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  1. Hi, These also seem to have a forward-launch design, with a single LED. What about these? https://www.amazon.com/Antline-Chipset-Interior-Courtesy-License/dp/B07BHMRMRL/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=2TAWHW6MWRBN3&keywords=red+194+led+bulb&qid=1558320726&s=gateway&sprefix=red+194+%2Caps%2C216&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1
  2. I took apart the cluster because my odometer abruptly stopped working and I figured I'd see if I could do something about the poor illumination. Perhaps the bulbs were dim or not getting sufficient current. LED's as an upgrade? Inside, I found these in the four illumination locations: I was surprised, until I turned them on: The LED's used are of the narrow angle kind, designed to launch as much light in the forward direction as possible. This is causing the hot spot, preventing proper diffusion of light that an incandescent bulb provides. These four hot spots cause patchy lighting, as the image below shows: I suspect plain old bulbs would do a better job. Even better would be LED's that are set up to launch the light in a Lambertian pattern (hemispherical). I'm sure they exist, so if anyone has direct experience with such units, please let me know. Thanks!
  3. Absolutely, totally, completely second this suggestion!! I visited it once before it was "theme-parked". That was amazing, with the various vehicles and boosters scattered around in their natural habitat. The Saturn 5 was simply incredible and made you appreciate the engineering with the technology of the 50's. Even now, despite the taming of the layout, it is something else!
  4. The SRD's will still be used a couple of hundred years from now. If you've watched The Orville (the Star Trek spoof-ish show by Seth McFarlane), you may have noticed them on the shuttlecraft
  5. Are you set on keeping the harness the way it is or would you be open to a little changing of connectors, etc.?
  6. Paul, The first thing you'd need to spec out is the current capability of your power supply. Once you have that, you can narrow down the various choices that are available. Do you want the ability to light up a high beam bulb? A 65 watt bulb draws over five amps (65/12) but the inrush current can be a lot higher, as much as three times the steady state draw. A power supply should also be spec'd for peak current, for loads like this. The least expensive route would be to get a switching power supply, Smaller, cheaper, more efficient. Look for Meanwell - a decent, low-cost brand, as an example.
  7. Hi, Sil-Glyde is what I used and it works very well.
  8. One more for the list - a cracked housing. There is often a hairline crack caused by the pinch bolt. This can get worse over time. From the amount of oil you have there, my vote is on the flange gasket.
  9. What year is your car? Do you have the wiring diagram? Frankly, I wouldn't mess with any of the wiring without consulting the diagram first.
  10. I second the WN radiator. An excellent product with perfect fit.
  11. You're right that a rheostat at the gauge may do the trick. I was thinking along the lines of having a solution that would be user-friendly for those who are not inclined to solder, etc. This way, there's no guessing as to resistor values...
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