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  1. Take you 02 out and pick up local carry out food from your non-national chain restaurants. Hardest hit will be small independent business, those on the lower end of the economic scale, and those unable to telework. My county in SC at good times has 15+ percent of its population below the poverty line. Running errands today I saw a impromptu car wash at a local restaurant for unemployed people. Sign said $5. I paid $20 each time, going back home to get the other 3 cars. I a fortunate and can afford $80 to wash three cars, many cannot. I’ve also been buying lots of parts from independent 02 suppliers I don’t necessarily need right now, but know I will in the future. Be safe out there and support your community, 02 community and others.
  2. Yes, sacrilege... BMW stopped importing the Tourings, so I went with the other German Touring.... (yes, yes, I could have gotten a used 3 or 5 series Touring, but I can really only deal with 3 older BMWs at one time)
  3. Hi Paul, Appreciate and support all the talented FAQ people who are making bits and bobs to keep our cars running. I'll take 4 when / if you make a batch run. Cheers, David
  4. Florida in front, certainly someone on here know the location...?
  5. The Beast of Turin... 27 liters and no exhaust The left side looks pretty deadly if you were to be up close 128 mph at 1000 rpm 300-400 rpm for highway speeds
  6. do the socks have to be clean too? (Sorry, couldn’t help myself)
  7. Are we sure they are the same as w&n ?
  8. 1955, and much more advanced then any air suspension of any date.
  9. I was skeptical, but got lucky at the first auto parts store I visited, O'Reilly Auto Parts. They has the proper NGK BP5ES with the "removable nut" on the terminal. BP5ES is NGK part 7832 for the removable nut type. NGK 2140 is the BP5ES with the fixed nut. Left to right is BP5ES with nut, BP5ES with nut removed, the old BP7ES which are being replaced, and the BP5ES wtih the fixed nut
  10. yep, they don't screw off... (see icon on package) never looked at the package until now... Looks like a search now for the proper plugs locally, or new wires...
  11. There seem to be many of them on the market / is there a recommended one or are they all pretty much the same? I'm also think I should get a spark plug gap tool. I'm not talking the gauge, an actual tool https://www.amazon.com/STM-Spark-Plug-Gapper-Tool/dp/B075NRR233/ref=sxbs_sxwds-stvp?keywords=spark+plug+gap+tool&pd_rd_i=B075NRR233&pd_rd_r=84b8c9b4-7b03-4de0-9606-fe4c61d3e6f6&pd_rd_w=5wVef&pd_rd_wg=mn1QC&pf_rd_p=a6d018ad-f20b-46c9-8920-433972c7d9b7&pf_rd_r=RSPTA07XVHQK2G2HME25&qid=1558015152&s=automotive
  12. Ok, got it. I was thinking that, but was afraid to sound dumb. When I was out in the garage, I was too afraid to damage the plug, so I thought I'd refer to the wisdom and experience of the board. And of course the board comes through! Thanks!
  13. So bollocks. I was prepping the 73tii for the 600 mile round-trip to The Vintage and hit a snag. With work and my travel schedule, I've been maintenance limited this spring and kept things to a minimum : Oil, filter, and new plugs. The oil and filter change went fine (though I always have trouble removing the filter). I was very proud that I thought in advance to order shiny new plugs (NGK BP5ES). I even bought a set of BP6ES to try out and as a back up set. From what I've read on here, the BP5ES are the way to go. Main reason for the new plugs was that last year, when the warm up regulator gave up the ghost I was running rich... like 9 mpg rich, and while I clean up the plugs, I figured they could use replacing. Time was not on my side when ordering, so two-day Amazon came to my rescue (well sort of...). Well crap, little did I know there are two (or more, I don't know) sizes for the ignition plug wire ends. Seems that my ignition wires are for a skinny, almost threaded end spark plug. The plugs I bought have totally different - larger ends. Perhaps there is something that I'm missing? I don't think so, and figure my options are : 1. Put the old plugs back in (not my first choice) 2. Buy new ignition wires. Due to timing this would have to be done at an Advanced Auto or Napa store. I need to replace them tomorrow, and be on the road Friday morning. I'm not sure of the quality / what I should be looking for in ignition wires here - recommendations? Will all they sell in these type of stores just be crap (perhaps Napa is not crap)? 3. Pull the ignition wire set from the '74tii project car. These are of unknown (figure at least 10 years) vintage. Stealing from one car to make another run though does have the Rob Siegel appeal though. I realize I should have take a photo of the cap, but forgot. If you have any suggestions regards to options and replacing it the best option, then suggestions on ignition wires that would be great. I would call one of the several excellent suppliers from this board, but once again, I really need them the same day. The old and the new the skinny only plug ends The wire (that do fit the plugs on the '74 project car Cheers.
  14. Michelin XAS.... nothing says performance like a nice 80 series tyre. All kidding aside, I actually like them very much
  15. Yesterday was the annual Korman Open House. It was the first time I attended even though I'm now only about two hours away since moving to SC in 2011. Nice little event, good food, a couple of grand in quickly raffled door prizes and a fair showing of '02s. Met Glen K. of Charlotte with whom I've exchanged emails and FAQ chat, though never met in person. Me checking the air (it has been since January when the tii had gotten out for exercise) Outside Korman (some driven there, some were brought back inside after the event (customer cars) Customer cars I think - the ti was very nice looking Inside and a going to be minty touring someone is going racing yep, not '02s, but nice eye candy I asked about the injection lines. Ray said they were made in Germany, and that they couldn't get lines from BMW anymore. Sort of seems a shame on such a nice rebuild. He had a '74 and '72 both ready to install. The man himself (with the leprechaun hat)
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