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  1. I am looking for good reliable places in the IE, mostly places i can acquire parts/tools, and a machine shop that i can trust. I've had a lot of bad luck with a lot of places in the past, i feel like I'm listening to a broken record "Well...... its a bmw, so.....[insert BS excuse]" i live in Beaumont, CA (5 min west of the Morongo casino). any help is greatly appreciated in advance.
  2. Legacy License plates can now be ordered for any year model automobile, commercial vehicle, motorcycle, or trailer. The Legacy License Plate Program will not replace the current Year of Manufacture (YOM) license plate program. ^^^^^^ copy and pasted from DMV website, sorry for double posts, but does this mean it is simply a vanity plate? or is it a registerable plate number?
  3. does this mean if we order now, we wont receive our plates until the january 1st deadline?
  4. look good! love that full body threaded shock.
  5. i bought a set of 185/70/13 at pepboys. they are nika avatar tires. seem ot be doing pretty good, firm sidewall. have a split cold/warm weather pattern. i like em!
  6. i know this is very off topic. and it way seem strange to some. current clamper. father in law got me in. seeing if there are any others out there! love to to hear from you guys!
  7. im more curious about the hardline set up. but it must be nice to be able to get wholesale pricing.
  8. but would i have to drill a hole so the lines can lead from the tank under the car? also what is the best way to mount the hard lines?
  9. looking to see how people have their hard&soft fuel lines in their m20 cars. do people run just the rubber lines? ive been looking into buying some hard line and bending it myself. deciding to run them in the car like the orginal lines. or running them under the car like the standard hard lines.. love to see other peoples lines and see how they run them!!!
  10. i have a 1.6L m10 with a 118 head that has a 2.0L camshaft. technically a "cammed" 118 head. there was timing issue so its a possibility some of the valves are bent. it has a rebuilt starter. also comes with a weber 32/36. standard 4 speed tranny. engine was refreshed about a year ago. with it I have a tote of all the EFI things needed for the conversion. engine already has e21 coolant bypass pipe and EFI coolant neck. EFI items include: e30 intake manifold with fuel rail and injectors and FPR full e30 engine harness with stock ECU stock throttle body a couple electronic distributor w/cap&rotor ignition wires i think 1 or 2 standard dist. i cant remember the rest but there is alot of xtra i collected over time. willing to let it all (engine with EFI godies) go for around $250OBO. located in San Bernardino. engine is still in the car. contact me here or at [email protected] i check both frequently. sorry no photos, no camera and my cell phone camera is broken. Location: San Bernardino, CA
  11. i always thought it would b cool if some did a shirt with an exploded view of the turbo engine. or maybe just a m10. or s14. i would be down for that.
  12. i love my haynes manual!!! great breakdown of a everything!!
  13. i have a box full of EFI goodies, intake manifold wiring harness ECU EFI camshaft Electronic dist injectors throttle body and alot of other things i cant remember right now. Come by and make an offer! Location: San Bernardino, CA
  14. im selling my 1.6L m10 with a 118 head with a 4 speed tranny. specs: stock 1.6L bottom but well taken care of. clean inside. i do not have any pics sorry. head is a 118 head with a 2.0L Camshaft,(really picks up around 4k) has new rockers shafts and with stock dizzy. there was a timing issue so i think some of the valves got bent. but none of the rockers cracked. also has a fully rebuilt starter! rebuilt a few weeks ago. has a 1 year warranty on it. i was hoping to get around $250 OBO, engine is still in the car so you would have to come pull it. i dont have a hoist or a stand. but of course i will help pull it out. Location: San Bernardino
  15. i didnt even know there was such a thing!! so badass!!
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