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  1. Decided I might to able to improve on the shocks the PO had installed. Wish I could find front struts! What’s a good match that’s available?
  2. Knowing your attention to detail, I’m sure it’s going to be fantastic!
  3. My ‘72 Tii - original owner drove it daily in Atlanta, he was one of the first Turner TV employees. In ‘87, he painted it and had BMW build a new engine. He drove it for another 15k miles and then parked it in ‘91. After 22 years, his neighbor finally talked him into letting it go. He never got it running right and only drove it a couple hundred miles. He then decided to sell and I was the lucky one who got it after an intensive interview process. After bringing it home, he called and gave me the original owners phone number who still had a bunch of stuff from the car that he wanted to get rid of. I drove over and ended up with the original engine, full Kfish setup and 3 boxes of parts, some NOS still in original boxes. Also paperwork dating back to the ‘70s. Then Now
  4. That’s mine, he did some work it for me and new paint. He must have loaded it up just after you drove by. It’s now back home!
  5. PO had installed a turbo cluster where the clock should be on my Tii. I put the clock where it belongs and built a new center console with some gauges.
  6. I’ve started 14 hour Champ Car races at Road Atlanta with 110 on the grid. It Was insane!
  7. Thanks Mike, I finally got the picture to attach.
  8. I am in the process of final reassembly of my '72 Tii. The horn that was on the car is a Hella air horn. Would this have been original? Thinking about going with a simpler wired horn. Is there a harness I would need?
  9. I had an early Mustang, when selling, the Marti Report was able to add a lot of value by showing how rare your particular car was. It drills down to colors and options and tells you exactly how many were built that way. This is for cars a lot less expensive than BMWs at the time and today. BMW has to have a way to get this done! https://www.martiauto.com/martireports.cfm
  10. Get it back on the road after a long time in the shop. Get the Heater box out and do a diagnostic. I know the fan is fried but have no clue about the rest.
  11. Visited my Tii at the shop for the last time. Final buff and a couple minor tweaks in progress. Will be back home next week. The wheels are what I put on while in the shop, they came with the car. Have a set of Panasport that are going back on. Still on the lookout for a set of TII Steelies! Anyone?
  12. I never saw the Inka though I didn’t venture much down into that end of the crowd. I’ll pay better attention next time and say hi. I saw you get a talking to about leaving early. I drove my 911 and was in with that coral. That VW was great, talked to the owner for a while about it, his grandfather bought it new in Brazil in 1974.
  13. tomphot

    I'm sorry

    Hey, I resemble that comment!
  14. My OEM liner split 3 weeks ago during installation. Got another one and am having it sewn before install this time. Grr.
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