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  1. slaviklungu

    MotorFest 9 - BMW CCA

    REGISTRATION: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/motorfest-9-mint-lake-bmw-cca-oregon-700126 Make plans now for Saturday, September 8, to join the BMW Car Club of America Oregon Chapter's signature event of the year, MotorFest. This year’s MotorFest will be held on a private grass venue, along the shores of beautiful Mint Lake in Yacolt Washington, a short drive north of Vancouver. MotorFest is our chapter’s annual fund raising event for charity, and this year we will be giving to Meals on Wheels, serving the Portland and Southwest Washington region. $5 of your entry will go directly to the Meals on Wheels organization to provide food and support for those who cannot get out on their own. The day begins with another epic MotorFest road tour to the private MotorFest lakeside venue. Two starting points will be offered for this year’s tours. Both tours will be self-guided, with accurate and detailed route sheets provided at the morning driver’s meeting. Please feel free to bring a two-way radio, along with your passenger/navigator, to help guide you along the scenic route through southwest Washington. The Portland group will depart from Jubitz, located at 10210 N Vancouver Way, Portland, OR 97217. Suggested arrival time is 9:00 AM for check in with Tour Meister, Tom Freedman. Driver’s meeting at 9:15 with cars will begin departing at 9:30 for the twisty and scenic tour to the lake. The Washougal group start will be from the Starbucks in Washougal, 291 C Street, Washougal WA. Suggested arrival time is 9:15 AM for check in with the Group Leader. Driver’s meeting at 9:30 with cars rolling out at 9:45 on the route to the lake. For cars not on the tour but coming directly to the lake, check-in at the lake will open at 11 AM. The address for MotorFest is 16321 NE 379th St. Yacolt, WA. The address is for a private residential property adjacent to the lake so be sure to look for the MotorFest signs for the entry to the park. Upon arrival and check in, cars will be parked by classification, followed by a people’s choice car show with 7 different car class awards, music and entertainment by Pro DJs, and our world class BMW CCA Oregon Chapter raffle with incredible prizes. A $20.00 per car entry fee will get you into the lakeside venue, so fill all of those seats. This year’s feature car is the Hot Hatch; any BMW with a hatchback including all touring and X models, and of course the popular 318Ti. People’s Choice Awards ceremony at 2:45 PM to close out MotorFest. A no-host lunch will be provided by Rib City Grill of Vancouver. Lunch will be available for purchase, and will include your choices of Rib City’s famous pork, brisket, chicken and vegetarian sausage, along with potato salad, cole slaw, and beans. Northwest craft beer and local wine will be available for purchase for those over the age of 21 with a valid ID. You can purchase your lunch and drink tickets when you register online or at the venue. Please note: bring cash! We will have a Square card reader to process debit and credit card purchases, but weak cellular signal at the Lake may cause slow processing times. Cash will be faster! Registration is at Motorsportreg.com or at bmworegoncca.com. The event site will open at 11:00 AM for those not participating in the Drive to the Lake. Don’t miss out on our annual signature BMW CCA Oregon Chapter event and support Meals on Wheels. MotorFest 9 promises to be our best yet. --- All of the above was extracted from original event page, located here for registration and further details: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/motorfest-9-mint-lake-bmw-cca-oregon-700126 (I am not organizer of this event, only passing the word on to my fellow 02'ers...)
  2. UPDATE: Spark Plugs Spark Plug Wires Distributor Cap Distributor Rotor (Electronic Petronix Ignitor & Coil already in-place) Fuel Filter Air Filter Ball Joints Tie Rod Ends Clutch Master Cylinder Clutch Slave Cylinder Brake Master Cylinder Brake Pads ALL ABOVE REPLACED IN PREPARATION FOR TRIP. With that in mind, what would you recommend to bring along for the trip? Additionally, I picked up some Yakima rain-gutter roof rack clamps. 3 guys in one car pitching tents along the coast is going to require some luggage, hence the need for a roof rack basket. Currently trying to scramble everything I've received from this forum and elsewhere into one organized list — quite the task, thanks to you guys. Thanks for the help in advance, fellas.
  3. I heard there will be special entry times coming from the south, I'll have to look into that when the trip is around the corner. Any alternative route suggestions though? I heard this was one of California's best spots for driving...and now, I have to find something somewhat similar... Any suggestions? Maps would be awesome too.
