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  1. I have these and the grommets---how many do you need? sunroof cars only use two ---non sunroof --i believe use five--Brent -scoyote@shaw.ca
  2. Hi---I have boxes of heater parts--i can certainly send what you need---Brent--scoyote@shaw.ca
  3. I have a few complete harnesses from 74-76 cars--every inch carefully pulled--I can certainly send you what you need --even the emmissions wiring--Brent--scoyote@shaw.ca
  4. Hi Josh--I have a few complete harnesses pulled from 74-76 cars--every inch carefully removed--I can certainly send you what you need--even the emissions wiring---Brent--scoyote@shaw.ca

    1. BimBim2oo2


      How much are you selling them for, shipped to 83646? 


      I dont need the emissions wiring, the car originally had the emissions on it, but was all removed, not sure if the harness was swapped out when they did this or not (or if it even matters?)



  5. Thanks Jim and others for the tips on the message delete--i did search around but never thought things would originate under profile--I was at 265% and unable to pm ---It's all cleared up now!-- Brent--scoyote@shaw.ca
  6. Please --someone advise me on how to delete many of my messages---I'm unable to PM anyone til i do this ---i haven't figured it out---I know i'll shake my head when someone sheds the light!-- Brent---scoyote@shaw.ca
  7. Hi---I have these wheels --solid but unfinished--perfect for 02's---First pic is LIGA second pic--are the ATS CLASSICS--i have have center caps with new roundels for them---Brent---scoyote@shaw.ca
  8. Just broke down some spare T arms---I have the matching stub axles and rear hubs here---Brent--scoyote@shaw.ca

    Can't seem to pm people til i delete some messages---I can't figure that one out!

    If some one could email me and enlighten--i'd appreciate it----I know i will shake my head later!

    1. orange72468


      Thanks for letting me know, but earlier I found and bought a whole trailing arm from one of the other members on here. I do appreciate you messaging me. Thanks

  9. Hi--I have a few sets of wheels here---with the correct offset 30mm approx---I'd have to ship --but would subsidize that somewhat

    I have center caps with new roundels for the wheels

    Sending some pics---ATS CLASSICS----LIGA  both 13"---BMW bottlecaps 14"--E21 Turbines   13"



    bottlecap tire.JPG

  10. Your defroster ducts seem to be missing the front mounting tabs entirely-these are super flimsy and hard to find intact--unless i'm not seeing straight?
  11. HI--I have a few sets of rails and fibre gaskets that are complete---actually have sold a couple of sets so i suppose there can be a need. I'll see if a set is incomplete and i can part the rails out--otherwise seems a shame to break up a complete set--Brent--scoyote@shaw.ca
  12. I think the only speedo that wouldn't work accurately would be from a 76 with the lower geared rear end---Most diffs were the 3:64's by far.You will find a "w" number on the back of the guage that you can cross reference to be sure
  13. I had this great sunroof write -up ---but is no longer availailable---scoyote http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,57/page,viewtopic/t,294557/highlight,sunroof/
  14. Hello Paul---Tons of 02 parts here---I have a good core in Victoria B.C--Brent----scoyote@shaw.ca Apologies---I misread and thought you were looing for a heater core --not a valve--
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