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  1. Just making sure, but you did remove the front strut top aluminum spacer correct? If yes, and you want to add a little height to the rear then I’d go with 3 dot rear pads. That should give you some clearance and still look fine. edit: I see your from Australia, so I don’t think the front spacer will apply to you unless your 02 was a us spec version although I hear some from other countries also had these standard.
  2. Inside just soap and water, outside I wet sanded 1500 then 3000 to have the paint stick better, then buffed and polished using plastx then ultimate polish. I basically followed the steps for headlight restoration except I didn’t clear coat at the end. I felt I didn’t need too.
  3. You can also try Duplicolor Metalcast orange. It’s heat resistant and work well if your still using incandescent bulbs. I used this but in yellow to paint fog lights on my Tacoma.
  4. I used krylon stained glass tangerine orange a few years ago, I sprayed inside and outside about 4 coats. Came out nice I think. So far so good with no fading, chipping, or peeling 3+ years and counting. I also did my rear amber signals as well.
  5. In keeping up with my budget build, looking to see if anyone has a set of sway bars sitting around not being used before I decide to buy them new. Looking for IE sways but will consider ST also, I’m located in SoCal for pick up or will pay for shipping. Pm if you have anything.
  6. Did you need the rear conversion brackets also? Send me a pm if you do, I have a set in storage that I’m never going to use.
  7. Received the updated 90 degree adapter, fits great! Oh, the actual cup holder? I haven’t received it yet. It’s still stuck in transit and since I’m on the west, it’s taking longer than expected. 🤬
  8. Correct, the rod is pushed in flush and is used for expansion of the clip to the sheet metal. I used a tiny mallet to help push it in.
  9. It uses those “H” clips that has the push center so that the other end going into the sheet metal expands once the center rod is inserted. You would need to remove the belt trim, push in the clips to the holes first, then sliding the trim in. There should be a cut out at the inside end of the trim to this specifically.
  10. @Europartsmonger or if you don’t get a response from him there are a few for sale on fleebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Volvo-240-Sunroof-Cables-Set-Pair-OEM-Golde-Sun-Roof-BMW-E3-E10-E12-Bavaria-2002/184570837236?hash=item2af94778f4:g:ZqUAAOSw0Ptf0mez https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970s-BMW-2002-sunroof-metal-cables-pre-owned-good-condition/333694174858?hash=item4db1b9068a:g:jqQAAOSwkxtd5C~s
  11. The new roundels I bought, hood and rear panel were both raised letter and raised roundel versions... unsure of the part numbers though, but they are still available.
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