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  1. This is my understanding as well. The key to the whole thing is getting the piston to cut the air flow off when the engine temperature is correct. The wax motor element needs to move at the right moment - voodoo science to my simple mind.
  2. I'm curious about this as well. Should I rebuild the spare I have should they no longer be able to rebuild them? BTW, what is your cleaning process?
  3. Indeed, a great guy (there are actually 2 them, father and son). During the tuning process and while touching the verboten screw, he spend over an hour on the phone to make sure everything was working correctly.
  4. This is where I sent my WUR - they had rebuilt the Kugelfischer for the PO. Precision Automotive Research 901 Hillside Drive Bensenville, IL 60106 630 766-4402 David M. Redszus
  5. For this reason, my extra WUR will stay in a save place!
  6. Nope, I’m one of those who skips to the end ..... I think I’m hooked!
  7. HA! The last sentence .... “Automotive technology has moved on, but the 2002 remains the quintessential BMW, now and forever” Spoiler achieved.
  8. No worries! When I see Steve next, I’m bringing my copy of the issue he’s not in so he can autograph it - should be a rare collectible down the road! Amazon tells me your book will arrive tomorrow!
  9. Hmm, kinda bummed. I bought mine in person towards the end of the exhibition and it doesn’t have my hero Steve in it 😩
  10. tomphot

    I have a

    Yup, title sucks and I gave you a click
  11. As Steve said, many states do not issue titles for older cars including my state of Georgia. A few years ago, I sold my '65 Mustang that didn't have a title. The buyer was in Norway and I was anticipating an issue, there was none. All that was needed for export etc was a bill of sale.
  12. Drivers side grill - 72/73. You can see dent in pictures. 1 slat has been broken off and then reattached with JB Weld. 1 slat had 1 side detach. Not very obvious from the front once dent is fixed. A decent 10 footer. $100 plus shipping.
  13. A very nice passenger side Deep grill. The black slats had been taken off but remnants of the glue remain inside the grille. $350 + shipping
  14. No top rail - for future reference when looking at photos, it's usually easy to see the top rail when you look at the back side of the panel if it's not obvious from the front side. BTW - payment pending

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