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  1. Thanks Steve, when I had my old Mustang, it was easy as they had the Marti report which broke down every option for the cars. I'm not sure BMW will ever spend any resources on this, they don't seem interested enough in the vintage scene.
  2. I’m trying to come up with an information sheet for a car show. I have a ‘72 Inka Tii - 2,629 Tii’s produced for USA model year ‘72. In looking at the charts on the first page of this thread, there were 20 colors available, with 13 being listed as common. Please challenge some assumptions I’m thinking about ... of the 7 rare colors, they might total 15% of production leaving 2,535 Tii’s - if Chamonix, Sahara and Malaga are the most popular, say they were 10% each of the total. That leaves 1,746 split 10 ways for the remaining colors. Am I correct in assuming that approximately 174 Inka Tii’s were produced for ‘72? If even half still exist, that’s only 87? I was surprised that of some 34,000 Tii’s produced worldwide, only 314 are on the road in Germany! See the chart here......
  3. I'm sure Gary would love to hear from the PO. Gary just helped me with my front and rear sub-frames and I helped him get his to the floor. He's going to have a lot of fun with this!
  4. I had another friend tell me that the server was overloaded. I posted mine at 7:15 eastern without issues. I think they underestimated the response they would get!
  5. https://www.hagerty.com/media/events/how-to-score-a-sweet-dawn-patrol-hat-without-flying-to-monterey/ For those with Hagerty - take a pic on Sunday and get a hat!
  6. Was asked to come out for the filming of an episode of Sam’s Garage that airs on Motor Trend channel. The Tii kinda stood out amongst the others. Didn’t do a side interview spot but it was fun being at my friends shop for the show.
  7. Just a heads up on what I needed to do to the Koni inserts. I ended up grinding the weld ring to get it to fit. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/259913-tight-fit-with-konis/#comments
  8. I have 2 Kugelfischers, so I'm figuring 1 for each and a backup! They shouldn't take up much room in my parts bin
  9. Mine has a small piece of wood that is glued to the center piece between the tire well and fuel tank and then across the top. The board is screwed into those with 4 screws. It is barely touching the fuel hose.
  10. For the steering idler arm bushing that you have a link for in your question, you need 1. It comes in 2 pieces that are pressed together. The other idler arm is attached to the steering box.
  11. I always get a lot of compliments while running errands in my 2002. I've learned to always build in extra time as some conversations end up being long. I get the same reaction while running around in my 356 - another quirky car that even got protected at a car show a couple years ago. While in my '85 911, it's rare that anyone looks twice.
  12. https://car-bone.pl/ I had mine done here. Let them know what your looking for, maybe send them your pic. Here is what I got back.
  13. Mine are called - The BMW - The 356 - The 911 etc. Never have done anything more than that. I do name my dogs!
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