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  1. Nope, there wasn’t wire continuity in the big block thing. I drilled out the rubber and made everything look like it was wired up.
  2. Yours is the first engine bay I’ve seen that also has this extra diagnostic port!
  3. You are correct, I have the compl setup that’s on the current motor.
  4. Thanks, I think that’s what a local friend has on his car. I find the red and double straps very distracting. I do like the look of the plastic appealing from the historic perspective and they draw your eye as something totally different. But if they don’t work……. I have a set of Aluminium ones that are on the car and on a different motor currently. I will rebuild the original motor and try to install the plastic runners, if I can’t get it to work, I’ll cave in and put the Aluminum ones on.
  5. I’m starting a rebuild on my original ’72 Tii engine. The PO had 6 plastic runners in the parts pile that came with the car. As everything else in the engine bay will hopefully look pretty nice, I’m hoping to make the runners the same without spending the big bucks for new ones. Any tips on making that happen? In addition, I recall some huge issues on runners that were produced around 2014 that cracked after little use. Any more info on that situation?
  6. Thanks Steve, I’m buying the one pictured above from Paul. Here is mine now that I have it off.
  7. I’m starting to rebuild the original engine for my ‘72 Tii. I just noticed a broken piece just below the timing belt cover. What should look like? I can’t find an image of that area.
  8. The ones I got from LaJolla didn’t match the ones on my car. Pretty sure I was able to find the one pictures 2 posts above from Jamic.
  9. I hate that I can't find where I found this, I can't find anything in emails or an invoice, but this is what I have used, it matches up much better! I also had one of these made that goes on the door from another source. https://www.ebay.com/itm/VIN-MANUFACTURING-DATE-DECAL-BMW-2002-sticker-resto-repro/291812991221?hash=item43f168e0f5:g:fRkAAOSwZ1BXfnNa
  10. I didn’t, and to get them shipped from CA instead of England was ridiculous.
  11. I bought a headliner from local BMW dealer, first one split when being installed. I had the second one sewed up on the seams before installing and it’s fine. I don’t think they have fixed the issue. Btw, depending on price, you may be able to get it cheaper direct from BMW in USA.
  12. I’m one of those guilty whom has removed the reflectors and took off the rear bumper overriders for the cleaner Euro look that I like. I have saved all of the parts so if a future owner prefers the USA look, they can easily be re-installed.
  13. Hmm - maybe this was NY’s way of getting you to download their special spy ware so they could learn everything you know about 2002’s!
  14. I did that on my ‘65 Mustang. I don’t like the look of the 1972 tag as it’s a ‘71 tag with a ‘72 sticker on it.
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