  4. We genuinely have an amazing community, absolutely love all the outreach and support of information from all my 2002 folks! I most definitely will be documenting this trip, both in writing, pictures & video blogs (the latter, most likely personal). Question is: where would you like me to document this trip? I think best scenario is in this forum directly, or create a separate thread to to blog it? Lastly, I need to get my car sorted. Needs new tie rod ends & ball joints, and mechanics are going to charge a fortune probably. I'm not the most mechanically-inclined driver at the moment. Oh, and for some odd reason — my brake fluid dropped tremendously under the clutch line in the reservoir, so will have to bleed air again. Just FYI, replaced both the clutch slave & clutch master (which had a big stinking hole) a few weeks ago. Not sure what's sucking up the fluid this time around. Anyways, tons of prep work for a trip next month. Appreciate all the help, and any assistance in advance. Looking forward! Best regards, Slavik
  5. Gordon is about 5 miles from me, he did some work for me. Has tons of beamers laying around, including a sweet-looking 2002. When is he looking to retire? Wanted him to get my ball joints done.
  6. Hello, I will be taken the supposedly large risk of attacking a 1500-mile journey with a few buddies (3 total, including myself) in my 2002 down the entire west coast along Highway 101 from Portland to Los Angeles - last week of March, which is usually promising for perfect temperature weather in California. We are in the beginning stages of planning, we need all the suggestions we can get from things to bring along to people to meet - most of all, locations and stops that must happen along the route. We are looking to make this primary a trip all along the west coast with occasional dips into the city like San Francisco, Los Angeles. We are looking to cut hotel costs and escape the city for tent camps along the beaches and forests somewhere. Any suggestions for places that allow campfires would be convenient too. What I most importantly need: people and homes who are willing to help along the way in the case of an emergency. I definitely am wishing for the best, but unplanned emergencies may happen in 40 year old cars; and place to stay or lending mechanical hand will definitely be needed and required from my 2002 community. In addition, if you're able to or free - join us on cruises along the route to whatever extent your schedule allows. If you are willing to except with open arms in case of an issue or question regarding the area or whatnot or simply for company - please drop a comment below letting me know! If you don't feel comfortable dropping your number down into a public forum, please drop a comment with your location. I will PM you for your number and/or contact information, I'd like to organize a list of numbers according to the locations along the route. I really appreciate all the help that I can receive with this trip through the west coast! Looking forward to meeting awesome folks!
  7. Yes, I've taken it apart; couldn't seem to nail the issue. Reassembled it back together. Issue resumed.
  8. Any photos? Missed the event due to inclement weather, would love to see photos! Thank you!
  9. Looks like ice in Portland is going to keep me home this year, quite sadly. Rather be safe than wreck my beloved. P.S. If those selling parts could please post a picture of all the parts that are unsold after event on here, I'd be potentially a very interested candidate!
  10. Hello folks, Eagerly trying to make the annual 02.02.02 meet on February 4th in the Seattle area. I'm planning to make the drive from Portland, but currently my 2002 won't shift into gears (braking fluid would leak over time as I'd top it off religiously, to the point where I'm at now — undriveable as it sits under a tarp during the snow fall earlier this month, it will stall if I somehow manage to shift into 1st gear with some force.) From what I hear a clutch master cylinder should cure the issue, I have one in my garage. Currently don't have a lift of my own, so a little short on tools right now. [college student money problems] If there's anyone in the Portland area that would be awesome enough to swing by and give me a hand with getting this baby swapped with my old one (and I assume bled too), I have no experience working with cylinders as I've made it obvious. Any Portland folks, please let me know if you're willing! I appreciate your help in advance, Best regards, Slavik P.S. If you want to get to know my car more, check out my latest 2002 film a few months ago! https://vimeo.com/193719881

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