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  1. Just some additional information about historical use of this size piston. For what it’s worth, I’ve got a factory rebuilt replacement m10 (Red or was it Blue bolt) in my car. When KB refreshed it, a few years back now, we discovered that the factory rebuilt replacement motor carried first oversize overbore (“+0.25” and “89.22”) piano tops. I think this was the standard configuration for replacement m10’s from BMW back in the day. Not sure about the compression ratio, we didn’t think to measure the piano top height at that time. Mark
  2. For Sale: 1 - Interval Wiper Relay (7 Pin Type). BMW #61311357904 - $45.00 + USPS Shipping or Local Pick Up.
  3. Offering the following Relays and Switch from 1975 '02 Wiper Wisch-Wasch-Intervall Relay - $45 SOLD Turn Signal Flasher Relay - 4 Pin - $30 SOLD Wiper Washer Interval Switch - Right Side Mount - also available but not shown - Make me an Offer Payment: PayPal, Venmo or Cash Shipping (from Los Angeles,CA): Not included in the sale price. (USPS Priority Mail) Local Pick Up okay
  4. Offering a complete Speedometer Cluster Housing and Gauges from 1975 '02 Speedometer - W=1.30 works with 3.64:1 Differential Tachometer Fuel/Temp Gauges Speedo, Odometer and Trip Odometer tested and working. Cluster housing has two additional indicator lights that can be hooked to your light switch, fog light switch or defroster switch to remind you they are on. Small scratch at bottom of cluster and general wear on faceplate can be seen if you zoom in on picture. Payment: PayPal, Venmo or Cash Shipping (from Los Angeles,CA): Not included in the sale price. Local Pick Up okay
  5. No. Unfortunately the angle of the filler nozzle at the body is unchanged so you still have to hold the pump while filling. However, it does automatically shut off the pump and eliminates the overfill and backsplash problems.
  6. Its an easy no destructive process that can be reversed for any reason. To view the detailed installation instructions with pictures click on this link.
  7. STOP SPILLING GAS WHEN YOU FILL YOUR TANK This all Stainless Steel Filler Neck Adapter Kit fits all 02 fuel tanks from 04/1971 - 07/1977. The kit is intended for cars that operate where fuel pump handles with rubber vapor recovery sleeves (VRS) are used (California). With this kit installed a VRS pump handle automatically shuts off when the tank is full. No more gas splashes down the side of your car or on your shoes. Simple installation takes about 15 minutes and is completely reversible. PM to Order or ask questions. This solution really does work.
  8. https://www.wallothnesch.com/ https://www.autohausaz.com/ http://www.bmw2002.com/
  9. +1 for KB I’ve got a factory replacement engine in my 74. 1. 1st Factory Overbore 2. Stock Cam 3. 32/36 Weber 4. Hogged Intake Manifold 5. 3.64 Diff. 6. DeSmogged 7. Non-stock Exhaust Header 8. Bilstein HD Struts and Shocks 9. IE Stage One Springs 10. ST Sway Bars (F & R) 11. Cipher Harness Bar I like this set up for street and highway cruises LA to SF. No problem with freeway on ramps. Passing power is where it lacks something in my opinion but this car was never meant to be the ultimate sleeper. I also take the car to Willow Springs were I have run sub 2 minute laps. For reference, the VARA guys (KB+) are running 1.38’s or better in full race preped 02’ downdraft 38 cars. Hope this was helpful.
  10. After a closer look at the old vin tag picture it looks to me like a: model #1600-2 date stamped 1968 1600001 to 1650000 are the first 2002 Mfgr. dates starting in January 1968. Is it possible the number is 1 660 890? If so that would put it into February or March of 1968. For what it’s worth Realoem says 1 560 890 is a 320i. So no help there.
  11. Al, You could also try this low cost relay and see if it works for your set up. I have not tried it but some say it is an option. Let us know. https://www.ipdusa.com/products/11104/124262-intermittent-wiper-relay-240-740-760-780-940
  12. Hi, I think I have the switch an connector with 5” of leads that you were looking for in February. Let et me know if you are still in need. Mark 310-395-5451
  13. Hi Al, I have a Complete: 1. Right Hand Stalk - Washer / Intermittent/ Low Wiper/ High Wiper 2. Wiring harnesses 3. 7 Pin Intermittent Relay I just did this upgrade to my car and have an extra setup. No need to cut any wires. Use insulated female connectors under the dash. Only catch is the harness at the Washer Relay. Is it 6 or 7 pins? Mark 310-395-5451
  14. I added the ST sway bars front and rear. It’s a noticeable and positive difference. Also added IE urethane bushings to improve steering feel. And finally, I added a harnes bar. As soon as it was installed the whole car felt tighter. I have a similar usage profile to yours. I’m sure you’ll be happy with upgraded sway bars.
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