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  1. And 6 mos. later finally on the road with a lot of help. First real 2002 drive today since the 70’s. Beautiful day in MA.
  2. Steve, This car is new to me and I am sorting it out. I am not an expert. There was no anchor in the A pillar as I recently found out. I had one welded in just a month ago for 3 point retractable belts. The info from BMW archives listed it as a USA delivery to Hoffman Motors. Thank you, Jim
  3. Not all 71 2002 were pre-drilled. My May 71 was not.
  4. Looks great. Congratulations.
  5. 2002 manufactured April 29, 1971. Directional signals work, indicator light on display illuminate only 1 time each direction when activate stalk but can hear them blinking. Hazard lights work and display keeps illuminating. Any advice appreciated.
  6. “Very little tune change” what does that mean? Did you change the jetting?
  7. Summer of 77’ totaled my 76 2002 in an accident. I regret that.
  8. I have a Malaga story. In 1978 my then girlfriend (now wife) had a 1972 2002 Malaga with tan interior. She left it with her sister in Norfolk for the summer. When she went to get it her sister had changed the color to Lime green. It was hideous.
  9. I am sure you know but install FIA padding over the cage wherever you can come in contact with it.
  10. Thanks for the hotel link. We are booked!
  11. New 2002 owner in Boston area and hope to join in for this event.
  12. Been vintage racing for 20 years and I never saw anything like that. Not even close!
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