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Found 20 results

  1. Hi! Recently had all stock springs swapped for IE stage 1. Before that, the car steered well and ran pretty straight (minus the usual on-center vagueness/play in the steering wheel). Now, after the springs were replaced (by a mechanic who I've trusted—so far) and have settled, the car doesn't want to drive straight after I make a hard turn (e.g. getting out of garage). It'll bind to that side until make an equally strong counter steer movement. The car is drivable, just requires steering force on the wheel to keep it centered. I hear (tried searching the forums) that the primary cause for that could be some sort of bushing having been put back in the wrong way when the shock was re-assembled? How can I go about investigating this? And, dumb question: will I be able to remedy without needing an alignment job again afterwards? Thinking I want to put it back on my mechanic to fix it. Thanks much! Erik
  2. This is my last post for the night (morning) as it is 2:51am and I was just hoping to get some replies so I can read them when I wake up I am looking to lower the ride height of my 1975 2002 by 1 inch to 2 inches and the springs/swaybars kit from Ireland Engineering looks like the thing to buy. I just recently took off the front bumper and now I'm looking for something else to do with my free time. But it begs the question: Stage 1 or Stage 2? I have already searched through, read "The Stance Forum" and looked at other people's questions and learned that the Bilstein shocks are strongly recommended for the stage 2's, but what is the difference between "HD" and "Sport"? Probably something to do with "dampening", which I'm not too worried about because of my young age and ability to take some jolts and really "feel" the road beneath me. It says on the Ireland Engineering Page: "For springs, you can select either our Stage 1 or Stage 2 spring sets which include all 4 springs. Our Stage 1 springs will lower the car 1 1/4 inches, and match up nicely with Bilstein HD strut inserts and shocks. You'll get a firm, street-happy ride." This is great and all, but how much do the stage 2 springs lower the car? 1/14 inches like the stage 1's? Also do I get a better, more fun and responsive ride with the Stage 2 Springs? It says on Ireland Engineering that the Stage 2's are great - "especially if you're young" I'm 16 years old so these sound like the thing for me. Sure, I plan to autocross it sometimes (not well, probably) but will I get that "racing feel", that surge of energy like I'm on the track, every time I power through a street corner? It says on Ireland Engineering that the Springs/Struts are "adjustable", does that mean I can calibrate the ride height to my liking when putting them on? Overall I'm considering these as a good upgrade because: *The stock suspension is old, it feels like driving a boat *Getting Cool suspension means getting all the ladies *Not many cars look good at stock ride height unless you're going for the "out of the factory look" *I need something to invest my time and money into So the Stage 1 or Stage 2 Springs? P.S. are there any spring kits out there that Raise the Height of the car 4-6 inches? On all the Jacks the car looked great (almost like a truck or a rally car) and when I got in it felt new and unique, a small car all the way up there. -Thanks, Carter \O===00===O/
  3. Hello everyone Im looking to makes some coil overs out of my struts. My buddy works in a machine shop and will be helping me. So here are my questions: How much do you have to cut down the struts? Does anyone have pics of them doing this? How much harder are the rear ones? Anyone have some pointer? Anyone have the specs of everything that will need done?
  4. Found these springs from Lo Suspension, who claims a 50mm (2") drop. They seem to be the most aggressive springs I've found. http://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-E10-2002-2002ti-2002tii-66-76-2-2-LOWERING-SPRINGS-/201066467180 or http://www.losuspension.com/bmw-e10-2002-19691976-lowers-by-50mm_p4081221.htm As a 2002 noob, I'm really not sure... is 2" too much? They'd be combined with Bilstein's, in my case. Thanks in advance! p.s. I think it's weird they don't have any pictures installed on an 02...
