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FREEBIE - the last (I think) of 20+ years of parts.....

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Price: $1
Location: Sacramento CA (Fair Oaks)


Freebie – the last of the last (I think) of a garage full of ’02, E21 & E30 parts – the last of the cars went a couple of years ago and we’re getting ready to sell the house & downsize, so this stuff has to go.    Must take everythingfree to the first person who’ll come pick it up (if it’s still here at the end of the month, it all goes in a dumpster).


Please contact via e-mail at oldcarguy6547@gmail.com - I'm very rarely on the board anymore, and may not see a post response or pm for days or longer.


Brake & suspension:


One set of used E21 Bilstein Sport strut inserts and rear shocks with adjustable spring perches.   Good working condition when removed, no leaks or shaft damage.   


One pair of standard E21 front strut inserts.  Good working condition when removed, no leaks or shaft damage. 


One pair of KYB E21 rear shocks  Good working condition when removed, no leaks or shaft damage. 


One pair of E21 323 rear disk brake calipers and mounting brackets; some wear, were in good working condition when removed (converted to E30 rear calipers); includes braided stainless brake hoses (trailing arm to caliper – unique to 323 calipers). 


One pair of E21 half-shafts, both with good CV joints


Body & Interior:

One pair E21 U.S. spec front grills (right & left) – very good condition, no cracks or missing sections.


One E21 factory trunk mat – very good condition, no holes or tears


One large box of misc dashboard / HVAC panel bits (mostly E21) – knobs, boudin cables, partial instrument cluster / gauges, etc –


Misc mechanical & electrical

One E21 a/c pusher fan – good working condition, no brackets



One E30 sport seat seatback release cable (new in pkg)


Three 7” H4 headlights – 1 Hella, 2 Bosch – the Hella and 1 of the Bosch units have single rock chips that have been sealed with clear super glue – all 3 have good reflectors and work fine; 2 extra good used H4 bulbs


One E46 M3 “Xtec” replacement bulb kit (new)


There may be some additional small parts mixed in that I don’t remember as well……

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Hey Barry, mind if I cross-post this to the E21 group on Bimmerforums? Or you can go and post directly yourself: 


Bimmerforums is the preferred online BMW Forum and community for BMW owners. At Bimmerforums, you will find technical how-to information maintenance specifics audio advice wheel and tire combinations and model specific details not found anywhere else. Our...


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Please do - all this stuff really has to go. Somebody, somewhere can use at least part of it, so I hate to just throw it away.   

Would prefer for someone to take everything in one lot as a local pickup, but I'm willing to ship if whoever wants all or part of it will cover shipping and a nominal amount to offset my time boxing & shipping

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