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  1. Hi All! I'm hunting for the lower - aka the larger - of the seat rail caps. Doesn't matter if it's left or right sided. Part numbers and photos: 5210107402703 5210107402704 Thanks!
  2. nicely done indeed! extra points for keep the seatbelt warning sensor in there.
  3. Per @TobyB request, pic of the holes from the switch. And yes @Conserv all signs point to never crashed/never replaced snorkel-less nose on this car.
  4. Oooooo! Those are mighty cool! Thanks for sharing the pics.
  5. Hmmm, good guesses all around. Thanks for the input team! Currently, there are no wires/connections/etc under hood or in the engine bay that lead to/from/near it.... hence the head scratching. In fact the entire wiring harness is quite pristine under hood and dash. I was going to restore/replace it if it was originally put there by zee germans but yeah, as you've all surmised, not an OEM component. The reality is that the switch itself is no longer there, just the holes. This is an old pic from a previous owner as I've recently discovered the trail of ownership back to the original purchaser - perhaps I'll poke one of them for info and just plug the holes with some appropriate looking rubber bits. Which is better than installing a "period correct" alarm system. Cheers.
  6. Hi All! Does anyone know what this (see big dumb arrow in pic) switch was for? Car is a mid-production (March '72), USA '72Tii. I've dug through the wiring diagram and the rest of the wiring harness and cannot seem to find a reference for it or loose wires. It does appear that it was factory installed although I cannot find any other cars or forum references for it either. Assuming under hood light or previously wired to the in-car light (like the door switches). Cheers.
  7. Hi All, lot 3. Heater bits. I'll pack and ship to anywhere using whatever service the buyer requests; cost + price of item dependent on that. Paypal or Zelle, PM for the deal. Thanks for reading! SOLD - Core/radiator. Pressure tested at local shop, no leaks. cleaned and sprayed with high-temp black. $50 SOLD - Heater Box - no fan. All the parts are here (I've got some clips too). Rebuild candidate - note the 3x plug resistor, not a 4-wire. I highly recommend the all the write-ups here and the Blunt kit. I did one already - you can too! $25. SOLD - Brass valve, parts. $20. Be a hero and rebuild your own! - Drivers window regulator. (technically not a heater part but it didn't go in the other lots) Used, works fine. $20 Thanks and thanks.
  8. Lot 2 Controversial injector parts. Lots of debate around here on what these are worth/cost in the second-hand market. Listing prices are based on what I'm seeing but this is a good crowd here so let me know if I'm off/PM for details. Just want these to go toward keeping another Tii on the road instead of rusting away. PayPal or Zelle and will ship anywhere based on buyer's requested service. Thanks. Injectors - 3x tested at 500 PSI. stock opening pressure, $200/ea - 1x tested at 300 PSI. low but could be matched with other injectors of the same, less horsepower though... $100 - 4x for parts or rebuild. make offer. $50 for the lot? - Kugelfischer pump with gear (not pictured is the oil line, have that too). Spins nicely, cleaned, not pressure tested. Ugh, prices on these are everywhere... $750? - SOLD. Throttle body. Cleaned up, moves nicely. $100
  9. Hi Friends. Selling off 3 lots of parts for the Tii owners/hoarders here. These were all acquired for a refresh and now not needed. I'll pack and ship to anywhere using whatever service the buyer requests; cost + price of item dependent on that. Paypal or Zelle, PM for the deal. Thanks for reading! Engine covers. Media blasted (walnut shells), raw metal. - SOLD '71 stamped. $125. - '72 stamped. $125. Has chip on front lower bolt hole, rear sealing surface is ok Intakes. Media blasted and exterior sealed with high temp clear. - '71 stamp (early style). includes injector ports. $250 - SOLD. '72 stamp (later style) includes runners and injector ports $275. - Diverter and distributor housing. $20. Diverter is driver quality, dizzy cover is perfect. Both media blasted and exterior sealed with high temp clear.
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