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  1. Check out @harry6422door brakes. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/137156-upgraded-door-brake-sets-bmw-1600-2002/
  2. a quick search brought this up, take a look. I'm running 15x7 et25 on 195 50s on lowered suspension and don't rub. Tires And Wheel/rims Fitment Guide - BMW 2002 and other '02 - BMW 2002 FAQ
  3. Doing some maintenance and replacement of some wore parts, received a new bmw radiator cap that did not have the sealing black gasket at the base. My old one has this gasket, wondering if this is needed and if anyone knows the part number of it, unable to locate it in real oem. Thanks all.
  4. Local auto parts store like oreilly or autozone carry a WIX clear version, part 33033. I’ve used this myself without any issues.
  5. Back in 2015 I lived in a condo with only a carport, I had to put my name on my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) insurance policy to show her vehicle was also my daily. I also had no other vehicle at the time as I was traveling back and forth for work from OC to SF. Hagerty didn’t give me any problems with the carport, but it was in a gated community. I don’t know if that was the difference or not.
  6. For those who have upgraded to a late style shifter linkage, I’m in need of a tension bush and dowel pin from an early selector rod joint. These items are available new but the tension bush may take a month to receive, checking with someone here first. Will also take selector joint as well if it’s all together. Part# 23411466132 and #23411466134 Thanks
  7. Would that be the same size pin for the rod joint outside the tranny? Since it has 2 pins and I lost one. Arrow below for reference, #4 is the tension bush that was moved for the pin to come out.
  8. I was left stranded for the first time on Easter Sunday while making a market run for a family bbq when I was shifting from first to second, I hear what sounded like a bolt came loose and dropped to the ground. My shifter is completely detached while I’m cruising downhill at 50 mph. Luckily my tranny never shifted to second gear and I was able to turn into a neighborhood. Got out looked under the car, I see nothing. Had to get it towed home. Today, I jacked up the car to investigate further and found that my selector rod had detached from the selector joint. Somehow, the tension bush was moved over and one of the pins had fell out. I wasn’t able to locate a replacement pin in my parts bin and I was not able to find it on real oem. It doesn’t look to be available to purchase. Solution? I cut to size a stainless steel drill bit end that fit perfectly snug, inserted and reattached everything.
  9. For my most recent order, it went to the PayPal of Andrew Thorum. The receipt I received also indicated a different name of Vintage Auto Werkshop but with the same address and phone information as Ireland.
  10. Try calling a few times, you may get through. But email would be your best bet. Also, they recently changed ownership which can disrupt business while transitioning. Not sure if Jeff is still part of the company but they are still open for business.
  11. Not at all. Basically download the app, and scan the individual sensors barcode. Each sensor has its own coin battery inside and last awhile. I think I’ve only changed the battery once in the 3 years I’ve used it.
  12. I’m using a Bartun Bluetooth monitoring kit I bought from Amazon on my older Tacoma truck. Works well and alerts instantly if there is a problem. One thing I want to mention though is, after a 250 mile trip, you should see increased tire psi, not decreased. Maybe not a huge concern but worth inspecting.
  13. Enkei J speed are popular wheels so most reputable online retailers have them or can get them. It’s best to shop around to find the best prices. I personally like the alpine style wheels on an 02 though.
  14. Most reputable glass shops in your area should be able to get one for you. Still widely available.
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