reply from BMW to find out the original exterior and interior color. Belt trim: believe me I have wrestled with that. I like the way the car looks and at present will drive it with the clean look.
  14. Recently acquired late 1971 2002 sunroof , 4 speed coupe. #2573195 Great paint, straight body and pan. These were my priorities in that order. Unmodified engine and brakes in solid working order. Interior was recently restored. It is salt season here in the northeast so I have time to sort the minor gremlins. Also remove front overrider bar and install driving lights with dedicated relay. Cannot wait for spring!

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