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  1. M5280RCR

    Pedal box hole

    No automatic for me!
  2. M5280RCR

    Pedal box hole

    You mean this hole? I chose the fabulous, lazy, cheap, sock method.
  3. M5280RCR

    Getrag 245 5 speed and tii brake booster

    Thanks. I have seen similar write ups, I just couldn't tell from your picture what was included in your sale (mostly my fault as I am not a mechanic, so don't know exactly what I am looking at.). I guess I am ultimately trying to determine if I will need to spend another, $100, $500, or $1,000+ to have all the necessary parts for the swap. I'll try and do a little more research to educate myself.
  4. M5280RCR

    Getrag 245 5 speed and tii brake booster

    Tranny still available? If so, can you let me know what other parts will be required to swap out my original 4 speed? Thanks
  5. M5280RCR

    Ireland Engineering Stage 1 2002 Springs

    Message sent.
  6. M5280RCR

    Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs Part# 2001.140

    I'll be a backup offer if tiretool changes his mind. dliebes@yahoo.com
  7. M5280RCR

    Sunroof wind noise

    I had the same problem when I got my car last November. I played around and finally reduced noise with some adjustments t the track, but the biggest thing I did was pop (push) the headliner into the sunroof, it unclips when I open the sunroof and needs to be pressed up on when ever I close it, Can you share a picture of the interior/headliner, with the sunroof closed? Also, sometimes when I press up on the headliner, I press too hard and the sunroof pops up a little, causing more noise. Then I have to get out and press down on the top of the sunroof to make it flush.
  8. First time I have attended one of these (just picked my car up in November). It was a great event with some great people. Someone asked for an engine shot; I did mange to get one...also I'd be remiss if I didn't add a shot of my car in the parking lot (or actually a picture I stopped and took on the way home).
  9. M5280RCR

    WTB 5 spd Tranny and lowering springs

    Larry, Thanks for the note. I live in San Carlos and work in Burlingame, so not too far from you. I completely understand not wanting to sell your parts piecemeal. I already have Bilsteins and bigger sway bars, so really only need the springs. I am in no hurry, so perhaps you can try and sell as a group and if no luck, ping me back. BTW, I haven't done much research yet, but I don't believe I have seen springs that vary so much in height between from and rear. Is it common to have a 1.5" difference between the front and rear? And, do you know what kind of springs they are? Thanks, Dave
  10. Now that my rodent issue is finally taken care of (family in the heater box), I am ready to find a 5 spd tranny and lowering springs. I prefer to deal with locally, so thought I would start on this local forum. Springs I will probably just buy new, but if some local has a used set, I 'd be open to that as well. TIA, Dave
  11. M5280RCR

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Forewarning, this is not a your typical glamour shot, but possibly more rewarding than what many have done with their 2002's "today". Next up, lowering spring and a five speed tranny. I have been waiting since I bought my car in November 2017 to add to this thread. I finally eradicated the squatters in my heater box, and I can breath freely once again. If you are squeamish, close your eyes now (and thank you to all of the people who helped me remove and clean my heater box) PSA. For anyone experiencing "that sickeningly sweet smell", check the area under the fuse box, under your seat cushions, in the pedal box, and worst case scenario (biggest pain in the ass), the heater box). Removing rodent smell is my favorite mod to date on any ride I've owned.
  12. If your not going to sell, then it is a matter of personal preference. Mine preference is Fjord...and as a bonus you save money not having to pull the engine to go back to Chaminfhdfhjsk/White. Or of course, you can always keep the hood and trunk closed and do it right with Inka (coming from a Riviera guy)!
  13. Thanks Mark. There seem to be many Bosch fuel pumps for a 73 Tii at Pelican, Bav Autosports etc for $125-150; what makes this one more than 2x more expensive? https://www.google.com/search?biw=1667&bih=811&tbm=shop&ei=tCGDWr2RDceX0wK7lbWABw&q=Genuine+Bosch+1973+BMW+2002+tii+electric+fuel+pump&oq=Genuine+Bosch+1973+BMW+2002+tii+electric+fuel+pump&gs_l=psy-ab.12...28038.39314.0.41010.
  14. Pump may not be 44 years old, as records only go back 12 years. But it looks like it has been there for a long time. Any recommendations on crappy pumps to keep away from, or better yet, what brand have you installed that you like; and/or where did you purchase it? TIA.