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  1. Healey3000

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    The tradeoff is always lifetime. Like a hot star, they burn out quickly (astronomical reference, not Hollywood) The bulbs above have a lifetime of 250 hours. The Philips ones I had linked to previously are rated at 450 hours for the same 130% output. Then again, in our cars 450 hours probably goes a very long way.
  2. Healey3000

    Spal fan wiring plug

    You're welcome. Speed control?
  3. Healey3000

    Spal fan wiring plug

    Simeon, Spal usually lists the mating connector on the data sheet for the fan. I know that the 12" I recently installed did. For that, the connector is AMP 180908 and the terminals are 42098-2. The terminals do release from the housing by pressing the tang. Which model do you have?
  4. Healey3000

    seat rollers/slides

    Steve, Wouldn't that dissolve the o-ring on the rollers?
  5. Healey3000

    seat rollers/slides

    I don't think it's too difficult to take them apart, once you know the construction. A little tapping here, a little tapping there
  6. Healey3000

    seat rollers/slides

    Ya, you could lose your marbles doing this Sil-Glyde may be better than grease as it doesn't attract dust as much. Those tracks eventually turn into a mess.
  7. Healey3000

    Heat Shrink vs Plastic Insulator

    Yeah...but that can be a pain if you ever need to rework things. For the fuse box, given that the spades are in a "protected" area, moisture-proofing isn't as critical. I use the gooey stuff on all the exposed junctions.
  8. Healey3000

    seat rollers/slides

    Hope this helps:
  9. Healey3000

    Heat Shrink vs Plastic Insulator

    Nothing wrong with using shrink tubing. If you do remove the old insulator, make sure that the shrink tube you use has adequate shrink-down ratio so that it will tightly grip the wire.
  10. Healey3000

    won't start

    Sometimes, it's the silliest thing. Check the basics on the ignition side first, that is, all the wiring connections. I had a bad spade connector to the ignition coil and the thing drove me nuts because it was intermittent. Confirm a spark by pulling one spark plug and looking while cranking.
  11. Healey3000

    Wiring harness tape

    I bought my roll of tape off Amazon. Something like $10, if I recall.
  12. Healey3000

    Wiring harness tape

    Me too. Excellent stuff.
  13. Healey3000


    Perhaps the fresh air flap is stuck in the fresh position. Since the defrost ducts are closer to it, they may get a direct blast of outside air while the floor ducts may be getting a mix of hot and cold. The fresh air flap is supposed to move with the temperature lever, that is, both the flap and valve move in concert. Maybe one Bowden cable is broken or stuck.
  14. Healey3000

    Ordering from WallothNesch

    I bought that radiator a few months ago. The lower outlet comes straight back. You need a simple elbow type hose, which WN does sell. Excellent radiator!
  15. Healey3000

    Metallurgy Expertise Needed. Bent emblem.

    Do you happen to have access to a woodworker's bar clamp? The popular one is made by Bessey but there are knockoffs around. It has a deep, parallel jaw with a plastic exterior face and would be perfect for this. I'm sure you could wander into your local Woodcraft or other woodworker's store and they'll let you do it on the spot.