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BMW E21 Early Radiator Very Good 17111114577

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Price: $125
Location: Northern Colorado

This is an original all metal E21 Radiator, BMW Part Number 17111114577, apparently no longer available from BMW.  It has the additional connections at the bottom for Automatic Transmission cooling, but will work for either Manual or Auto transmission cars. 

It has two modifications- 

1. ¼” Female NPT connection on the driver’s side of the bottom tank for installation of a temperature sensor or electric fan thermostat (just install a threaded plug if this isn’t needed for your installation).  (see photo- it looks ugly but works correctly)

2. The mounting ears at the top were removed. (see photo)

I purchased it from a 2002 enthusiast some years ago, and was going to use in for my BMW 1600-2, but it was just a bit too deep (fore-to-aft) for comfort in my car without drilling additional holes in the nose panel, so I decided not to use it.  I was told by the previous owner that it is new except for a short test installation in a 2002.  I pressure tested it recently to confirm that it is OK.  A cap is not included.  The transmission cooler connections have never been used.

$125 + shipping (cost depends on your location and preferred shipper) via a paypal gift – (or i'll be happy to send an invoice including their fee).  Promptly shipped within 2 business days of payment arriving.

Please PM if interested

orad 1 0120.JPG

orad 2 0120.JPG

orad 3 0120.JPG

orad 4 0120.JPG

orad 5 0120.JPG

orad 6 0120.JPG

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