  5. For those looking for advance springs for the 0 231 180 005 distributor (and 008?), part no. 12111351439, I believe I´m not the first having trouble finding them - I just ordered from Jaymic. They didn´t have them listed on the web site (they will shortly), but they had in stock. I´ve been looking all around for these springs, since I´ve gathered the other parts for a rebuild earlier. So now the dizzy comes out and gets sent off to the man with the machine. And Fay and David is a pure pleasure to deal with. I know you should choose the springs when testing in Sun-type bench, but the guy doing it for me hasn´t worked distributors in a while, so his supply of springs is a bit short. (But he did, a lot, before. A very respected man for building performance engines in Sweden. BMW´s, Cortinas, Escorts and Formula cars.) Anyhow, I thought stock springs would be the way to start. And it should come out correct, I guess. At least for my stock engine, apart from Weber 38 and headers. So, Jaymic has got them. Not BMW springs, but remanufactured and I guess that works fine if done right. Their part no is 02EL.0510. And I´m happy!!
  6. Hey guys; another question for you! Pardon my ignorance, but this is my first 02 and some of the POs have done some modification to the suspension. The person that I purchased the car from says it has upgraded sway-bars, Bilstein shocks, and upgraded springs. Do any of you know how I could identify what kind of modifications have been done to the car? I'd like to know what kind of swaybars I have, what kind of shocks I have, and what kind of Springs. Should I just put the car on a lift and look at the shocks/springs and see what they say? Would the sway-bars have any indication as to the manufacturer? Thanks!
  7. Price:: 100.00 Location: : Central Florida IE Stage 1 sport springs lower the car approximately 1.25 inches, which is ideal for street driven 2002's. They give a firm and sporting but not rough ride. I will ship at buyer's expense. I do have an official box for springs but, I can try to fit them in a USPS prepaid, flat rate box. If they have one. Paypal works. Photo is stock. Thank you for the interest. These sold faster than first rounds. Just getting a lunch break and marking them as sold. Again, thank you all for your interest. My apologizes that i don't have more sets.
  8. Hello all, I rarely am on here, only to creep and try to obtain information, and now is one of those moments. I recently bought IE stage 1 suspension and I put on the front and left rear springs relatively easily, but for the life of me, cannot get the back right spring on. I had to use some "innovative" solutions to remove the spring by puling it out with a tie down and tried for about an hour to get the new spring back on with no success. It seems the right control arm will not sag as much as the left. Any suggestions? Solutions? I tried a search but didn't find anything relevant. Now I have to drive the backup car to work Thanks, Sean
  9. Price:: 200.00 Location: : Gardena, CA Saw this on Craigslist, looks like some quality parts for So. Cal owners. 1974 BMW 2002 leftover parts after full restoration. E30 Basketweave wheels with all caps and removal tool mounted on Toyo's (only 20% tread left) - $200.00 set. Blue front cloth seats from 320i (not Recaro) - $150.00 pair. Dash protective cover $20.00. Front and rear Bilstein $100.00 set. Coils $50.00. Front and rear bumpers for $50.00/pair. Parts are stored in Gardena 90247 near Artesia and Normandie. Email your phone and questions. http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/pts/4887953775.html NM/NA Mark92131
  10. So here's my dilemma. When I added camber plates it raised the front by 1/2" or so. To balance out the rake, a shim was added to the rear. The problem is, it's changed the handling for whatever reason. It's not as comfortable to drive at speed, especially turn in. I would like to lower the car back to where it was. I'm looking for options, the simpler the better. Here's my current setup: Eibach springs (no other info available, installed in '86) Koni shocks (fronts are adjustable) Turbo front bar Dinan adjustable rear bar (mid of 3 settings) Ireland front camber plates Ireland front strut bar E21 5 speed and LSD Bridgestone S03 195/50/15 Panasport 15x6 ET29 Like I said, car was much better before camber plates were installed which raised the ride height a noticeable amount. A slight amount of camber was added to the fronts, but the plates were added mainly to be able to equalize camber left and right. I have a track day coming up at Mosport on August 1st. where I'll be driving people around at speed all day so I really want to get this sorted before then. At the moment it's going to be a real handful. Would lower springs be a easy/viable option? First pic is after camber plates, third is before...
