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  1. tomphot

    I'm sorry

    Hey, I resemble that comment!
  2. My OEM liner split 3 weeks ago during installation. Got another one and am having it sewn before install this time. Grr.
  3. I wish!! Send that rain down to Norcross!
  4. Saw this Tii yesterday afternoon near Orange County airport. Is it anyone here?
  5. I have installed new reflector I do not have the slats.
  6. Still available direct from BMW dealer.
  7. Would also like to hear from someone who has installed these before ordering a set of trim.
  8. This is my understanding as well. The key to the whole thing is getting the piston to cut the air flow off when the engine temperature is correct. The wax motor element needs to move at the right moment - voodoo science to my simple mind.
  9. I'm curious about this as well. Should I rebuild the spare I have should they no longer be able to rebuild them? BTW, what is your cleaning process?
  10. Indeed, a great guy (there are actually 2 them, father and son). During the tuning process and while touching the verboten screw, he spend over an hour on the phone to make sure everything was working correctly.

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