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  1. Back when---it was known as windlace but i think pinch weld simplifies the puzzle
  2. Hi---I have a nice complete set of rear Repas even a third person setup if needed? [email protected]

  3. Hi....I'd like to purchase a set of the 02 seat captive's if that's still an option.



  4. Hi--Maybe it's the beer--but looks like you have two sets of fronts pictured?
  5. I'm thinking the speedo that you had in your 75 would be the right choice for a 3:64--maybe your lsd is not 3:64 and most likely 3:91 in which case you need a speedo from a 76 to get close to an accurate reading--but what do i know!
  6. Pulley ran the air pump for emissions---golf tee area is your engine diagnostics---could be wrong on both counts--been a while!
  7. Sorry for the delayed response--Had to put you on the back burner---i'll get the tension rods and grommets together for you tomorrow---Brent
  8. I have these and the grommets---how many do you need? sunroof cars only use two ---non sunroof --i believe use five--Brent [email protected]
  9. Hi--thanks for the response-- messed up my mail reply and couldn't find the origin (old guy!) but in answer---the total is $55usd for an excellent oem fan shroud shipped from western Canada Paypal is quickest using [email protected] PLEASE read instructions below—I’m accepting $US ONLY—that’s how my account is set up When sending payment PLEASE NOTICE THE “CAD” at the bottom and change this to “USD” There is a pick list at the bottom If you choose to Paypal—please include your mailing address in the paypal message area ---or email it to me You could help me out and send payment for friends or family---i already pay a premium to get money converted Thanks Brent
  10. Joysterm (Mike ) is correct describing the console mount switch--original threaded from behind is not easily found. The e21 switch with fingers can be friction fit into the green dummy slot. Mike from Ohio is always bang on with his advice---simply use a spare defrost switch in place of the dash dummy with a relay. Depends where you want to mount your switch. Confusing way to provide clarity here? scoyote
  11. If your handles are decent just change out your lock mechanisms---maybe your locksmith can play with the tumblers and re key to match what you have? Just need to find a badly pitted set that has intact locks--Do you need only one or both? easy job to swap out---scoyote
  12. Hi--I have an e21 front bumper here--was going to do the same---i liked the fitment of the e21 bumper on an 02 Also --just realized that i responded to your search for the automatic cluster clock. I have a nice one here and apologize for not acting on things. Crazy busy and you got put on the back burner. I'm sure it's good---any ideas how to test??--don't have a car here at this time--and reluctant to jump it straight from a battery. Obviously a bit costly to ship the bumper---but at least could combine the clock well protected. Shipping will be at actual only cost--but it is what it is! [email protected]
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