  11. When I bought my 1976 2002 two years ago, I was told you should name your car. The obvious choice for me was Greta, after Greta van Susteren on news TV (she talks out of the side of her mouth, and no, she did NOT have a stroke). My wife calls it Re-Greta. When you look at the car from the front it has a port list, laying down about an inch on the drivers side. I have several questions about this whole setup now. 1.) The car laid down to the drivers side fore and aft, not just one end. When I took out the springs, I found that the springs on the drivers side were both one inch shorter than the passengers side. It appears to have been intentional. There was a lot of work done to the suspension as further evidenced. 2.) The donuts on the tops of the rear springs had one dot. I understand this is an indication of height, being one two or three dots? 3.) The sway bars on the aft end are 22mm. They go through the stock brackets, but being so fat the bushings were forced in (and back out eventually), so I'm not sure a stock type bushing of 22mm Dia will fit in the bracket. I'll try it as it's not a big expense. 4.) The length of the tube spacer on the sway bar linkage bolts are shorter than the stock. Is there any benefit to this other than maybe clearance? 5.) On the front suspension there is also a 22mm sway bar. In order to accommodate this the brackets that hold the bushings for the sway bar are bolted to a section of the unibody frame, not attached to the subframe. The tubes on these seem to be stock length. A lot of questions I know, but I have been mulling over this for a while to try to figure out the configuration. Are these the customizations of a racer? A smart guy? or a Wild Maniac? I could use a little enlightenment here. Thanks a lot. This site has become a daily creep for me and I have learned a LOT from the centuries of wisdom applied here and made available to everyone. Thanks Again, Golden
  12. My 02 has been sitting a little cockeyed for some time so i thought i'd try and figure out what was going on. The left rear has been sitting around 0.75" lower that the right side. The springs are Ireland stage 1 with Bilstein HD's. Springs are about 9 years old and there hasn't been a tremendous amount of miles put on it. No accidents either. I'm new at this stuff, but pulled the springs out this morning ( without too much effort) and the left spring is not sitting straight, as you can see in the pic below. The lower pads are also looking a little worn, so will probably get new ones. Do you think this is causing the uneven ride? and should I be looking at new springs? The guy that installed them had issues with them fitting well on the pads. Is this unique to IE? I originally was looking at H&R. any thoughts? Is there anything else i should be looking at if this isn't really a problem... thanks, Baron
  13. Hi there, I have a 1976 that I am looking for a few odds and ends. front seatbelts (receivers for sure, but I would buy the full set), three-pedal pedal box gasket, decent weather stripping for the passenger side door. Looking for headers and sport springs as well Shipped to NH 03842 Thanks Rob
  14. Hey Everyone, I replaced my factory springs with lower IE ones so I have these up for sale. Off my 1972 2002. Make me an offer. matthew.ellena@gmail.com I prefer local pick up. Thanks!
  15. Allright, I'm in diar need of new springs for my little Clementine and eventually will buy new shocks in a year or so aswell. What is the best combo for a firm sporty'er ride for all of you 02'ers?? Post your preferred or (dream-) combo here. I am attrackted to a Eibach Pro Kit(only available in the US of A) but I am based in Europe and getting them shipped over + extra tax import makes the whole kit a 700$+ story which makes it a bit steep.
  16. Selling off some core parts we have, TII front calipers 200$ Springs 25 Hubs 100 Backing plates 25 Always Open to offers, we bought this as a complete TII front end from Rob at 2002Haus, to put into our race car, we wound up using E12 front calipers. Not looking to get rich, want to pass these parts on for fair value. If i am out of line on my prices please let me know Pictures here
  17. for those of you running either coilovers, or any small diamter springs, im curious what length and springs rate you guys are running??? from the street rodders to the track rats... i was thinking of getting the IE 2.5 ID springs, and my car came with bilsteins (not sure if HD or sports), depending on which ever spring rate i get, i think im going to make the drive to SD and have them revalve them to the proper rate. sort of a semi-custom non adjustable coilover.. i guess. hahaha
  18. While installing my rebuilt CV/halfshaft, I measured the rear and front springs on my 74Tii and noticed that they were the heavy duty variety: Rear: Grey/White and 13.2mm dia (this checks out with CDs data for rear springs) Front: Blue/White and 12mm dia (dia checks out with CDs data for HD springs, but color code is different) My questions: Did all Tiis come with HD springs? Or was this option avail at time of purchase (I thought it was part of towing package which was not offered in US though)? Or was this available as a later "upgrade" -- and is there any upgrade value to installing HD instead of regular. Thanks, Byas
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