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problems/questions re my 76 02:

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous


1.) Just came back from Jack in the Box and noticed bad exhaust smell coming from the front of the car as I sat there in line w/ the window down. Any suggestions to remedy/check this?

2.) Is it very possible to have a pin sized hole somewhere in the heater plumbing? I get a coolant smell in the cabin wheather my heater is on or off and my coolant level NEVER moves?

3.) Finally, there is shaking at the steering wheel as I'm slowing during braking. Any comments?

Thanks so much. This new site rocks. Out.


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Guest Anonymous

1. you could have a gasket that is going or a connection under the car. With the car running look for one. the wind could have been comming from the tail and pushed it into you.

2. you could have a pinhole or a little fluid comming from the over flow. look for a white resadue as that is the solid glysorole (sp) left after the water is gone. remember the problem could be in the heater box. yes there is suposed to be no water going in when its off but we know better.

3. the shakeing could be warped rotors or a ball joint or bushing. you should check this out as it can cause damage to othercomponents due to the shakeing.

good luck

Sam Schultz

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Guest Anonymous


Either where it attaches to the engine or where it attaches to the exhaust pipe. Sprinkle some soapy water around the joints when the car is cold and then start it. Look for bubbles.

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