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  1. Hi, Pardon the potentially dumb question, but if the shells have a groove, then wouldn't oil get distributed just as well as if the block and saddles had grooves? All the shells I'm seeing have grooves, with the same part number on realoem for the 2000CS through the 2002. Was it the case that early shells did not have grooves and have now been superseded? Thanks.
  2. I can't tell because of all the paint. It didn't photograph too well either.
  3. Hi, It's a street engine but with 9.5:1 CR pistons. I'm hoping that the ungrooved blocks will be fine for this configuration. I'll know for sure which type I have when I pull the crank. Thanks.
  4. Thanks! I have the rear seal housing. If only the block had the oil grooves in the main bearings...
  5. Hi, Can an 8-bolt crank be dropped into an early block that used a 6-bolt crank? Full compatibility? Thanks.
  6. Hi, Does the groove also have to be machined into the bearing caps? Are there any pictures you can point me to that may show this groove? I hope a machine shop can do this easily! Thanks.
  7. Hi, How much of an issue will the lack of an oil groove be? I don't need the coolant port because I will be using MegaSquirt EFI. Block has been machined fully and has 89.97 mm 9.5 CR pistons. Thanks.
  8. Here's a picture of the intake side. I'll have to clear some room to allow me to flip it over for the exhaust side. See anything of concern? Thanks.
  9. Oh boy. Can it be used in the 2002? I'm not concerned about matching numbers, etc. It certainly looks similar, externally. Also appears to have the correct oil pump support between #2 and #3. Thanks.
  10. Hi, I recently picked up a block that "came out of a 2002". The number stamped on the flange over the starter location reads 1102590. Attached is a picture. Can anyone shed light on this number as it does not have the traditional + sign in front? Thanks!
  11. A few years ago, perhaps five or six, not sure, when I took my car in per the "smog check required" notice on the registration renewal, the tech popped the hood, took a close look at everything visually and said I was good to go. He didn't even start the engine. Needless to say, I was surprised. They no longer did the sniffer test, he said, nor the dyno runs they had implemented for a while. I'm not sure why the change.
  12. What does the fine print say? In CA, they stopped emissions testing a few years ago but they still do a periodic "visual Inspection" to make sure the car has not been modified in a manner that can alter emissions.

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