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Help! Do I disconnect the center bolt that runs through the

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

...unless you drop the subframe down. There is no way to get two bolts holding the bushing to the subframe out without moving the bushing assembly away from the subframe, and that center bolt pretty much holds the bushing in place. You will have to whack on the bottom of the center bolt to drive it up out of the splined mounting hole in the body under the back seat. I suggest threading the nut on the bolt until it is flush with the bottom of the bolt, then carefully tapping it with a hammer. You do _not_ want to damage the threads on the center bolt, but it takes a fair amount of force, however. Unfortunately, the tops of the bolts may be a bit rusty at the splines. A couple of shots of PB Blaster in the holes under the rear seat might help. If you are lucky, the bolt will push out of the splines and up out of the way. Then you can remove the nuts from the two bolts through the subframe and pull the bushing away from the subframe. After you have the bushing out a couple of inches from the subframe, you can pull the bolts out one at a time by pushing the bushing to the side a bit.

You may need to use a lever to push the end of the subframe away from the body so that the bushing will clear the rear corner of the rocker.

Chris B.

'73 ex-Malaga

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Guest Anonymous

I used a floor jack to support the diff, and crossmember then removed the big nut on each SF stud.removed the bolts holding diff to crossmember, and lowered down the entire rear subframe WITH the bushings attatched ever so slightly on the side I was attacking - and then gained better access to the 13mm head bolts / nuts that hold the bushing to the crossmember. I did one side at a time leaving the opposite side slightly ON the vertical monster stud - so as not to be faced with the prospect of reinstalling / aligning the whole heavy arsed subframe by myself!

You may well need an AIR HAMMER to push those floor studs out - and they can be messy monsters to screw with - so I'd try NOT to disturb them if you don't have to.(and you DON'T have to unless the stud has crusted solid to the inner tube/sleeve of the mounts!)




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